Marina Mandarin Demands Carousell Wedding Dinner Package To Be Taken Down

If you’ve always dreamed of meeting that special someone, falling in love, getting married and spending the rest of your days together, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news.

Fairy tale endings don’t exist in real life.

Check out this wedding dinner package which surfaced on local e-commerce platform Carousell on Thursday (17 Aug).


The posting, which offers a full wedding dinner consisting of 30 tables at Marina Mandarin on 13 Oct for $28,888, tells the tale of a bride-to-be who left her male counterpart just 2 months before the actual event.

With wardrobe, photography, and transportation all included, one can only assume that most of the wedding preparations had already been done.

It was truly an unfortunate story for the groom that did not end happily ever after.

Boy, did their movies lie to us.


Outpour of support

Naturally, word about this unusual deal quickly spread online and netizens immediately sympathized with the groom and flocked to show their support.


Some also offered to introduce friends (or themselves) to him.


The team behind Carousell not only took notice to the dilemma but even prepared a little gift to send some encouragement.


The outpour of support from virtually everyone (except the bride, we’re assuming) must’ve surely helped the groom involved to cope with his awful situation.

Unwanted attention for the hotel

However, it seems as though not everyone is too pleased over what transpired.

Shortly after the ad was posted, user cancerian07 who claimed to be a friend of the groom’s, left multiple comments explaining that they soon had to delete the offer.

According to him, the hotel had “low blowed” them by calling for the removal of it as the situation was getting “out on control” and that they were “getting unwanted attention”. They also mentioned how the post was “affecting (their) business” though it is not known exactly how so considering the post was made less than a day ago and that full payment for the dinner had already been made.


Edit: cancerian07 has since removed his original comments expressing his wishes not to breach any possible agreements made between the groom and the hotel.

Lack of communication

When the MustShareNews team spoke to the seller for more details, an oddity was discovered.

It was revealed that Marina Mandarin Singapore had not made any attempts (at the time of this article) to contact the groom or his friends. This came as a surprise and baffled even the seller himself.

Looking at cancerian07’s comment above, he makes a similar statement as well mentioning the lack of communication between both parties.

Considering that no terms and clauses were breached, and that full payment had already been made, it is odd as to why the hotel had made the request seeing as how it is not uncommon for the sale of banquets to be posted online.

Also this.


Attempts to speak to cancerian07 were in vain as he redirected us back to the seller.

When we contacted Marina Mandarin Singapore to find out more, the marketing department refused to comment on the matter.

Featured image from Carousell and SiamExpress.