One And A Half Year After Vanishing From Public View, Victor Wong Has Finally Been Caught

Hey Ang Mo Kio residents, remember this guy?


That’s your boy Victor Wong right there, the guy best known for his corrupt dealings as general manager and secretary of Ang Mo Kio Town Council (AMKTC).

Late last year, we ‘celebrated’ the one-year anniversary of his abscondment from Singapore.

However, it seems that the long arms of justice have finally caught up with ol’ Victor.

55 counts of corruption

According to The Straits Times, Victor Wong has reportedly been slapped with a whopping 55 charges of corruptly accepting gratification, totalling $107,000.

The bestower of this financial stimulus package?

A certain Chia Sin Lan, a director and shareholder of the building companies which “advance(d) their business interests” on the back of their bribes.

The list of bribes reads like The Wolf of Wall Street’s script:

  • Overseas remittances to his mistress in China
  • A job for his daughter-in-law
  • “Entertainment expenses” at KTV lounges
  • A $13,500 discount on a new car
  • A mobile phone line

Remember the date

We’ll find out Mr Wong and his accomplice’s fates on April 11, when their case will be heard.

Till then, they are currently out on $100,000 bail.

Just under a month’s wait to find out their sentence, which includes a jail term of up to seven years.

It just takes time

It took one and a half year to track down Victor Wong and charge him.

Seems that nothing has been swept under the carpet, after all.

As the story is still developing, we will update this article with details as we receive them.

Featured image from AllSingaporeStuff.