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MS News provides news for the social media generation, covering the most important stories for millennials. We strive to be credible news site offering fresh, original and informative news that no other outlet has provided.

What this means is: MS News will tell me more.

We go beyond the breaking news, finding new angles and diving deeper.

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To be a trusted source for original, credible and impactful news content.


To produce unique and engaging content that informs and makes a difference in society. 


Privately & independently owned

We are 100% independently and locally owned. We have not received any funding and we have no political affiliations that undermine our editorial integrity.

Today, we stand toe to toe with the biggest traditional news sites in Singapore, getting higher average social media engagements than the biggest traditional media companies and showing the influence we have with our millennial readers.

Daily content decisions aren’t influenced by commercial reasons either, although we do work with brands to produce sponsored content that is declared accordingly.


Stats from November 2019. Source


Fair, balanced &
wholesome content

We hope to make news relevant for young Singaporean readers through digestible articles, videos, memes, infographics and different kinds of shareable viral content.

Our aim is to become a credible alternative news site that shares stories that matter, and make a difference to society.

This viral video we created, which was covered by sites such as AsiaOne, was shown in local university lectures in Singapore as an example of creative content.

We also created videos like this one on the topic of Guide Dogs in Singapore, which garnered a lot of attention and reach, helping to bring light to the existence of the little assistants of visually impaired people.

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