McDonald’s Korea Has Big Mac Dabao Containers That Keep Your Burger & Fries Warm...

Eco-friendly container for Big Mac and fries.

Omurice Restaurant At Northpoint City Found Selling Unclean Food, Closed Till 17 May

The outlet also had a cockroach infestation.

Woodlands Seafood Stall Gives Out Free Food To Needy Families Till 10 May

Kudos to the stall for sharing the spirit of Ramadan.

Adventure Cove Reopens On 12 May, Visitors Must Make Online Booking For Entry

Open from Fridays to Sundays & on public holidays.

Buff Pokémon Figurines Show How Gen 1 Starters Would Look Like After Working Out...

Starter Pokémon that can pack a punch.

DIY Yakult Mango Ice Pops Are The Perfect Snacc For Netflix & Chill Seshs...

Creamy goodness for the long weekend.

This Cap Comes With A Fan So You Can Stay & Look Cool Even...

Will reduce sweating in your face and neck.

Korea Has Minions Egg Cases For Storing Snacks, AirPods & Even An Apple Watch

Includes 4 Minions with unique egg-spressions.


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