Jollibee Waterway Point Opens On 18 July, First 100 Customers Get Freebies

Jollibee Opens 8th Outlet At Punggol’s Waterway Point

The Jollibee craze doesn’t seem to be dying down, as the Filipino fast food chain confirmed the opening of its Waterway Point outlet for Thursday (18 Jul).

The Punggol branch will be their 8th Singapore outlet. This comes less than a month after they opened the 7th at Causeway Point on 26 June.

Considering the hype surrounding the Woodlands opening, this next one will surely be just as exciting.


8th Jollibee outlet in Singapore

The new outlet at Waterway Point will join a growing list of Jollibee chains in Singapore as the brand continues to expand.

You can find the other existing outlets at these locations:

  • Lucky Plaza, #06-48A
  • Lucky Plaza, #B1-38 Stall 14
  • Square 2 (near Novena MRT), #01-07 to 12
  • Changi City Point, #01-37/38
  • Paya Lebar Square, #01-05 to 07
  • Jurong East MRT Station (below Exit A), #01-01
  • Causeway Point, #01-19/20/21/24/25

With another outlet in the heartlands, residents in the North-East of Singapore can enjoy their yummy fried chicken closer to home.

Maybe with more outlets now, there’ll be shorter queues at each location.

Exclusive free gifts for first 100 customers

Not only will you get to enjoy the delicious food, early birds will also stand a chance to win exclusive free gifts.

The first 100 customers in line will get an adorable Jollibee pillow, so you can eat, sleep and breathe Jollibee.


The figurine looks cute too, but you’ll have to be super early and be one of the first five customers there to win it.

Be one of the first to try Jollibee in Punggol

Jollibee has yet to announce the official opening time yet, but we’re guessing it will be 10am just like in Woodlands.

Opening day will be a weekday though, so you might want to plan ahead. We’ll keep quiet if your boss asks.

Featured image from Buhay Singapore on Facebook and Google Maps.

Apple Jewel Changi Is A 2-Storey Glasshouse Next To Rain Vortex & It’s More Chio Than Apple Orchard

Apple Jewel Changi Unveils Magnificent Glass Facade Ahead Of Its Opening On 13 July

After 2 weeks of anticipation, Apple Jewel Changi is finally opening this Saturday (13 Jul).

And it’s every bit as sleek and massive as we imagined. The first thing that’d grab your eyeballs upon walking up to the store’s front, is the impressive double-storey glass facade.


According to 9To5Mac, this is Apple’s 2nd store in Singapore. Jewel Changi’s outlet serves as an important expansion of Apple’s retail services for travellers visiting Singapore.


Apple Jewel Changi will also complement the brand’s existing flagship store at Orchard Road.

Located next to the Rain Vortex

The store, which looks like a stunning glasshouse, is located next to the iconic HSBC Rain Vortex.


We daresay that this outlet surpasses its downtown counterpart in terms of aesthetics.

Apple Orchard Road outlet

Staff fluent in 11 languages, even sign language

The Straits Times reported that shoppers will be greeted by staff who can collectively speak 11 languages, even sign language.


Other than English, some of the languages covered by their 100-strong team include German, Hindi, Italian, Malay and Mandarin.

Pretty impressive.

Insta-worthy stairs

Similar to the Orchard Road outlet, there’s a whitewashed, minimalist staircase design at Jewel Changi’s one too.


Perfect for you to get creative and make the most out of those curves.


Learning photography by capturing Jewel

If you’re new to Apple’s learning classes, Apple Orchard Road occasionally holds hands-on sessions called Today at Apple.

This is where customers get to learn from educational programmes on photography and coding, among others.

So for the Jewel Changi outlet, Apple’s senior market director Mr Denny Tuza said they created their own Today at Apple session — something “really unique and different.”


It’s called The Magic of Jewel Changi Airport Photo Walk, a 1-hour session for visitors to learn new photography techniques using iPhones and iPads.

They get to put their skills to the test by shooting architectural highlights of Jewel Changi, like the 40m Rain Vortex and its indoor gardens.

There’s 16 sessions available from 15-26 Jul, but unfortunately, all sessions are fully booked as of today (12 Jul).

You can still hop over to check out how chio the store looks though, and compare how it looks with the Apple Orchard store.

Here’s when to go to Apple Jewel Changi, and how.

Opening hours: 10am-10pm daily 
Address: Jewel Changi, 78 Airport Boulevard, Singapore, 819666
Nearest MRT:
Changi Airport


Featured image from 9To5Mac.

There’s A New Victorian-Style Hotel In Penang That Lets You Dine In A “Glasshouse”

The Prestige Hotel In Penang Brings You Back To Victorian Era’s Flavours Of Decadence

Penang is a culturally rich enclave brimming with mouth-watering street food. It’s no wonder tourists are streaming into this historic centre.

