Video Of Woman Who Allegedly Traps Cats To Feed To Snakes Goes Viral, But Netizens’ Reactions Are Mixed

A video of a woman who appeared to be trapping cats, went viral on Wed (24 Feb) after a Facebook post accused her of “maybe feed[ing]” them to snakes.

The incident allegedly occurred at Block 132, Marsiling Rise.

Here’s the video in full:

However, while the women did appear to be catching cats because of the net she was wielding, there was no clear evidence that the lady was feeding these cats to snakes.

So where did this assumption come from? Well, it came from the post that made the video viral.

Check it the screenshot of the post here:


Now, let’s take a closer look at what really happened in the video.

Woman screamed at those taking videos of her

The video begins with a lady apparently snooping around a dustbin.

Holding a net, it does look as though she’s on the lookout to catch something — in this case, a cat.


Closer examination of the video would reveal that the lady’s actually looking at a pair of footwear. She later picks up the footwear before leaving the scene.


However, what she was doing with a net is still unconfirmed.

Only when another passer-by approached, did the woman feel it was time to leave. She probably thought it was best not to attract more attention to herself.


As she attempted to leave the area, a man began recording video footage, probably to capture evidence of the woman’s identity.

Outraged, the woman then swung her net at the man, claiming that he has recorded her face “without [her] permission”.

She then stormed off, even before the videographers could threaten her by calling the police.

So the question now remains — is this woman a cat abuser, or savior?

Woman accused of cat abuse

So since the video footage contained no cats, what was the relationship between the lady in the video and the caged cat pictured in the same post?


According to Jewel Ramli’s post, the woman was caught before, allegedly strangling and hanging this cat upside down.

The cat was then saved by a cat feeder and is now looking for a new home.


However, there was no evidence in this incident and the video – other than the net – to suggest that this lady is a cat abuser.

A netizen reveals woman actually loves cats

On the flipside, others have suggested that the woman is a cat lover and would do nothing to harm little felines.


Suggesting that people were too quick to judge, the net was in her possession because the woman had allegedly just returned from a fishing trip.

In addition, the woman is going through depression according to this comment.

This may have accounted for her outburst against the people who were filming her.

Too little evidence

There’s no doubt that there’s a lack of evidence to prove any one story here.

Firstly, the video showed no instance of the woman interacting with any cat. Secondly, it’s hard to establish a link between the video and the cat in the blue cage, other than Jewel Ramli’s account.

Furthermore, the claims made to defend the unidentified woman cannot be verified as well.

So, while cats have been ill-treated in certain cases, more investigations need to be done before we can truly decide if anyone’s at fault.

Featured image from Facebook and Facebook.