Unofficial National Day Theme Song

After the backlash against this year’s National Day Parade theme song, many had become resigned to not having a catchy new tune to sing along to while commemorating the nation’s 52nd birthday. Read our story about how the 2017 NDP song got more dislikes than likes on YouTube.

However, after watching a Facebook video posted last Saturday (June 3), Singaporeans have had their hope restored. The 4.5-minute music video went viral instantly.

This Theme Song

The song, titled This City, was touted as an “unofficial NDP Theme Song” and took Singapore by storm.


The team behind the piece, GRVTY Media, explained that they had challenged themselves to compose an NDP song that depicted life as it really was in Singapore — acknowledging both the sweet and the sour aspects.

The message was clear:

We wanted to admit that it truly isn’t easy living in Singapore.

But we love our country anyway.

This is in stark contrast to the official NDP song, whose lyrics aren’t relatable as they are overly propagandist. Read our story about how the 2017 NDP song sugarcoats life in Singapore.

Netizens React

Singaporeans were more than impressed with the group’s effort and praised it on Facebook.


It seems to be a lot better than the response for the official NDP song, which made a few ask —


Who’s Behind It?

If you have yet to hear of them, GRVTY Media is a media group that produces videos that are shared online. It is also affiliated with popular sites like The Vulcan Post and The Playbook.

The group uploaded a video 3 weeks ago where they compared older NDP songs to the more recent ones.

Near the end of the video, one of the members pledged to write a new NDP song.

And as for the motive for doing it, the Facebook post that accompanied the video said:

We set out to write a song about the Singapore we know today — a song that doesn’t hide the flaws we have as a nation.


And it looks like he’s definitely fulfilled his promise, and more.

Now, we just wish our authorities follow this lead and ensure that our official NDP songs appeal to the people, not just the politicians, civil servants and army officers charged with organising the NDP every year.

Featured images adapted from Facebook