McDonald’s Doraemon Set Meals In HK Make Us Wish We Had An Anywhere Door

Has Ebi Burgers, Taro McFlurry, and Red Bean Custard Pie.

Supermarkets Are Well-Stocked With Seafood, Don’t Panic Buy Due To Market Stall Closures: SFA

Minister Grace Fu has urged Singaporeans to be flexible in our food choices.

Hong Lim Hawker Must Throw Ingredients Away Due To Sudden Closure, Thanks Customers For...

Majority of Hong Lim Market's hawkers have had to discard ingredients.

Nissin’s Cup Noodle Ice Cream Has Shrimp & Meat, Will Confuse Your Ramen-Loving Tastebuds

These 'noodles' literally melt in your mouth.

McDonald’s UK Will Launch McSpicy Burger On 14 Jul As A Limited-Edition Item

It's the fast-food chain's "spiciest burger yet", the media says.

Chee Soon Juan’s Café Will Close On Mondays, He Says Staff Need A Break

His crew has been working non-stop 12-13-hour shifts for the past 2 weeks.

Chinatown Hawker Sells Old-School Wah Kueh, Netizens Haven’t Seen It Around In Decades

Many aren't aware Singapore even has it.


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