SingFirst becomes the talk of the town

With the bigger political parties taking up most of the space in mainstream media, we decided we should take a look at the smaller and lesser known opposition political parties.

Social media is a good way to get your message across to the younger generation and Tan Jee Say’s Singaporeans First Party, better known as SingFirst, have been rather active on Facebook.

MustShareNews looks the latest updates SingFirst has posted on Facebook.

First Impressions Matter

SingFirst first gained public attention with their party logo.



Suddenly craving for some ice-cream?



We could all use a Wall’s ice-cream right now in this heat.

1. They had some trouble with spellcheck

In the past few days, they gained even more attention with their difficulties with spellcheck after readers spotted “four wavy red lines” on their Press Statement.

SingFirst was mocked mercilessly,



but with that typical Singaporean die die must try attitude, their issues were finally solved.

Today (13 Aug), the press statement was re-posted with those “four wavy red lines” removed.

good quality work


2. They are organizing a 3rd Public Forum!

SingFirst is planning their 3rd public forum this Saturday (15 Aug), with fellow opposition candidate and Secretary-General of Reform Party, Kenneth Jeyaretnam, among the speakers.




Rather odd inviting the Secretary-General of an opposition political party.

3. They shared a rather unflattering post on a new PAP candidate

Earlier today, SingFirst shared a blog post on new People’s Action Party (PAP) candidate, Chee Hong Tat.



Not exactly a blog post you would be sharing if you wanted to make friends with the PAP, but doing so clearly shows SingFirst’s opinions on the new candidate.

SingFirst has since deleted the post but we managed to get a screen grab of it before it was gone!

In a nutshell

With SingFirst’s troubles with Facebook, we will be keeping an eye out for future posts. We wonder if this is all a plan to get them more time in the limelight.

The saying goes, “any press is good press” but in this case, we question how true this is. In a way, the answer to this question will be revealed in the rapidly approaching general elections.

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Featured Image via SingFirst (Facebook)
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