Dedicated youths help out in mask distribution efforts

Singapore has been engulfed by smog for about three weeks now, with almost all outdoor activities coming to a halt. Last Friday (25 Sep), with the PSI reading hitting a hazardous level of 316, all primary and secondary schools were closed.

At its peak, the haze cost Singapore approximately a hefty S$100 million, and is expected to persist until the monsoon season in November.

Community centres have been distributing free masks, but it seems like more could be done to help fight the haze.

More than 60 youth volunteers have stepped forward to distribute masks to fellow Singaporeans from residential estates MacPherson to Toa Payoh, amidst the haze.

This initiative was started by a group of Youth Corps Singapore volunteers, including Owen Tan:

We were concerned that some people may not know how to wear the mask properly. That is why we put things together quickly, from logistics to volunteers to handing out masks and educating the public, especially the elderly residents.

Tan took the opportunity to make door stops at residents’ houses, giving out masks and explaining the importance of wearing a mask to protect against the haze.

Another Youth volunteer, Delancy Chen, also helped with the door-to-door mask distributions, to the delight of an elderly resident.

The GCE A-level might be approaching, but first-time youth volunteer Kway Wei Tong is determined to play her part for the community, saying:

I think this is a very meaningful cause and I took some time off from my ‘A’ Level revisions to help fellow citizens out there.

The youth even persuaded her mother to join her in the distribution efforts.

I have always been interested in making a positive difference to the community, and am very encouraged by my mother who is here to join me today to show her support.

David Tay taught a young boy the correct way of wearing his mask to ensure maximum protection against the haze.

No strawberry generation after all

Proving they are no strawberry generation, these youths are willing to step out of their protected greenhouses, going the extra mile to distribute masks and educate residents to ensure that the masks can help protect them.

One even took time off her revisions for the crucial A-levels, a commendable effort.

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How can you help?

Youth Corps Singapore is still looking for youth volunteers.  If you’re interested to make a difference to the community, you can head to or contact Youth Corps Singapore at 8693 3069.

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All images via National Youth Council