Woman & Boy Found Dead At Former Japanese WW2 Memorial Near Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Update: (15 Nov): According to Lianhe Zaobao, the 41-year-old woman allegedly killed her son before taking her own life. Police found a suicide note in a black vehicle.

They have classified the case as an unnatural death and investigations are ongoing. The article has been updated as below.

Bodies of a 41-year-old woman and 5-year-old boy – both Japanese – were discovered at Lorong Sesuai near Bukit Timah Nature Reserve at 6.42am Thursday (14 Nov).

Lorong Sesuai

The boy, already lifeless, was found in Honda Vezel while the mother’s body was lying outside of the vehicle.

Both of them were pronounced dead at the scene by SCDF paramedics.

Mother likely to have killed son, before taking her own life

On Friday (15 Nov), Lianhe Zaobao reported that although no physical wounds were found on them, the mother was believed to have killed her own son, before committing suicide.

Forensics also found a suicide note in the car.

MS News understands that security guards from a telecommunications tower nearby uncovered this tragedy and called the police.

Police on-site investigation took 6 hours

After the site was cordoned off, police searched the car interiors and nearby bushes for 6 hours before leaving the scene with tons of photographs and bagged items as evidence.

Lianhe Zaobao also noted that some people found that the glass window of the driver’s seat was shattered.

Members of the public may have tried to rescue the boy and thus, breaking the window.

Site of the incident in Lorong Sesuai a remote area

Lianhe Zaobao reporters observed that the site of the incident was remote and thinly populated. The area is also well-secured since it is located near a telecommunications tower with security guards.

Well-wishers had offered fresh flowers and candles as prayers to the deceased after news broke yesterday

How the Japanese woman was able to kill her son, and then herself, and why, remains unclear.

We’ve done some digging and found out that the location where the bodies were found, Lorong Sesuai, actually used to lead to a Japanese shrine.

Sadly, it’s already been destroyed.


Hope police investigations will reveal the truth soon

We can only speculate what the Japanese woman and boy were doing at the site, and how they wounded up with such a tragic ending to their lives.

Hopefully, police can swiftly investigate, and shed light upon the real story surrounding the victims soon.

Featured image adapted from Remember Singapore.