Hero Foreign Workers That Moved Stuck Car At Waterway Point Were Actually Acting On Their Boss’ Orders


Foreign Workers Spotted Moving A Stuck Car Simply Following Orders From Their Boss Who Owned The Car

You might’ve probably seen the video of a group of foreign workers coming together to move a car stuck on a bunch of stairs at Waterway Point in Punggol.

In case you didn’t, check out the heartwarming video which showcases the underappreciated foreign workers that we take advantage of on a daily basis. Because shame on us Singaporeans who only complain and scoff at the sight of these men who literally build our houses and malls.

Except that according to Channel NewsAsia, a spokesperson for the mall said that the car belonged to an employer who had made use of workers from his company by activating them to help move his vehicle. In total, about 13 workers were involved in the car moving ceremony.

Talk about being resourceful.

Not something you see everyday

When Garett Lim went out on Thursday (21 Sep) for a jog, he chanced upon an unusual sight after hearing loud crash.


Clearly not something you witness everyday, the actor quickly did what any Singaporean in his position would do — whip out his phone and start recording.

He would then upload the pictures and video on Facebook, praising the foreigners for their initiative.


At least he called himself out for behaving like a “typical” Singaporean.

Lauded as heroes

The post quickly made rounds on social media, gaining over 4,500 shares in less than a day.

Recognizing their efforts, netizens immediately hailed the foreigners as heroes for their selflessness.



With many commending them for always being willing to lend a hand.


Which is fine and dandy and all, but once you put things into perspective after knowing the truth, its pretty hilarious when you look back at the comments.

After all, we’ve written about some crazy stuff bosses made their employees do.

Guess you shouldn’t judge a book by just reading the first chapter.

Featured image from Garett Lim




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