32 Hottest World Cup Football Players So Girls Everywhere Can Enjoy The Beautiful Game More

World Cup Fun For Wives And Girlfriends

World Cup fans often find their better halves suffering from ‘football fatigue’.

Since watching endless qualifying matches can be a chore for all you desperate housewives, girlfriends & boyfriends, here’s an extra reason for non-football fans to stay glued to their screens.

We’ve pitted 32 of the hottest players from every qualifying team against their opponents in the upcoming group games.

So you know exactly when and who to look out for.

1. Colombia vs Japan

Match Timing: 19 June, Tuesday, 8pm

Radamel Falcao(#9) vs Tomoaki Makino(#20)
Source 1 & 2

Falcao’s a story of a guy who didn’t get to shine in some failed loan spells in the Premier League. So, the World Cup is his chance to really put his best foot forward.

Tomoaki Makino has always been a fan favourite, with 360k followers on Instagram, and hoards of international fans fawning over his incredible physique.

2. Poland vs Senegal

Match Timing: 19 June, Tuesday, 11pm

Robert Lewandowski(#9) vs Keita Baldé Diao(#20)
Source 1 & 2

Lewandowski is no mean feat. He scored 16 goals in the qualifying rounds for the World Cup.

Senegal really has its work cut out – this is its first World Cup in 16 years.

Keita, however, has already scored in well in our hearts.

3. Russia vs Egypt

Match Timing: 20 June, Wednesday, 2am

Roman Zobnin(#11) vs Ramadan Sobhi(#14)
Source 1 & 2

Here’s a Russian called “Roman” and an Egyptian called “Ramadan”. But don’t let their unique names fool you.

These two handsome players will be facing off to steal hearts and goals at the World Cup.

4. Portugal vs Morocco

Match Timing: 20 June, Wednesday, 8pm

Christiano Ronaldo(#7) vs Amine Harit(#18)
Source 1 & 2

Amine Harit’s sweet smile and charming personality can pit him against all-time favourite Christiano Ronaldo.

Wait a minute though, Portugal doesn’t only have one hot and famous player. There’s Andre Silva too.

Andre Silva(#9) getting ready to fight

And he’s already told the world what he thinks about the game with Morocco.

I think we are stronger than Morocco if we compare the two teams, but I’m not saying the game will be easy for us.

5. Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia

Match Timing: 20 June, Wednesday, 11pm

Edinson Cavani(#21) vs Mohammad Al-Sahlawi(#10)
Source 1 & 2

Mohammad Al-Sahlawi’s chiselled features have snagged the attention of fans all over the world.

But after Saudi Arabia took a severe thrashing from Russia during their opening match, meeting Uruguay in their next match won’t be easy.

Edison Cavani’s as handsome as he is talented — he was the top scorer in South American World Cup qualifiers.

Cavani and his more famous counterpart Suarez have scored a whopping 93 goals between themselves.

6. Iran vs Spain

Match Timing: 21 June, Thursday, 2am

Milad Mohammadi(#5) vs Isco Alacron(#22)
Source 1 & 2

Milad Mohammadi’s stunning grey-green eyes are one of his best features, so here’s some good news for the ladies.

They say good things come in pairs — he has a twin brother who’s also a soccer player, albeit a little less talented.

Don’t let Isco’s model-esque selfie deceive you, he’s commonly described as one of the best attacking midfielders in the world.

7. Denmark vs Australia

Match Timing: 21 June, Thursday, 8pm

Jannik Vestergaard(#3) vs Brad Jones(#12)
Source 1 & 2

This match pits giants against giants. The great Dane is 1.99m while Brad from down under is 1.94m.

When Vestergaard went to Japan, he reportedly had to crouch just to get under the showerhead.

8. France vs Peru

Match Timing: 21 June, Thursday, 11pm

Oliver Giroud(#9) vs Andre Carrillo(#18)
Source 1 & 2

Oliver Giroud is commonly described as one of the most gorgeous men in the soccer sphere.

He did, however, mysteriously kick off the World Cup with a bandage tied to his handsome head.


Charismatic Carillo wasn’t having much luck either. While he managed to impress during the opener, Peru was still beaten 1-0 by Denmark.

9. Argentina vs Croatia

Match Timing: 22 June, Friday, 2am

Sergio Aguero(#19) vs Duje Caleta-Car(#15)
Source 1 & 2

Sergio Aguero has already scored one goal in the World Cup this year.

While poor Messi was being beaten over the head for the Argentina’s failure to beat underdog Iceland, Aguero spoke up for his captain, saying Messi wasn’t to blame.

That’s some heroism to add to the good looks.

