Is This Facebook Spat Over Tuition Fees A Case Of An Unqualified Tutor Or Unreasonable Parent?

In the latest episode of “going viral on Facebook for the wrong reasons”a tuition teacher has accused his student’s mom of cheating him of his money.

She allegedly refused to make payment for his tutoring services since September 2017.

In response, his student’s mother made a counter post on her Facebook and accused him of being unqualified to provide tuition services.


Two sides of the story, both providing perspectives from the different ends of the spectrum — who’s telling the truth? That’s up to you to decide.

But first, let’s take a look at what went down.

Unreasonable parent refusing to make payment

On Sunday (25 Feb), NUS student Khoo Wei Ping took to Facebook to lament about being owed tuition fees amounting to $192.50 — five months and counting.

The post – which has since been removed, we’ll get to this later – contained screenshots of the WhatsApp and SMS conversations between Mr Khoo and the parent in question.

One Haryati Kasim, who runs a wedding business and also works freelance for Mediacorp.


His services was engaged by Ms Kasim via an agency and he began teaching her children English and Mathematics in June 2017.

Both parties had come to the agreement that payment would be made at the end of every fourth lesson.


However, according to Mr Khoo, Ms Kasim had repeatedly postponed or cancelled further lessons due to various reasons following 2nd September onwards.

This was his last lesson conducted with her children. Coincidentally or not, it was her son’s 7th and daughter’s 3rd lesson.

Some of the reasons she gave for postponing payment include:

  • Father-in-law passing away
  • Son going missing for days

Still, payment had to be made eventually, right?

Based on Mr Khoo’s post, he had been requesting for the money since October but to no avail.

Ms Kasim would ignore his messages, attempt to lower the amount and even threaten to make police reports against him.


To summarize the 30 or so – now deleted – screenshots, Mr Khoo was constantly asking for payment and also called Ms Kasim a cheater.

On the flipside, she vehemently accused him of being a poor tutor unfit to teach her kids.

This went on for five months before the NUS student decided he had enough and escalated the issue to social media.

Irresponsible tutor with an unprofessional attitude

Just one day after the initial post, Ms Kasim – who had been vilified at this point – took to Facebook on Monday (26 Feb) to share her side of the story.


According to her, Mr Khoo was ill-prepared to conduct the lessons.

She stated that he displayed an unprofessional and irresponsible attitude even on the first day.


She added that despite multiple feedback and reminders, Mr Khoo’s behaviour did not change for the better.

It got to the point where even her 11-year-old daughter felt that Mr Khoo’s services were not necessary.


As such, she questioned if customers in her situation could choose not to pay for such unsatisfactory services.

But wait, there’s more.

Defaming Ms Kasim’s wedding business

Earlier, we mentioned that Ms Kasim was the owner of wedding business Sweetztouche Wedding Bliss.

According to her, Mr Khoo had influenced his friends to intentionally provide her business with a bad rating.

While its Facebook page has been temporarily made unavailable – presumably due to the negative feedback – here’s a look at how it’s faring on Google Reviews.


In case you’re wondering whether its rating had always been 1.0 stars, here’s evidence posted by Ms Kasim showing otherwise.


Mr Khoo himself has since insisted that he had done no such thing.

However, check out this interesting comment from one who had spoken to Ms Kasim individually.


In fact, several people seemed to take things into their own hands and threatened to boycott her wedding services.

Check out some of the things they said below.



We get that people are upset over her refusal of payment, but why bring her wedding business into this saga?

That seems a tad bit uncalled for.


Can you really blame her for making a police report?

Tuition fees finally paid

Despite all that’s happened, Ms Kasim provided a subsequent update that she had made a partial payment of $100 to Mr Khoo.

She added that the remaining $92 will be transferred on the condition that he remove his post from Facebook.


Seeing as how Mr Khoo’s original post is no longer available for viewing, it’s safe to assume that he had finally been paid in full for his services.

His side, her side, and the truth

Now that you’re all caught up to speed on the story from both perspectives, what do you think of this incident?

Was Mr Khoo right to publicly shame Ms Kasim for being an unreasonable customer? Or was she justified in refusing payment for his unsatisfactory services?

Either way, the least we can agree on is that her wedding business should never have gotten involved.

Featured image from Facebook.