Pharmacies Watsons And Guardian Are Making A Buzz For Selling Vibrators Again

Watsons. A place to find supplements, toiletries, and… vibrators?

Reddit user andromedanii has pointed out that the vibrators are still on Watsons’ shelves.

Of course, this isn’t a new development. After all, we talked about how the personal store had advertised the sex toys in 2017, and the resulting collective faces of surprise of the internet at large.

But, with Japanese store Don Don Donki removing their sex toys off their shelves just 2 days after opening, maybe we thought Watsons would be a little apprehensive in keeping these products on theirs.


Guess not.

Even Guardian, Watsons’ competitor, too recently introduced a similar line of products, as pointed out by PonderingSingaporean.


The competition sure is stiff.

Interesting… tell me more

OhhhBunny, the brand of sex toys Watsons is carrying, took inspiration from rabbits going at it in establishing their brand.

The Smile Makers rolled out a series of 4 vibrators, each with their own personality.

Named the ‘Tennis Coach‘, this vibrator is known for its ‘perfect play’ with ‘skillful aim’.



Another notable personality/vibrator is the ‘The Millionaire‘, which is described as a ‘powerful player’ with a ‘great, big trust fund‘.


Too much innuendo? Okay, we’ll stop now.

Available online too

Well, for those who are too shy to buy it in person, I bring you good news: these toys are available on the Watsons’ online marketplace.


We know they said product details, but the description is far too detailed. TMI man.

‘Giddy up girls’ definitely has to be our favorite line.


Buzz buzz.. but that’s not my phone.

Now that you know this, we bet you’ll embark on an impromptu treasure hunt for these ‘massage devices’ the next time you end up in one of these stores.

Or maybe it wasn’t an impromptu treasure hunt– that was on the agenda.

Don’t be shy. There’s no shame in loving yourself.

We got your back.

But you’ll sure get stares as you walk towards the cashier with that box in hand.


Featured image from Reddit and Imgur.