Steven Lim: Sylvester Did Not Want To Risk Fight Because of Family

While the dust from his celebrity muay thai fight has settled, it is clear that the memories of the bout still haunt Steven Lim. Nearly a week has passed since the eccentric YouTuber took to the ring in a match that proved calamitous for his opponent, the late Mr Pradip Subramanian.

Lim was initially slated to face fellow Singapore Idol alumni Sylvester Sim. But, the competition’s runner-up withdrew the day before the fight. It was cited that Sim had pulled out due to a lack of insurance.

Now, Steven Lim has shed light on the matter.


Family first

In a Facebook post on 28 Sept, Lim confirmed that Sim didn’t want to step into the ring because of the lack of insurance, due to family reasons.

As such, he understood Sim’s fear that any injuries would have an impact of the latter’s family, especially Sim’s 10-month-old daughter Naomi.


Withdraw together

Lim also shared that Sim had asked him to withdraw from the fight together. However, Lim refused to pull out as he would be letting “his fans down” and lose credibility. Given Lim’s notorious reputation, its hard to refute his point.

Took a chance to answer his critics

It’s clear that despite his victory, the public’s perception of Lim has not changed much. With videos like the one below, its pretty obvious that it would take more than a celebrity fight to restore some reputation.

In the same Facebook post, Lim took some time to answer some critics. The artiste manager argued that he had received some training if not he wouldn’t “dare to go up the ring and fight” and claimed that he knew what he was doing.

Using pictures of the injuries sustained as a result of the fight, Lim also refuted claims that the fight was staged.


Steven Lim considering another fight

For those looking forward to Steven Lim Kor Kor’s next bout might not have to wait much longer. Speaking to TODAY, Lim confirmed that he is not ruling out another fight.

He said that the belt he got at the end of the match was his to keep, and that he will have to defend the belt against other celebrities, should the occasion arise.

Looks like there’s more for us to look forward to.

Featured image from Facebook and Instagram.