If You Own A CCTV At Home, Check It Right Now


If you own a surveillance camera at home, someone could be watching you right now. A new website has consolidated all the CCTVs around the world that have not had their default password changed. As these cameras are accessible on the Internet, anyone with the appropriate user name and password may access them illegally.

The website has links to unsecured cameras from brands such as Foscam, Panasonic, AvTech, and Hikvision – all popular brands in Singapore sold commonly at places like Challenger and Sim Lim Square. Typical default passwords include “12345” or no password at all.

Almost 800 Cameras From Singapore Vulnerable

A shocking number of cameras in Singapore are listed on the website. To validate them, we tried opening a few and we were shocked at how easy it was to access the cameras, with people inside completely oblivious to what was going on. Singaporeans were going about their normal activities thinking they were in the privacy of their own homes. We have blanked out the faces in the pictures here.

cctv1  cctv3 cctv4 cctv5 cctv6 cctv7  cctv9 cctv10    cctv14

Your Bedroom Isn’t As Private As You Think It Is

An insane number of these CCTV owners point the cameras at their beds or baby’s crib, thinking the video images are for their eyes only. Yes, it probably captures things which should never be on the Internet.

cctv-bed1 cctv-bed2 cctv-bed3 cctv-bed4 cctv-bed5 cctv-bed6 cctv-bed7 cctv-bed9

Employees Spied On At Work Too

We even saw a local company with multiple cameras pointed at its employees’ desks. It is not known if these workers are aware that they are being closely watched. It is not a crime to monitor employees at work in Singapore as there are no laws to guarantee the right to privacy. It could however lead to a loss of trust and morale.

cctv-workplace1 cctv-workplace2

A Simple Search Will Find Your Camera

The website is registered in the US and therefore cannot be shut down here. Even if it were shut down, a simple Google search still enables these cameras to be found and viewed if the password is not changed.


Change Or Set A Password NOW

We strongly urge everyone who owns such consumer CCTVs to change or set a password immediately.

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