The last thing you want is to see your mandarin oranges rot 🙁

‘Fess up – the glutton in you is most likely to be suffering from the aftermath of consuming an overload of pineapple tarts, bak kwa, and kueh bangkit. At the end of the yearly Great Mandarin Orange Exchange tradition, you’ve probably already eaten your fill of the citruses and are so put off by mandarin oranges you’ll never want to see one again (until next year). Chances are, you’re left with dozens of that orange sphere, but you really shouldn’t leave them in that corner of the house to just rot and spoil. We came up with 13 ideas you can put them to good use:

1. Dried mandarin peel


Why waste the skin? Dry it into orange peel! In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), orange peel is believed to assuage certain types of cough, relieve indigestion and even diarrhoea. No wonder it is a favourite even amongst the elderly! It’s also fuss-free to make, so check out this recipe if you’re itching to make yourself some!

Protip: Try offering your grandparents some next Chinese New Year (CNY) and tell them you made it yourself. Maybe they’ll even make it a point to give you an extra big ang pow! 🙂

2. Mandarin orange peel powder for your face

Mandarin oranges may be good for health, but its peel has an even higher concentration of minerals, nutrients and vitamins than the fruit itself! It helps people with oily skin, lighten skin tone, achieve softer skin, reduce discolouration and scars, and alleviate blackhead problems. Best of all, it’s practically free to make! For D.I.Y. dummies, it’s not that hard either – watch the video below!

3. Mandarin orange juice

Just the right juice you need for your #fitspo after all that Chinese New Year bingeing, so slurp up all that yummy Vitamin C goodness!


4. Mandarin jam

You know what they say – when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! When CNY gives you leftover mandarin oranges… make marmalade! Find out how here.


5. Mandarin orange fruit salad

We know you’re sick of eating mandarin oranges, so why not mix them with other fruits? Cherries, pineapples, marshmallows, along with some whipped cream sounds like a winning combination. All it takes is 5 minutes or less to whip this fruit salad up, so why not give this a shot?


6. Mandarin sorbet

Only three ingredients are needed for this recipe – mandarin oranges, sugar and salt. Just follow these steps!


6. Ward off moths

Save money on mothballs! Simply put the orange peel into a plastic bag, then place it in your closet. This would do the trick!

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 6.15.31 pmSource

7. Citrus perfume

If you fancy the scent of citrus, this one’s perfect for you. Brands like Calvin Klein have come up with their own citrus perfume, but why pay when you can make it yourself? This way, you can be sure that it’s chemical-free. Smell like summer by following these steps!

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 9.38.16 amSource

8. Feed your animal

‘Cos good things must share. Even if it means sharing it with your pet. <3 <3 <3

giphy (1)Source

9. Or turn it into a fashion statement for your pet

A hat like no other.

giphy (4)Source

10. Juggle them

Fulfil your childhood dream of performing at the circus – impress your relatives by juggling like Ellen Page.


11. Give them away

What about paying George Yeo a visit? We think he’ll really like more mandarin oranges.

goerge yeo 2Source

12. Eat it

But of course.

Eat it while catching up on Orange Is The New Black.

giphy (2)Source

Hail the mighty mandarin orange!

Surprised that the unassuming mandarin orange could actually be so useful? Now you know how to put them to good use, so don’t waste them!

P.S. no mandarin oranges were sacrificed while curating this article.

*Disclaimer: some pictures used depict oranges instead of an actual mandarin orange, but you can still put them to the same use. Have fun!

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