This website will find the cheapest hawker food around the island for you

Food? Food.

Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) Singapore has set up a website that provides an online directory budget of hawker food. This website helps you find comparatively lower-priced hawker fare around the island.


What’s cool is that the website has listed out our local favourite dishes, and all you have to do is to click on the location nearest to wherever you are hungry.

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We can imagine so many ways to use this. The daily lunch dilemma can be so easily solved with just 2 clicks.

If you are at a certain location and want to find cheap hawker food, just search on the location and the site will list out the dishes and price.

This directory also helps the more budget conscious among us figure out trends in different parts of the island.

For example, a plate of chicken rice costs $2.50 at Yishun.

mti 3Source

The prices of the food are reflected as accurate of the date surveyed.

More importantly, all the hawker food featured is priced at or below the 30th percentile, which means everything is economically priced.

You can literally save up on your money and splurge on more food.

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Now that you know about this website, what are you waiting for? Go on a food marathon all around Singapore and tell us about your experience.

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Featured Image via Aapo Haapanen
With references from MTI Website