Victim Was Quickly Removed From Scene Of Ubi Road Accident By Driver

What do you look for when crossing a road?

Green man, check. Other vehicles stopped, check. Not looking at your phone, check.

These were the exact steps a woman took when crossing a road at Ubi.

However, luck was definitely not with her as she was taken on an extremely uncomfortable unexpected ride by a random car.

A video uploaded by Facebook user Wallace Isaiah Huan on Sunday (Mar 4) shows the whole accident and its aftermath.

We admit it, we chuckled a little. It does look painful, though.

Thankfully, the woman seems to be OK, if not rattled. We hope the driver took her to seek medical attention, in case of internal injuries.

It’s noteworthy that the driver immediately braked after the collision and went over to check on the woman. He even picked her up and bundled her in his car, albeit awkwardly.

A real model citizen, if it wasn’t for the whole not-checking-the-lights-and-running-someone-over thing.


Okay, we can’t help but laugh at the awkward way she stays on the car. Or the way the driver helped her up. Or the flying sandal.


The video has been shared over 6,000 times and reposted all over Facebook. What everybody seems to be focusing on is the way the driver helped the woman to his car.

Considering that the video is of a phone recording of an on-board dashcam’s footage, the video quality is pretty lacking.

However, netizens have pointed out that he seems to be groping the woman as he carries her to his car.


His awkward carrying form hiked up the woman’s top, leaving her scrambling to cover her exposed navel.


This has led netizens to label him the “JustGrab driver”.


However, he might not have intended to touch her inappropriately at all.

She seems to nod before the drive proceeds to lift her, and even helps him open the door.

Perhaps this can simply be chalked down to the man’s inexperience with carrying a person — in particular, a woman.

Featured image from Facebook.