A 24-year-old jobless woman punched her mother twice, fracturing her nose in a dispute over a cancelling their subscription to a Korean drama cable channel on 5 October. Today, she was placed on nine months’ supervised probation.

Korean drama fan Narelle Olivia Phoon Rujun overheard her mother, Jessie Chew Yit Chean’s, plan to axe the subscription of the undisclosed channel.

Phoon got angry and told her mother not to cancel the subscription. She then locked the door to their flat to prevent her father from entering the apartment when he returned. When he finally got home, Phoon rushed to block her mother from opening the door and punched her twice fracturing her mother’s nasal bone.

Phoon’s father then called the police. He eventually succeeded in enteering the flat and held Phoon down until the police arrived.

According to the Institute of Mental Health, Phoon has been disgnosed with moderate intellectual disability. She also has behavioural problems and was prescribed medication.

Her parents had sign a $5,000 bond to ensure her good behavior. She is also to remain indoors from 8pm to 9am.

Real-life drama

Such an eyebrow-raising local drama does not always unfold in our very backyard. Perhaps Phoon needs to be re-evaluated and given more professional help, at least for the sake of the people around her. Phoon’s mother could have been gravely injured in a moment of anger. The worst part is that Phoon’s mother has to sign a bond to ensure good behavior of the person who punched her.

All in the name of a mother’s love one can only guess.

With reference to The Straits Times
Featured Image via Pixabay