‘Cos this is home, truly.

It’s official – SG50 is arriving next week. To commemorate the nation’s Golden Jubilee, some Singaporeans used film to show us what Singapore means to them.

After all, there’s no better time to dedicate these tributes to our nation.

Here are 10 of our favourite entries uploaded on ciNE65, a short film competition to encourage film enthusiasts to share their Singapore story through film. The public can vote for their favourite short film, but voting is now over.

Warning: Some videos might move you to tears, so get the tissues ready!

1. I’m Home

This one will tug at your heartstrings.

A boy and his mother share a close relationship and would talk about everything under the sun – from school to army to relationship problems – until the boy decided to stay overseas after getting a promotion.

His dejected mother weakly protested, saying “But Meng… this is home…”.

A turn of events soon ensued.

Will Meng eventually head home?

2. Treasure

Through the eyes of a little boy, the story unravels as he returns home from school, disheartened after failing a math paper. However, his father patiently taught him through a treasure hunt – nothing worthwhile comes easy.

After all, Singapore only became a cosmopolitan city all thanks to Singaporeans and their hard work.

3. No Place Like Home

In search of a better life, many Singaporeans are heading overseas to build a new home, just like this mother in the film.

However, in search for a new home, she had forgotten was home is exactly where she is.

“What is home without the people you love? What is home if you don’t know where you are?”

There is indeed no place like home.

4. Dedication

Based on the true story of the director’s granduncle, this short clip is a dedication to Mr. Tan Kah Wan, the assistant commissioner of police, and the pioneer generation, who dedicated their all to building better lives for future generations.

5. Home-made

This one is relatable to most of us growing up under the care of our beloved ah ma, and witnessed how much she enjoyed cooking just to bring a smile to our faces.

It was no different for this young man, whose love for cooking stemmed from the home-cooked meals his ah ma lovingly prepared for him. While in a cooking competition, he realises that his ah ma had already imparted him the most important lesson of cooking.

6. Blk 401

Growing up in Singapore, most, if not all of us, are no strangers to kopitiams. After all, it is where you can get comfort food like your favourite mee pok or cai png.

The director of this film shares with us his fondest kopitiam memories through portraying the unmistakable coffeeshop culture in Singapore.

What is your favourite kopitiam memory?

7. Reminisce

There’s nothing more noble than a mother’s love – she takes care of you and makes breakfast everyday, even if you’re in too much of a hurry to eat it.

Protagonist Mei Qing stumbles upon this realisation and reciprocates her mother’s love.

As we grow up, are we more consumed in our own world and unknowingly neglect those who care about us?

8. Unwavering

This short video was inspired by the most unlikely character – a pantry auntie. This pantry auntie was no ordinary one – she used to be a Singapore Girl.  Through her, we see the determination, passion and commitment by the Pioneer Generation.

What’s her story?

9. Sightless

As a child, his father would take him around Singapore and encourage him to try new things. The father and son share a close bond.

The son’s life changes as an accident robbed him of his sight. Nonetheless, his father spurs him on and tells him that eyes are useless if the heart is blind and that he should trust his senses and believe that he’s home.

10. Our Promise, Our Belief

This film revolves around the friendship of a multiracial trio with a flashback – it retells the story of the three friends from school to ORD to their first heartbreak to getting married, in reverse chronological order. Watch how their friendship grew stronger after overcoming the odds while discussing issues relatable to the everyday Singaporean.

Now that you’ve (hopefully) watched all of them, which are your favourite ones?

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