Walking With Your Friends Could Earn You $10,000 Thanks To Sqkii

Talk about a walk in the park.

Sqkii, the team behind islandwide treasure hunts here, is back with a new game.

In this one, users have to simply walk around Singapore. As they do, they leave a coloured trail behind them, covering the distances they walk.


The game ends on 11:59pm and the user with the longest coloured trail wins.

It’s so simple, even we’re blown away.

Best part is, it can be done in teams, so you can cover more ground at once.


And to make things really exciting, there’s an element of competition: you can walk over someone else’s colour with your own.


But of course, that means that someone else can just as easily walk over yours.


We’ll be trying out this game for sure — see you on the streets!

Featured image via Sqkii