Duje, meanwhile, may only be 21 but he’s 1.92m and 100% model material.

We’re really optimistic about this match.

10. Brazil vs Costa Rica

Match Timing: 22 June, Friday, 8pm


Thiago Silva(#2) vs Ian Smith(#4)
Source 1 & 2

Costa Rica’s 20-year-old Ian Smith caused quite a stir when brought in as a substitute in Costa Rica’s warm-up game against England.

Everyone was amused that Costa Rica had the player with the most English-sounding name.

Brazil’s Thiago Silva has had a bumpier football experience — at 20, he nearly died of tuberculosis.

The doctor told him,

If the disease had been discovered a couple of weeks later, you would have died.

At that time, it seemed likely that his football career would end.

Thankfully, the talented player bounced back and is now widely touted as “one of the world’s greatest defenders”.

11. Nigeria vs Iceland

Match Timing: 22 June, Friday, 11pm

William Troost-Ekong(#5) vs Rúrik Gíslason(#19)
Source 1 & 2

Gíslason is really popz now.

He’s so unbelievably good-looking that his Twitter follower count rose from 30,000 to 362,000 after kicking around in the World Cup for a mere 30 minutes.

Perhaps he could consider a career in a modelling agency instead.

Meanwhile, William from Nigeria may have his mixed heritage to thank for an enviable set of genes.

He’s actually half Dutch and half Nigerian, having grown up near Amsterdam.

12. Serbia vs Switzerland

Match Timing: 23 June, Saturday, 2am

Nemanja Radonjic(#18) vs Roman Burki(#21)
Source 1 & 2

Nemanja is not ‘manja’ like his name suggests, but is a hunky sportsman who takes his warm-ups seriously.

Catch Roman Burki before the match kicks off — trying to get his hands on the ball.

Indeed, he has a quirky pre-match ritual whereby he has to touch the ball. Some people still give him weird looks for this, but his teammates are all used to it.

13. Tunisia vs Belgium

Match Timing: 23 June, Saturday, 8pm

Ali Maaloul(#12) vs Thorgan Hazard(#16)
Source 1 & 2

Thorgan Hazard comes from a family of soccer players.

His dad was a semi-professional soccer player while his mom was a top-flight forward.

According to his mother, Thorgan’s older brother “scored goals before his birth thanks to [her]”.

So we have a lot to expect from Hazard, if he is to live up to his name.

Ali Maaloul on the other hand, already has 250k Insta-followers to his name, and remarkably stoic good looks to boot.

14. Mexico vs South Korea

Match Timing: 23 June, Saturday, 11pm

Edson Alvarez(#21) vs Heung Min Son(#7)
Source 1 & 2

Mexico’s celebrating after its win against Germany. Edson Alvarez would also like you to support Mexico as they will “give you joy”.

For those who’re not convinced – either by his good looks or his team’s sheer talent – they’ll be working hard to convince you otherwise.

Meanwhile, our Korean oppa Min Son must be heartbroken because Sweden beat South Korea in their opening match. We’re not moping though, we’ll still get to see him in action soon.

15. Germany vs Sweden

Match Timing: 24 June, Sunday, 2am

Manuel Neuer(#1) vs Mikael Lustig(#2)
Source 1 & 2

Manuel Neuer is a legendary goalkeeper who’s managed to fend off even the most talented strikers. He’s also known for being a part-time midfielder as he often traipses forward on the pitch to kick off stray balls.

Guess you could say he protecc but also attacc.

Then again, Mikael Lustig from Sweden has scored multiple endorsements. And still takes time off to update his fans with sweet photos of his beautiful family on Instagram.

16. Panama vs England

Match Timing: 24 June, Sunday, 8pm

Jaime Penedo(#1) & Ruben Loftus-Cheek(#21)
Source 1 & 2

Jamie Penedo, Panama’s sizzling hot goalkeeper, predicted that the World Cup would be a challenge for them.

But he said he was excited to play with the football giants more than anything else.

He’s also one big-hearted guy, with a foundation that gives disadvantaged youth space and equipment to pursue their athletic dreams.

Good people get good rewards, yes?

England’s Ruben does have a lot to live up to, seeing that he’s from the same team that birthed the legendary David Beckham.

But of course, he’s already number one in our hearts.

[BONUS] Germany’s hawt coach

Joachim Loew

Let’s face it, this German boss is really charismatic. You’ll notice that even the cameramen love to capture his reactions.


There’s some added benefit to eye-candying the players.

Your heart will surely race while watching these muscled guys run about the pitches.

Let us know if you think other worthy inclusions should be added to our list in the comments below.

Featured image from FIFA and Instagram.

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