New Upper Changi Road storeowner gets attacked by random uncle

The fast pace of life in our country makes it a stressful place to live in, and it appears that one Singaporean has finally cracked.

According to Shin Min Daily, a heated altercation broke out between an elderly man and an employee of a mobile repair shop along New Upper Changi Road.

At about 6.20pm last Sunday, the former entered the shop and swept “all the mobile accessories off the counter”, before climbing over it and raining his fists down into the poor shop attendant, identified as Mr Liu.

Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t keep his balance, (hilariously) tumbling back across the counter before landing in a heap on the ground.

Humiliated, he grabbed a chair and began swinging at the 34-year-old, smashing the cashier machine and three mobile phones in the process.

The fight then descended into a one-sided brawl, as the elderly man taunted Liu and threatened to kill him.

Thankfully, three nearby shop-owners intervened shortly after observing the commotion. After much persuasion and physical force, they manage to separate the duo.

What exactly happened?

Mr Liu, who sprained his left arm in the dispute, later recalled an incident a few days prior that involved the same aggressor:

He walked into the store requesting for his phone to be fixed. After I took it and pressed a couple of buttons, he suddenly became angry and snatched his phone back, before storming off and accusing me of ruining his phone.

Never did I expect him to come back and destroy the store.

A man identified as Mr Lim, who had earlier helped to break up the fight, mentioned that the aggressor often hangs out in the vicinity, but appears to be mentally unsound.

The Police has confirmed that investigations are underway.

Here’s the video in full.

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