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MustShareNews.com aims to provide news to today’s social media generation. Because this generation’s attention is fleeting, we do not cover all news, only the news you want to read. We strive to provide factual-based reporting Singaporeans can relate to.

We believe news in Singapore can be more engaging and relevant to readers, without censorship. There should be a news outlet in Singapore independent and influential enough to look after the interests of Singaporeans through fearless reporting. We are politically neutral and care not for the PAP, SDP, WP or whatever party-coloured shirt you wear. If you made a boo boo, we’ll make sure the article trends online. If you did something outstanding that deserves praise, we’ll be happy to run that story too.

We make news relevant and interesting to Singaporeans, through our articles, memes and videos. Like this viral video we created which was covered by sites like AsiaOne.

We help do this for brands too. Check out the engagements we get.

And the types of different stories we cover.

Want to be covered by MSN? Get in touch with us at [email protected] for our full media kit.




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