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MS News provides news for the social media generation, covering the most important stories for millennials. We strive to provide factual-based reporting that younger Singaporeans can relate to.

We strongly believe Singapore deserves a news outlet that is independent and influential enough to look after the interests of Singaporeans through honest reporting.

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MS News is one of the most-read local news publications, reaching out to millions of Singaporeans aged 20 to 45 years each month. We appeal to the younger generation of Singaporeans who have a healthy scepticism towards traditional media and are looking for a trustworthy, independent source for their daily consumption of news.

Being a sizeable media group in Singapore without any political affiliations, we report the news without agenda and have earned the trust of Singaporeans.

Our Facebook page is among the highest in Singapore in terms of social media engagements, with our average engagement per post on par with other major media publications.


Stats from Nov 2019. Source


Our website is performing very well, too, hitting more than 12 million pageviews in June 2020. Here are our traffic statistics from Q2 2020.


We help brands reach our audience and tell stories through featured editorials, written in a creative manner that interests millennial readers. Facebook amplification via our social media channel helps to amplify our content across different platforms. Advertising solutions also include memes, videos and infographics.


Some of the brands that we’ve worked with


We help create campaigns for brands, too. Check out the substantial engagement we get for clients that need more awareness for their launches and sales.



We can create creative content for a variety of companies, such as car-sharing companies, mattress firms and kitchen appliance companies, which get incredible results.



We find clever ways to promote brands in a different way that gets a ton of engagement.



We also do work for government agencies — as long as the message isn’t political.



And most importantly, we use our influence for good, focusing on wholesome content and raising awareness for social issues.



If you’re a brand and want to leverage our massive reach through editorial or video marketing, drop us an email at You can also slide into our DMs on Facebook, Instagram & Telegram.

If you're a brand and want to leverage on our massive reach through editorial or video marketing, find out more about our advertising options here.

You can also contact us here or reach us on Telegram, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

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