‘Yandao’ cop standee might work better than CCTV cameras

The residents of Block 449, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 were victims of theft for a period of five years. Branded shoes and even clothes hung along the corridor were stolen.

One of the residents, plumber Sim Ngiap Phua, 72, decided that enough was enough.

He spotted the famous ‘yandao’ cop standee at a fruit stall near his block and he was told that he could take it, according to The New Paper.

Sim then strategically placed the standee opposite the lifts at the floor he stays.


To the residents’ surprise (and ours!), the crime rate has fallen ever since the ‘yandao’ cop stood guard.

The effectiveness of the ‘yandao’ cop standee

We’re not sure if it is his piercing stare or his striking good looks, but the residents of block 449 no longer had their properties stolen.

Mrs Lee, one of the residents in the block said:

It’s a good place for the standee to be because it’s facing the lift. So it acts as a warning to thieves.

Madam Hidayah, whose branded shoes were stolen said:

After the policeman (standee) was placed there, they’ve stopped taking the shoes. I purposely put branded shoes outside to see if they will be stolen. It’s been a year since.

‘Yandao’ cop standee was removed by real cops

As much as the residents love their new security installation, police said that the cop standee is to deter thieves from stealing from shops.

Thus, the ‘yandao’ cop standee has been removed by the police on Monday (25 Apr).

It might seem a little bizarre — why would a cop standee stop thieves from stealing?

Well, perhaps the culprits assumed that the police is on a lookout when they saw the standee. Or maybe they could not live with their conscience after seeing the ‘yandao’ cop. Who knows? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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Featured image via Singapore Hardware Zone
With reference to The New Paper