A very punny judge

A judge was having a field of a day cracking puns over a lawsuit between the current and former owners of TWG tea, a local luxury tea company.



Big storm in a tiny tea cup

The co-founder of TWG Tea Manoj Murjani lost a two-year legal battle against several parties including the owner of local lifestyle company Osim. Judicial Commissioner Chua Lee Ming dismissed the case that OSIM had oppressed and sacked him as CEO of TWG Tea. Judge Chua called the lawsuit “nothing more than a very big storm in a tiny tea cup.”

The boiling dispute

The dispute between TWG founder Manoj Murjani against OSIM started way back in 2011. OSIM, which sells healthy lifestyle products like massage chairs had invested in TWG Tea, according to local media. In 2011 Osim had bought 35% of shares in TWG Tea.

OSIM then increased its shares to 69.9% in 2014. In response, the former CEO of TWG Tea, Manoj Murjani accused OSIM as trying to take control of TWG Tea and removing him from his CEO position. He claimed that OSIM tried to damage the profitability of TWG Tea.

Boiled over and spilled into the court

However, Judge Chua found that Mr Murjani resigned on his own accord, as reported by local media.  He even punnily added that the dispute between Murjani and Osim CEO, Ron Sim, “boiled over and spilled into this court.”

He dismissed all claims of defamation on both sides.


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Featured image via Supreme Court
With reference to The Straits Times