Vexus Law LLC Tells Customer To Stop Being “Stupid” And To Find Another Lawyer To Entertain Her “Bullshit”

Lawyers are the people that society turns to whenever they need to settle disputes in court. However, what happens when a lawyer is the one creating a dispute with you? Well, that was the predicament faced by Ms Poh Shuwen.

In a Facebook post on 5 Nov, Ms Poh shared her encounter with Vexus Law LLC. Ms Poh had contacted the firm to do a deed poll for her daughter. However, she received a rude shock, literally, when she got a response from the company.


Don’t waste my time

In the Whatsapp conversation with Vexus Law, Ms Poh attempted to schedule an appointment to do a deed poll for her daughter Klarie on 12 Nov. However, she was prompted to indicate a time slot to meet the lawyer from the firm.

Having no plans for 12 Nov, Ms Poh was willing to “fit the lawyer’s schedule” and replied that “anytime” was good for her.


This, was when she met with a rather rude reply from the law firm. The firm remarked that Ms Poh must either be “too stupid and/or [have] a low IQ” given that she could not follow the simple “instructions” on how to apply for a deed poll.

Given that Ms Poh had not indicated her preferred timing, the Vexus staff slammed Ms Poh for wasting “5 seconds of [his] precious time” and told her to “look for another lawyer to entertain[her] bullshit”.

Savage much.


According to Vexus Law’s website, an applicant would have to send an SMS or a Whatsapp to the company for an appointment. They would have to indicate that they want to do a deed poll by including their name, preferred date and the time they are available to go down to the office to collect the documents.

“Never Receive Hourly Billing Price Shock”

According to the firm’s website, Vexus Law is a specialist boutique corporate and commercial law firm providing small business clients with affordable legal solutions. It is run by Director Lee Ben-Jie, who, according to Vexus’ website, is a former corporate lawyer with renowned firm Lee & Lee.


The firm markets itself as a cost-efficient business that provides affordable legal service. Despite the low fees, Vexus Law promises to give every client their “lawyer’s personal attention”.


Well, if personal attention means getting rude replies, we’d rather not engage the firm’s services.

Not the first time

It seems that this is not the first time that the law firm has told a client that they are stupid. Here are more clients who alleged that they were ridiculed by the Director of the firm.

In a spat with a Kathryn Teo, the firm even replied that they “couldn’t be bother what $50 people [thought] of them”.


Netizens Divided About The Firm

Netizens who saw Ms Poh’s post were shocked that the firm’s rude and unprofessional response.


However, there were others who shared that they had a pleasant experience with the firm.


While it seems that Vexus Law does provide value for money, such unprofessional responses cannot be tolerated in a service-based economy such as Singapore’s.

Featured image from Vexus Law and Facebook.