Xi Shi Bak Kwa Offers Wacky Flavors At $20.80/500g

It’s hard to imagine Chinese New Year without tender, smoky slices of bak kwa.

The traditional snack is a must-have for many Singaporeans. But if you’re craving for some variety check out Xi Shi Bak Kwa – a store with over 10 unique flavors of bak kwa!

Mr Koh – the restaurant owner – inherited the traditional bak kwa recipe from his master.

Over the years, he experimented with different ways to create alternate flavours such as duck meat, chicken seaweed sesame, monascus – aka red yeast rice – and more.


They’re now available at $20.80/500g till 31 Jan – which is great for those who want to get more bang from their bucks.

Here’s a list of their bestsellers.

1. Monascus – Red Yeast Rice Wine

Wary of raising your cholesterol levels but dreaming of hefty, chunks of pork? This recipe contains monascus rice wine marinated into the hand-sliced pork.


Monascus, also known as red yeast rice, is believed to be a cholesterol-lowering agent. It’s ironic that we’re infusing it into our favourite artery-clogging piece of meat, but at least you’ve made it a little healthy.

2. Duck

Try something new and satisfy your inner hipster with the duck bak kwa which is made from duck breast or the fleshiest part part of the duck.

Natural herbs are mixed into the concoction so expect the tang of sweet, sinewy chunks of meat.


3. Chicken Seaweed Sesame

Those with Japanese taste buds can opt for chicken seaweed sesame bak kwa. As its name suggests, it’s roasted with sesame and seaweed marinade.


Xi Shi Bak Kwa claims that they’re the first in Singapore to achieve this. It’s also very popular among kids so grab ‘em if you want to bring joy to your children and nieces.

4. Spicy

Don’t fret if you’re still craving the traditional taste of bak kwa.

Their handmade sliced bak kwa is bound to taste like your favorite childhood treat — but this time you can choose to make it spicy or not.


5. The Original

Nothing beats the original bak kwa we’ve eaten since we were kids.

While we’re all excited to enjoy tender pork at it’s best, remember that minced pork has a higher fat content.


Also, here’s a pro-tip. Storing large slices of bak kwa by cutting them into smaller pieces may help you control yourself when you’re reaching for another slice.

6. Golden Coin

We’re all hoping that the days ahead are filled with prosperity or good fortune, and if you’re feeling the same way then opt for the Golden Coin bak kwa. It’s made of chicken or pork and resembles the shape of a coin.


This snack might be the little extra ingredient you’ll need to win a lottery, get a promotion and make more bucks. If not, then the meat is still worth it!

7. Mushroom

Finally, consider trying their Mushroom bak kwa. Each slice contains mushroom bits, that’s guaranteed to trick everyone into eating lots of ‘veggies’.


Gotta catch ‘em all

Ready to feast like a king and grab an assortment of bak kwa with a bunch of unique flavors?

You can order them from Xi Shi Bak Kwa’s Qoo10 store at $20.80/500g till 31 Jan.

Like many CNY goodies, we bet that they have a limited supply so start buying ‘em now and jio all your friends.

There’s nothing like pigging out and falling in love with bak kwa all over again this CNY. Just remember, everything in moderation!

Featured image from Xi Shi Bak Kwa.