Uber’s Wait Time Charges Begin After 3 Minutes Of Waiting

Tired of having their drivers wait for passengers, Uber has decided to embark on a controversial plan to improve productivity.

Uber is now charging passengers for the time drivers spend waiting for their passengers to arrive. The scheme started on Wednesday (4 Oct).

However, you don’t really have to worry every time you book an Uber, because the fees don’t kick in immediately when the driver arrives. Instead, Wait Time charges only begin 3 minutes after riders get the notification that the driver has arrived.

Different charges for different rides


Wait Time charges vary across the Uber vehicles, with UberX fees at $0.20 for each minute of waiting. Fees for other vehicles are as follows: $0.35 for uberXL, $0.45 for Exec, $0.60 for ExecLarge for each minute spent waiting.

The charges will also be prorated down to the second. Which means if you’re 30 seconds late, the charge will be $0.10.

These fees are also subject to surge rates, which means they might be even higher if you’re really suay.

Not every Uber passenger is affected

Rather interestingly, the waiting fees do not apply for UberPOOL rides. Which doesn’t make a lot of sense, since these POOL rides are more like to ferry more than one passenger, and having to wait for multiple people creates a domino effect of waiting. In addition, passengers on uberCARSEAT and uberASSIST are not subject to these fees.

Uber wants you to be on time

In all, the measure is an attempt to get passengers to request rides only when they are near the pickup location and ready to be picked up.

Who knew that was a big enough problem for Uber to implement this new system?

Featured image via Uber