Eggs At Tampines Giant Hypermarket Found To Have Maggots

[Update 13 Feb:] Giant has since confirmed that the worms in the video were indeed maggots and have publicly apologised. It is suspected that a broken egg – possibly caused during delivery – led to the infestation. However, further checks revealed that no other batches were affected. The non-affected trays around that in the video has been removed and discarded, and the area has been cleaned and sanitised.

So you’ve ran out of eggs and decided to head down to the nearby supermarket to grab some more. No biggie, just another grocery shopping.

Except this time, something’s a little different — is that leftover hay packed together with the eggs? Wait a second, it’s moving. 



Congratulations, you’ve just experienced what netizen Tang WS went through when he was at Tampines’ Giant Hypermarket.

But we’re here to tell you not to panic, it’s actually completely normal for this to happen. Yes, we see the look of your puzzled faces right now. Still don’t believe us? Read on more to find out why having worms in your chicken eggs isn’t all that scary after all.

Worms spotted in eggs

On Sunday (11 Feb), Mr Tang was doing his grocery shopping at Giant Hypermarket’s Tampines outlet when he spotted something unusual in their farm fresh eggs section.

Check out the following video he posted on his Facebook:

Turns out, he had spotted several worms crawling within the egg containers.

This incident was so surprising that it had garnered over 5,000 shares at the time of the article.

Nothing to worry about

It’s important to note that we here at MustShareNews are unsure on specifically what type of worms were seen in the video. It’s entirely possible that they could simply be maggots hatched from flies. However, it’s also possible that the worms are something much less harmful and common.

That’s right, a quick search reveals that it’s actually really common for chickens to get parasitic worms. Here are some of the types that they can contract:


Some of the ways that chickens pick up worms include:

  • Eating dirt/litter contaminated with worm eggs
  • Eating small creatures carrying immature stages of worms

In fact, the situation is such a common occurrence that there’s a process of getting rid of the annoying parasites known as deworming.


Through this process you are essentially providing the chickens with a medication that will either kill or paralyse the intestinal worms. They will then be passed out of the intestines as poop. However, repeated deworming might lead to the worms being resistant to the medication. So be careful about overdoing it.

If you’re interested, check out an excerpt from Chicken Health For Dummies for more information — good luck with managing your flock of backyard chickens!

Unless they’re maggots

As you can see, there’s nothing scary about having worms in your chicken eggs, so don’t be afraid.

Unless they’re maggots, then God help you. That would mean that the eggs have either gone bad or cracked during the delivery process.

Throw that batch away immediately.

Featured image from Facebook