126 Geylang Dim Sum No Longer Open 24 Hours, Night Owls Must Eat Elsewhere

126 Geylang Dim Sum Suspends 24-Hour Service Due To Rising Electricity Bills

Those among us who love late-night snacks will know about 126 Dim Sum Wen Dao Shi in Geylang. Offering dim sum around the clock, it’s a popular eatery frequented by graveyard shift workers, clubbers, and night owls of all kinds.


However, the eatery will no longer be an option for folks seeking late-night treats or super early breakfasts. Since 1 Mar, the establishment has been operating from 10am-3am only.

They have apparently suspended their 24-hour service due to a shortage of manpower as well as a hike in electricity prices.

Geylang dim sum eatery no longer open 24/7

In a notice posted on Facebook today (8 Mar), 126 Dim Sum announced that they will be adjusting their opening hours.


Instead of the previous 24 hours, the eatery now operates from 10am to 3am daily.

126 Dim Sum has 2 outlets. The second outlet is at Boon Keng, and is open from 5pm to 2am daily.

Rise in electricity bills

In the post, the management explains that the lack of manpower makes it difficult to keep the shop running for 24 hours.

Electricity prices have also tripled as of late, contributing to the decision to cut opening hours.

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Loyal customers who often turn to the eatery for their late-night meals should thus take note of the changes.

Hope businesses can resume normal operations

The news of 126 Dim Sum shortening its opening hours is indeed devastating for those of us who love to frequent the late night spot. We will now have to search elsewhere for equally delicious dim sum open in the wee hours of the morning.

However, the pandemic and recent crises have been difficult on businesses trying to get by. Hopefully, this decision will enable 126 Dim Sum to stay afloat during these challenging times.

Perhaps, once the situation improves, they’ll be able to open round the clock again.

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