NOC’s Sylvia Apologises Again, Hopes She’s Given Chance To Be A Better Leader

Says she will be accountable for her actions.

SMU Student Molests Woman In Classroom, Gets 3 Strokes Of Cane & 10 Months’...

Lee rubbed his private parts on the victim's chest while she was sleeping.

Ex-NOC Staff Respond To Sylvia’s Interview With Xiaxue, Many Refute Claims Made

Important allegations were not properly addressed.

Over $2M Worth Of E-Vaporisers Seized In Boon Lay, HSA’s Largest Haul To Date

The items are estimated to be worth a total of $2,260,825. 

NOC’s Sylvia Addresses 12 Burning Issues & Pours Her Heart Out In Xiaxue Interview

No, the woman in the saucy video isn't her.

Poodle Allegedly Mistreated At Pet Grooming Salon, Authorities Investigating

The groomer was seen lifting the poodle by its neck and shaking it.

NOC’s Sylvia Says Playing ‘Bad Cop’ Made Her An Angry Person She Feels Ashamed...

Says she has since worked on herself and improved.

NOC’s Sylvia Responds To Staff Overwork Allegations In Xiaxue Interview, Says Media Sector Has...

It's unfair to blame her as it's her job to ensure projects are submitted, she said.

NOC Talent Samantha Cast In Jack Neo’s New Movie, Gets Good News On Cruise

Many who've been cast in his movies have become household names.