Tourists Of Singapore

Welcome to Singapore, land of the endless bubble tea frozen yogurt queues.

Armed with a selfie-stick in one hand and shopping bag in the other, these tourists look like they are having a blast in the Southeast Asian oasis. But what do they think of us? What do they really think of Singapore?

We ask foreigners to spill the beans on what they really think of our tuition nation.

Mikael, Sweden


“It’s my first time being here. I ended my studies in Korea and I studied there for 4 months on exchange, and so I decided to do some traveling before I go back to Sweden.

Singapore is quite multi-cultural. It’s fascinating to see so many local and foreign Asians from China and Malaysia, and also those Indians from India and Pakistan. And then, of course, there are the western people, so it’s kind of like a big mix of nationalities. And with that, everything here is kind of diverse.

Compared to Swedish cities, you don’t get bored here because there are so many people in here. I am always finding new places and stuff.

But weather could be a couple of degrees less.”

Hu Gung Biao, China


“This is my second time in Singapore. I went to a lot of places, Marina Bay Sands, Sentosa, all the famous places. My favourite is Sentosa because they have a gambling den there.”

Dan and his wife, United Kingdom


“We’ve been traveling on a cruise. We saw Hong Kong, Bangkok, Vietnam and Singapore. And I think Singapore is probably the nicest place we have been to in Southeast Asia. Everyone speaks English, which is really great for us. But I would imagine it is quite expensive to live here.

And everything looks man-made, even the nature.”

Alaeksander, Bulgaria


“My favourite food in Singapore is Sushi and Dim Sum. I got my skateboard from Santa Claus on Christmas.
Next I want to play a guitar.”

Raoswilcio, Brazil


“I have been here only 2 days — yesterday and today. Tomorrow I am going to Dubai and after that my country. Singapore is perhaps the fiercest city in the world. It is very beautiful. It is fantastic, amazing. The people here are gentil (kind) to this 90-year-old.

I heard the food in Singapore is good. You can get all the food here, but I am a vegetarian.”

Christie, Hong Kong


“I don’t have much feelings about this place. I heard about the strict laws of Singapore, so I didn’t dare to cross the road when the light is red.”

Andrey, Russia


“I don’t like to be recorded.

I am Russian captain working on the board my Cyprus ship with a Filipino crew on board. When I am back home in Moscow, I am a Zumba instructor. I love salsa so I like Cuba Libre in Clarke Quay, but the alcohol is very expensive in the bars here.

Today I was just walking here around, to make some shopping, and suddenly I see the kebab. Honestly, I love the kebab here. I like so much fast food.

You cannot believe how much I like fast food.”

Wang Qi, China


“If you are rich, Singapore is a good place for you to visit.

I feel safe here. At night I can even walk alone, in China I cannot.”

Jark and his family, Indonesia


“I like to shop around. I like everything about Singapore, there is a lot of shopping here. Singapore is a good country for the people. I can enjoy everything in Singapore.”

Ksymena, Germany


“I like the city because you have new buildings and old buildings.

You always have the old buildings. You don’t destroy them to make bigger buildings. I like it because in many big cities you don’t see old buildings — just high towers.

But the law is old and very strict. In Germany everything is a bit more open, not so strict.”

TLDR: Even Tourists Find Singapore Expensive

With two most expensive buildings in the world and $1,000 iPhone warranties, it’s no surprise that even tourists find Singapore expensive.

But our home is also popular for its food, safety and shopping. Despite failed STB advertisements (yes, we’re talking about the “Honey, look!” one), hordes of confused looking, map-clutching tourists navigate Singapore streets all year round. Thank you tourists of Singapore, for visiting our land!

With reference to The Richest
Featured image via Wikimedia