Watsons Advertises Its Sex Toys, And The Internet Is Shocked


People Are Shocked That Singapore Has Ads For Sex Toys

It wasn’t too long ago when Watsons was regarded as a family-friendly store, where customers could get all their family’s home and personal care needs under one roof.

Singaporeans may remember the catchy jingle when Watsons first entered Singapore: “Watsons, your personal store!”

Well, it seems that Watsons Singapore has gotten a whole lot more personal after its advertisement for sex toys, including a one shaped like a rabbit, on its Facebook page seemed to have shocked quite a few people.

Sold Since 2015

That sex toys are openly available at an otherwise clean-cut store in Singapore may have surprised many, who associate the sale of these things with darkened speciality shops in town, where only those above 18 years old are allowed.

But actually sex toys being sold at Watsons isn’t a new thing — the items have been in Watsons stores since 2015. The New Paper even did a story on their launch, where it interviewed embarrassed customers and store staff.

The items are sold right next to the pregnancy tests and condoms — perhaps to offer people an alternate option besides doing it with someone?

A check on Watsons website shows that they are even selling them online:


Bold Advert

But we guess that unless one actually goes out at looks for the items, you won’t see them as they are usually displayed unobtrusively in the shops.

Most people wouldn’t have known that these sex toys are available — that is, until now, when Watson boldly advertised a bunny-shaped sex toy and its colleagues on Facebook with the caption:

Bring something exciting in your love life!
A small change can bring both to the mysterious world!

Doesn’t the bunny look cute?



Predictably, many were shocked.


The shock probably stems from the fact that Singapore has a squeaky-clean image and wouldn’t be thought to allow advertisements for adult items.


The advertisement has achieved part of its purpose, though, as now people who didn’t know that Watson sells such stuff have been enlightened.


However, some netizens were also delighted.


Some admitted they didn’t know what those items were at first.


Some thought, perhaps jokingly, that the toys would make great gifts.


While others also saw the funny side of the rabbit-shaped toy — that it could appeal to children.


No Big Deal

Ultimately, the items are harmless and meant for personal use — people have to get their rocks off somehow, isn’t it?

And for those who think that it’s irresponsible for stories like Watsons to sell such things openly where children can see them — there are worse things that can be found on the Internet at the touch of button on a child’s phone.

Also, such toys are more hygienic and safer than doing the dirty with an actual person, so they are actually doing a great service to people who aren’t already in committed relationships.

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