Xiaxue pulls out Protection Act against the anonymous

When the Protection from Harassment Act was implemented in November last year, many cited a possible example of how SMRT Ltd (Feedback) could get sued over harassing people like Jover Chew.

Fast forward three months later, SMRT Ltd (Feedback) was indeed served a court order… via Facebook message and email. Nope, Jover Chew isn’t pressing charges, but blogger queen, Xiaxue.

What is the Protection from Harassment Act?

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The Protection from Harassment Act gives authorities more power to act on harassment cases both offline and online, with behaviours like stalking considered an offence and existing penalties beefed up. More about the bill here.

So what?

As of January this year, a short two months after this Act has been passed, 79 magistrate’s complaints have already been received. However, Xiaxue sets a precedent for the first Protection Order filed against an anonymous group.

Today, Xiaxue posted a lengthy blog post about SMRT Ltd (Feedback) harassing her since 2012. In it, the blogger showed screenshots of the insults from SMRT Ltd (Feedback) she has put up with for years, which includes discrediting her character and integrity, accusing her of fraud, and harassing her family. She also added that her and her family’s safety have been compromised, with her address revealed and getting death threats sent her way.

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The fateful day of the court hearing arrived yesterday (5 February). Of course, SMRT Ltd (Feedback) did not appear. Well, they are the anonymous – but maybe not for long.

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Maybe that’s why our favourite trolls felt a need to post a lengthy disclaimer on their Facebook page on 4 February.

Will SMRT Ltd (Feedback) finally reveal their identities? What would happen to them and how would this case change the fates of online vigilantes? Will we ever find out where Ahmad’s fav teh hangout is?

Stay tuned for more.

With reference to Xiaxue, TODAY