6 ‘Types’ Of Singaporean Girls Parodied On TikTok Video

In Singapore, girls are extremely diverse in terms of behaviour and personality. To help you understand them easily, Twitter user @alygur posted a hilarious TikTok video on the supposed 6 types girls in Singapore.

You can view the full video here.

1. Minahs

“Minah” is a colloquial term for a Malay woman. Apparently, they usually do TikTok videos of them dancing to music and swinging their hands around. They also supposedly like to find problems with others as shown in the video.


2. Soft Girls

A soft girl loves hair clips and headbands, and their makeup palette consists of blush pink or peachy color lip gloss and highlights. Also, they really like hype-bae FILA shoes.


3. E-Girls

E-girls’ style can be compared to the term ’emo’. According to the video, E-girls wear all black, wear huge earrings and have a ‘goth’ feel to them.


4. XMM

XMM, which stands for ‘Xiao Mei Mei’, or Chinese for little girl. According to the video, XMMs usually listen to music on speakers as they cruise on e-scooters.

The video also states that they like to use phrases like “Wah you damn toxic”. And occasionally, to woo an eye candy, they cover their faces and pretend to be shy.


5. ABG — Asian Baby Girl

ABG stands for Asian Baby Girl. ABGs usually like to drink ‘Boba’ tea, with less sugar, please. Also, ABGs wear their Apple Air Pods wherever they go and usually have sunglasses paired with a denim jacket on them to finish off the classy, high SES look.


6. Library Girls

Library girls typically hang out around the library and can be seen wearing their pullovers/ windbreakers. They also have a custom-made notebook filled with many highlighted notes in as many colours as a highlighter can possibly come in.


You can watch the full video here.

Netizens say they are quite accurate

You may think that the impressions are over the top, but netizens seem to agree with them — that there really are such girls in Singapore. One netizen, while agreeing, gave generous praise.


Another praised the accuracy of the impressions and affirmed her by saying that the video was hardly cringy. Perhaps a lot of videos that attempt something similar turn out really cringy.


Now that she’s done the impressions of girls in Singapore, we’re waiting for someone to come up with one for the boys. We can think of a few off the top of our heads — ah beng, rich kid, studious boy, gym rat, etc.

Or maybe you can go with something like Singaporean aunties. Just make sure they are done sensitively and don’t intend a personal attack on anyone! Happy TikTok-ing.

Featured image from Twitter.