WoWo Collagen Jelly Sellers: We Uncover The Truth Behind The Alleged MLM Empire

The WoWo Collagen Jelly’s supposed to enhance your breast size, whiten your skin and much more. Talk about the (WoW)o factor.

A new miracle product is gaining traction online, especially in the social stratosphere.

WoWo Cubilose Bird Nest Collagen JellySource

Popular local bloggers @bongqiuqiu and @yankaykay and other ‘micro-influencers’ too have jumped on the trend, endorsing and promoting the sale of various beauty products.

Qiu Qiu even started an account dedicated to WoWo product sales since 10 April, which has amassed a following of almost 6,000 followers.


Apparently, consuming WoWo Moshu Cubilose Collagen Jelly can help with all of the following:

  • Anti aging
  • Breast Enhancement
  • Improves sleep
  • Invigorating qi
  • Stablizes* menstruation cycle
  • Helps hair condition
  • Improves constipation
  • Build up immune system
  • Lightens pigmentation
  • Radiant skin
  • Supple skin
  • Lightens acne scars
  • Hydrating and skin whitening effect
  • Lightens Stretch Marks

*We have not corrected the typos to remain true to what the product promises.

Guess how much the price of beauty is?


Originating from France, a box of 10 packets costs $59.00.

You may be wondering what the miracle ingredients are. According to the description, the collagen jelly contains, “A5 premium grade Indo Bird Nest” and “Deep sea fish collagen extracts”.

Not to forget their popular Last Drop Shower Gel as well.


According to Bong Qiu Qiu, gets absorbed into skin easily and quickly “as you lather” and “gently dislodge debris from deep within skin pores”.

The almond oil, hydrolyzed elastin and jojoba oil included makes it perfect for dry and eczema-prone skin.

Well, getting influencers to rave about a product and making such claims about its rejuvenating properties are common marketing techniques, nothing wrong with that.

So long as there’s no shady distribution ring behind the sale of these products, all is good.

But is there?

50 shades of WoWo

On the surface, WoWo seems to be a regular cosmetic brand, which started posting on Instagram in March 2018.

However their mode of operations has raised suspicions on whether they’re actually considered a “MLM” or not.

A MLM refers to a company who practices Multi Level Marketing (MLM).

If you work under the MLM scheme, your income not only comes from personal sales but also commission taken from sale representatives that you recruit.

Technically, this ‘pyramid scheme’ style business model is outlawed in Singapore.

Here are three main reasons why WoWo has been called out.

1. WoWo products have multiple presences on social media

WowoOrganics, WowoDistributors and Wowo SG are all selling Wowo merch.

Jovin Goh, WoWoSG’s representative, claims that WoWoSG is the sole distributor of WoWo baby products in Singapore, presenting a certificate as proof.


If this certificate is real, a reasonable conclusion to arrive at would be that WowoOrganics and Wowodistributors are getting their stock from WowoSG.

Additionally, WowoSG Organics sells similar products to WowoSG, most notably the Last Drop Shower Gel.

Two companies selling same product seems dubious, further reinforcing the possibility of WoWoOrganics as a subset distributor under WowoSG.

Additionally, WowoSG’s Qoo10 listing is found under Excella Supply’s name.

We aren’t sure of the relationship between Excella Supply and Wowo SG, but this may hint at the possibility of second-tier promoters.

2. Wowo actually recruits distributors

Wowo SG, the ‘authorised’ sole retailer, has a website dedicated to recruiting distributors, i.e. salespeople.

‘Join us As Distributor’ is literally emblazoned on this website, so-very-honestly named


There’s even a price chart that reveals how much distributors pay for the products.

The prices are separated into tiers.

Source: Xiaxue

Of which, the larger minimum order you place, the cheaper cost you have to bear per product.

Once again, this is fine, as long as the people who hire distributors aren’t asking them to recruit more and/or take a cut of the sales of their subordinates.

3. Where are all these Instagram figures getting their WoWo fix?

Yet Instagram figures such as Donna and LuxuriousqueenSg are just a few who claim to be ‘main distributors’.

We’ve also found out that the directors of WOWO SHANGHAI DAIPU are Christelle and her unnamed boyfriend, who are residing in Singapore.

Currently, it’s still up in the air where everyone got their products from, but this ‘sole distributorship’ theory doesn’t seem to be watertight.

A quick search on Google immediately turns up a worrying trend.

WoWo can be found on multiple online platforms, such as Shopee, Facebook and Qoo10.

WoWoSG on ShopeeSource

Here’s the main Facebook page that pops up upon searching WoWo, an authorised distributor branded Excella Supply.


Again, we can’t explain the different supplier they’ve named themselves after.

The site also invites you to contact them via these details:


Googling the shipping address “2 Spooner Road, Melati Flat #05-48 Singapore 168790” brings us to this residential block.


Which is not unheard of for small run-out-of-home businesses.

Just a tad strange why the products are being shipped out from a residential address.

Their email address, leads to this shady listing on Q0010.


As well as this less shady listing:


Hands up if you’re confused like us.

The WoWo mystery

All in all, there may be a logical reason for the multiple listings and hiring of distributors.

Technically, there should only be one licensed retailer, from which everyone is sourcing their WoWo products from.

But the more subgroups exist, the likelihood of a hierarchy similar to a MLM existing increases.

However, only official investigations can reveal if WoWo is truly going against the law or is simply a disorganised supply chain.

Let us know what you think of the WoWo mystery in the comments below.

Featured image from QiuBue and WoWoSGOfficial.