Carousell: the place to chuck all weird and unwanted items

Online home-grown shopping site Carousell has been a big hit, with over eight million listings and funding from Rakuten. Although it’s a great place to source for cheap clothing or any other item you may ever possibly need in your life, Carousell also has some… weird items up for sale.

1. Spoilt laptop


Not sure what use a spoilt laptop would be. A potential decoration piece maybe?

2. Water lettuce


Can fry and eat for dinner?

3. Cigarette booster?

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 11.29.20 amSource

We think they meant ‘bolster’.

4. iPhone boxes


Can I sell my iPhone 5c box for $20 too?

5. Instant Self-Hypnosis


Pay $8 to ‘make more money’ and ‘fly without fear’? Sounds good to me.

6. A person


Calling people an ‘efficient dog’ is not very nice. #StopBullying

7. BMW


Who cares about COE?

8. Job


“Wash, wipe, vacuum”.

9. Shades


Ray Ban even has shades for young kids. Looks like you’re never too young to look cool.

10. Coke


This was classified under ‘Vintage and Antiques’. Is ancient Coke still drinkable?

11. Vertu


With that kind of price, we’ll much rather get a new iPhone 6. Unless the trend now is to own phones of the ancient past.

12. T-shirt


Ah, everybody’s favourite Singa reimagined. Also, can we get the male model for $24.99 as well?

13. Fingernails


We have nothing to say about this.

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Featured Image via Carousell
With reference to Carousell