1st Commando Battalion Wins Best Combat Unit For The 12th Year Running

For every year since 1969, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) announces and awards the best unit of the year in the SAF Best Unit Competition on 29 June — 2 days before SAF Day.

This year are:

Army’s 1st Commando Battalion (1 Cdo Bn) — Best Combat Unit

The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN)’s RSS Tenacious — Best Fleet Unit

Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF)’s 144 Squadron (SQN) — Best Fighter Squadron

The awards will be presented to the winners at the SAF50 Parade on 1 July 2015 by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen.

The winner that stood out of list of winners is the 1st Commando Battalion, as the 1 Cdo Bn have clinched the top honours for an unprecedented 29 times and this year’s victory is the unit’s 12th straight victory.

And those commandos deserve it too, as we can see from this combat training video:

More Than Words

The tough training that each Commando faces is definitely a contributing factor to their consistent success as the best combat unit in Singapore over the last 12 years.

They jump, they swing, they land. Then they jump again.


Looks pretty manageable and easy right?

Wait till you see the High Confidence Course.

High Confidence Course

The High Confidence Course is a ritual that every Commando have to go through. The course consists of 8 obstacles, all of which will be at least 10 metres off the ground.


Double Tension Wire Bridge

Commandos are expected to balance themselves and walk on two thin wires to the next obstacle.


Diagonal Steps

The diagonal steps looks pretty simple and straightforward but for someone who has a fear of heights (like me), this obstacle is bound to make you soil your pants.

I feel uncomfortable just by looking at the GIF.


Balancing Logs

After the first 2 obstacles, this one is a piece of cake.


Double Rope Pull 

After the breezy walk on the Balancing Log, the soldiers will face the obstacle that will seriously test their courage.

In the double rope pull, Commandos have to assume a lying prone position on two ropes, with their legs hooked on the ropes, their hands holding the ropes, and their face facing downwards at the ground. From a height of more than 10 metres off the ground.


It is clearly not an easy task to perform.


If at first you fail, you TRY AGAIN — this is the Commando Spirit.


Double Rope Bridge

This obstacle tests the balance of the Commandos and it is made more complicated by potentially hazardous weather and really high altitude.


Sky Ladder 

It is exactly what it sounds like it is — it is literally a ladder reaching up to the sky.


Commandos are expect to climb up, then down this ladder.


And it is not easy.



The Trapeze involves the Commandos jumping in the air to catch a bar hanging in front of them.

They can only let go when the bar is stable.


Flying Fox

The Flying Fox is perhaps the easy obstacle there is in the entire grueling obstacle course.

Still not easy for people afraid of heights.


All the training in preparation for the main highlight of the Commando journey, which happens to be one of the craziest thing you can do in your entire life.

The para-jump

Jumping out of a transport helicopter ALONE.


Then still have the sanity to casually walk back to base.


Respect For The Commandos

This is the reason why the 1 Cdo Bn consistent deliver as the best combat unit of Singapore for 29 years since 1969.

More than words, the 1st Commando Battalion shows in their insane training that it certainly takes something special for anyone to be a Commando.

For Honour And Glory!


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Featured Image via Rich Seow
With references from MinDef, Channel NewsAsia