The Workers’ Party Re-Files Proposal On Recognising Singapore’s First President 

Followers of the local politics scene may remember on 28 Aug, when The Workers’ Party (WP) Chairman Sylvia Lim, filed for an adjournment motion to discuss the controversy regarding the recognition of Singapore’s first Elected President titled “Counting from President Wee Kim Wee or President Ong Teng Cheong for Reserved Presidential Election – Policy Decision or Legal Question” in Parliament.

You may also recall on 6 Sep that her proposal was ultimately not selected due to random balloting.

Oh well, tough luck. One would imagine them to simply pick up the pieces and move on, right?

Nope, apparently giving up is not an option for The Workers Party as they announced on Facebook on 19 September that they re-filed their adjournment motion for the 2 Oct Parliament sitting. That’s 6 full days after President Halimah was sworn in.


Is their proposal still relevant?

As it stands, there are currently no other competing bids up for debate on 2 Oct.

This means if no other MP chimes in soon, WP’s Chairman Sylvia Lim will be granted permission to argue her case that President Wee Kim Wee should have been considered the first elected President in Singapore.


However, given all that’s already happened, are their actions still relevant?

Since their previous attempt 3 weeks ago, President Halimah had assumed her role, albeit to much controversy and a sit-in protest.

Is it already be too late to make any possible changes at this stage?

WP supporters think otherwise

Not according to their supporters, who feel that this move is seen as strategic as it will continue to make news and keep the issue on Singaporeans’ minds until the next General Elections.


Many also see this as WP speaking up for Singaporeans and praise them for their continued efforts.



Will the third time be a charm for WP and Ms Lim? Will their persistence pay off giving them a chance to speak in the Parliament?

As it stands, Ms Lim’s motion is the only one slated to be discussed on 2 Oct.

Will the People’s Action Party MPs submit their own motions to force a random ballot once again as they did 3 weeks ago?

Only time will tell.

Featured image from YouTube.