Blackout tattoo trend makes a big splash in Singapore

Tattoo lover Linjojo’z covered up her old tattoos in all black over her arms and chest and racked up thousands of likes when a photo of her was posted by artist Chester Lee at Oracle Tattoo, where she was inked. The tattoo artist himself is one adventurous dude, making headlines last year (2015) for being the first to sport an eyeball tattoo in Singapore.

Anyhow, this is the picture that went viral:

Chester Lee has been specialising in blackout tattoos for about five years. Blackout tattoos are when a large part of skin is covered in black ink. In fact, solid black inking have been used for years in tribal tattoos.

But it was only when he posted a photo of the woman’s intense tattoo did Instagram go wild. The image now has over 6,800 likes. The hashtag #BlackoutTattoo has also been tagged in thousands of pictures.

What began as a way of covering up a no-longer wanted tattoo is now fast becoming a trend.

It’s not hard to see why the #BlackoutTattoos trend is getting popular.

They are simply intense.

And some don’t mind going through the pain to completely cover their skin in ink.

Looks like there is no going back from black.


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Featured image via oddtattooerFacebook
With reference to Cosmopolitan