This Realistic Bak Kwa Pouch Helps You Prank Your Cousins During CNY

These bak kwa pouches are calorie-free.

These Designer Pants Have A Butt Opening Perfect For A Post-Mala Toilet Apocalypse

You can now literally laugh your ass out.

Pick Up A $1 Popeye’s 2Pc Chicken Combo With GrabFood

Less than 50 cents per fried chicken. Is this real life?

Want Want Hot Kid Milk Now Comes With Milk Biscuit Pearls In Taiwan

Crunchy milk biscuit pearls.

7 Pet Hotels In Singapore That Will Give You Peace Of Mind

Platinium Dogs Club they are not.

Donate Power Banks To Feed The Elderly Through Charity Campaign

Power banks don't just feed phones.

Crazy Cheap $29 Birkenstocks At Harbourfront Centre Till 20 Jan 2019

Buy 4 pairs still got $13 to spare.

IKEA Has Minimalist CNY Snacks Like Bak Kwa & Salmon Yu Sheng From 18...

Swedish bak kwa, yu sheng, & cookies.



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