No discord or power play, says WP’s Marine Parade leader

On Sunday (11 Oct), an article entitled “Worker’s Party trying to move forward” turned up on The Straits Times.

Seemingly about Workers’ Party’s (WP) efforts to regroup after seeing a 6.83% drop in the popular vote at the 2015 General Election, the article also contained allegations of discord in WP’s Marine Parade GRC candidates, also known as ‘Team Marine Blue’.

According to ‘insiders’, members of Team Marine Blue were not elected into WP’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) because of ‘simmering discord’ which left leaders unimpressed.


Yee Jenn Jong refutes rumours

WP’s Marine Parade team of Yee Jenn Jong, He Ting Ru, Terence Tan, Firuz Khan, and Dylan Ng were introduced as ‘Team Marine Blue’ by leader Yee Jenn Jong on WP’s first night of rallies on 2 Sept. Team Marine Blue won 35.9% of Marine Parade GRC’s votes at GE2015.

After ST’s report surfaced, Yee quickly turned to his blog to challenge these allegations, expressing his surprise and dismay.



Yee slams the accusations, instead suggesting the team is tight-knit and were in constant contact throughout the hustings period. He also questions ST’s publishing of unnamed sources without fact-checking.


Wait, you mean Singapore’s broadsheet publishes unverified rumours without considering their source?

Who would have thought?


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Featured Image via Yee Jenn Jong
With reference from The Straits Times, Yee Jenn Jong