The Must Share News Team

The Team

Our editorial team is young, vibrant and we’re hopeful that we can change the media landscape in Singapore for the better. We write for the social media generation, being avid consumers ourselves. Check out all of our bios in detail here.

Joelynn Wong


Joelynn loves writing plays & finger-combing her two precious bunnies. Two puns are also better than none.

Amanda Yeap


Amanda is obsessed with 100% antibacterial bamboo wet tissues. She also likes to use them to chope tables in eateries.

Jeremy Lee


This person hasn't added a byline yet as they're probably breaking some news.

Lo Jun An


Jun An has an unhealthy obsession with Pokemon. If the Pokemon world were real, he'll probably be a member of the Elite 4.

Jonathan Yee


Jonathan hates maths but is in love with math rock. He also insists that the term is 'esports' and not 'e-sports'.

Monique Danao


When Monique's not writing, you'll find her enjoying funky food, listening to music and playing RPGs.

Sabrina Seng

Junior Journalist

Sabrina is always facing some form of existential crisis but other than that, she's pretty chill.

Doreen Fan

Junior Journalist

Doreen is a fan of awkward silences because she wants to fill them with more awkwardness.

Julian Tay

Junior Journalist

Julian loves to tell the stories of people and places with a camera and pen. If not, he'd be at a kopitiam, stoning.

Fayyadhah Zainalabiden

Video Manager

Fayyadhah spends most of her free time wondering why there's nothing fun to do & wastes the rest of her time on Netflix.