Wife of deceased man takes to Facebook as she felt shooting was unjustified

Police confirmed the shooting of a 34-year-old man driving a car named Mohamed Taufik Bin Zahar on Sunday (31 May) outside the Shangri-La Hotel, while the two others in the car, Mohamed bin Ismail and Muhammad Syahid bin Mohamed Yasin were charged for drug-related offences.

Now, according to the his wife, the deceased man had tried to escape the police barricades because he did not possess a driver’s license.

This was mentioned in a post that Nassida Nasir wrote on the wall of the Singapore Police Force (SPF)’s Facebook page.



Yes, the deceased had family and kids too.





Were the police justified in killing the man?

The police has released a consolidated statement on the incident.

Investigations revealed that the incident was not terrorist-related. Was the police wrong to kill the man then?

The perspective of the police officers at the scene was that the driver was attempting to drive the car into the hotel, having hit the barricades, and they had to act in order to prevent loss of lives. The possibility of the car housing explosives or causing damage to any of the police was real. They could not have known that the man did not have a driver’s license.

Given the circumstances, the police officer made a snap decision to stop the man by any means. Weapons are not often drawn in Singapore, even by the police, and this must have been an exceptional scenario.

The widow’s posts on Facebook shows that everyone has family — if not a wife and kids, then parents or siblings. One cannot help but to sympathise with someone who now has to raise a 2 month old child without a father. However, she may be too emotional to assess the situation properly, just a day after the incident.

She deserves all the help she can get, regardless of her husband’s acts.

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Featured image via AFP/Channel NewsAsia
With references from Singapore Police Force