Editorial Policy

Fact-Checking Policy

MS News strives to remain factual in all our published editorial content. Our content should be verified across independent sources, based on sound evidence, and presented in non-ambiguous & concise language.

We are also committed to declaring if facts are unknown, and we always make an effort to urge our audience to avoid speculation. Allegations, claims, and unsubstantiated rumours will be stated as such, and efforts will be made to verify all claims with the relevant parties prior to publishing. Facts will be presented as they are without distortion or bias, as we know that will undermine our audiences’ trust in our content.

Serious factual errors will be addressed immediately, to be corrected in a clear, timely & appropriate fashion.

Ethics Policy

At MS News, our editorial standards reflect our belief in the freedom of expression tempered with social responsibility.

We remain neutral and serve the public interest, in order to establish the truth via fair & accurate reporting. This also means that our newsroom operates with full integrity and within legal means based on Singapore’s laws.

Any conflict of interest when it comes to branded content will be declared and labelled as such, so as to ensure our audience understands if content is sponsored or written in collaboration with clients.

For organically written content, all journalists & editors will be required to declare any conflicts of interest before being assigned any project.

Corrections Policy

When errors in publishing occur, we will respond promptly to correction requests and will acknowledge & clarify any mistakes.

Updates or corrections will be denoted with an update notice marked with a time & date stamp at the top of each article, as well as an update in the Facebook post.

If the errors are more trivial in nature – i.e. typos, grammatical errors – that don’t change the angle or meaning of the story, no additional note will be added after corrections are made.

Under exceptional cases, where there are weighted risks of leaking personal info or possible legal repercussions, it is our editorial practice to remove such material on a case-by-case basis.