Well-Known Uber Driver Cum Photographer Documented By Vlogger

While everyone was watching the parade on National Day and fixated on President Tony Tan Keng Yam, Olympian Joseph Schooling, and a certain itchy-fingered boy, another Singaporean was doing us proud by being featured on a popular vlog — Singapore’s very own “Ubergrapher” Maverick Tsao.


Nas Daily

Nas Daily is a Facebook page created by Isreali vlogger Nuseir Yassin.


Better known to his 1.8 million followers as Nas, the Harvard graduate creates 1-minute videos highlighting the people he meets all around the world.

Check out the video he did on Maverick below:

A Maverick

In Nas’ own words, Mr Tsao is doing the Singaporean equivalent of Humans of New York.

Except that instead of approaching people, people approach him.

Because he’s an Uber driver.

And also a photographer.

Hence, an “UberGrapher”. Get it?

Good luck finding a picture of him though, as despite liking to take photos of people, he’s painfully camera shy himself.

Meeting People

Mr Tsao meets people from all walks of life in Singapore during his job as an Uber driver, and features them on photo-sharing app Instagram, usually accompanied by humorous captions.

And driving for Uber is only his night job. In addition to driving, The New Paper reported that the computer engineering graduate from the National University of Singapore works on a yet-to-be-launched property listing app during the day.

Here’s when he met local actress and Miss Singapore Universe 2006 runner-up Jade Seah.

And a couple of old friends going for a drink.

A manager at Abercrombie & Fitch.

And even a New Yorker making her first visit to Singapore.

YouTube Channel

He even runs his own YouTube channel named Beautiful People of Singapore by UberGrapher, which focuses on his conversations with his passengers.

Here’s one where he picked up a couple of Russian models fresh from a night of drinking:

Photo Book

Did we mention that he has also launched a photo book, titled “Beautiful People Of Singapore”?


Containing a compilation of the photographs he took with brief stories accompanying them, autographed copies can be purchased at $40 each by e-mailing him at ubergrapher@gmail.com.


An app developer, Uber driver, photo hobbyist and now an author? Some of us can barely hold one job as it is.

Interested? Find out more information about his work on his website.

Perhaps one day you might just chance upon him.

Featured image from Facebook and Instagram