If you’re looking for a place to stay that promises the cultured vacation you’ve been thirsting for, The Prestige Hotel is a colonial-style hotel that opened in June 2019.


Located in the heart of Georgetown, it’s as atas and elegant as you’d imagine it to be from its name.


Did we mention that they have a glasshouse-inspired cafe that transports you to a Victorian Eden, but with a modern, minimalist touch?


Let’s take a peek beneath The Prestige Hotel’s majestic exterior.

Modern Victorian design of The Prestige Hotel

As you arrive at the entrance, be prepared to be taken away by the sheer grandeur of its Victorian-style architecture.


The contemporary colonial setting will whisk you away to a world where the English once hailed Victoria as their queen.


Seems almost like a real-life fantasy where you’re the crazy rich Asian.

Affordable dining at The Glasshouse

The highlight of the hotel is its restaurant The Glasshouse. It’s the perfect spot where generous sunlight streams through the wide windows to nourish the weary workaholic in you.



It’s also a great place to eat your stress away. The spectre of CBD shall not bother you here.



The best part? Most of their mains range between RM18 to RM45 (S$6 to S$15), with the kitchen mainly specialising in Western cuisine.

Yay for affordable comfort food.

Futuristic rooms with heritage aesthetics

The Prestige Hotel boasts beautifully designed rooms that will help you relax and unwind. Anything that pleases the eyes, pleases the mind, right?



We’re not sure about you, but the golden structure brings to mind the glitzy style of 2013’s The Great Gatsby movie posters.


You can choose your preferred room type from Deluxe, Premier Deluxe or Deluxe Trio, with room prices starting from ~S$80.

As a bonus, here’s a picture featuring the mesmerising view of Weld Quay and the ocean from The Prestige Hotel’s rooftop pool.


Brb, finding our passports & Google Maps

The Prestige Hotel is a 25-minute drive from Penang International Airport.


It’s also within walking distance to Penang’s cultural sites, like the Clan Jetty Heritage Home and Pinang Peranakan Mansion, as well as famous food.

The Prestige Hotel

Address: 8 Gat Lebuh Gereja, 10300 Penang, Malaysia
Email: [email protected]
Contact No: +604-217 5888

The Glasshouse opens from 6.30am-11pm daily, which also makes it perfect for early breakfast and supper.

Featured image from The Prestige Hotel.

Thailand’s Pirom Cafe Has A Hedge Maze Garden, Scenic Lake & A $3 Coffee Menu

Pirom Cafe In Khao Yai Has A Hedge Maze & Shimmering Lake

We’ve seen hedge maze gardens in Alice in Wonderland and classic European mansions, but now you don’t have to travel far to get lost in lush green labyrinths.


Located in Khao Yai – two hours from Bangkok – Pirom Cafe boasts of an angular hedge maze and a stunning view of the surrounding lake.


Here’s a quick tour around this magical destination in Khao Yai, and a few reasons why you should put it in your bucket list.

Hedge maze from wonderland

The usual cafes come with a table and a clear view of your laptop and smartphone, but Pirom Cafe lets you sip coffee in a secluded nook right smack in the middle of the great outdoors.


Their maze-like garden reminds us of the Queen of Heart’s kingdom from Alice in Wonderland.


We don’t think you’ll get lost in these intricately arranged hedges, but it could be a fun spot to play hide-and-seek with the kids.


Those who want to sit back and enjoy the view can laze in these lounge chairs and listen to the latest beats while sipping on a fruity cooler.


Scenic lakeside view

They say a good day starts with a cup of coffee and we bet you’ll get out of bed fast — if this is your local cafe.


The well-landscaped garden overlooks a gorgeous lake that’ll tempt you to stay for the whole afternoon.


Wherever you choose to sit, you’ll undoubtedly be satisfied as you meditate at this tranquil destination.


Instead of skimming through your newsfeed, you’ll be tempted to explore the vast vineyard and discover towering trees.


Coffee, sushi, sausages & fruit ice cream

Pirom Cafe has a classic coffee menu that includes popular options like Thai tea, lattes and cappuccinos from S$3 (70 Baht).


Besides their creamy espresso blends, they also offer strawberry yoghurt smoothies, mango passion & mulberry yogurt shakes from S$6.90 (160 Baht). You can view their entire drink menu here.


If a cup of coffee isn’t enough to satisfy your appetite, you’ll be happy to find their homemade Western-style appetizers like spiced potato chips wedges, fried sushi and chunky meat sausages.


Finish your meal with a fruit ice cream that is literally a miniature version of the real thing. We’re curious to know if the pineapple ice cream tastes as good as its namesake.


Those who prefer to feast like a king indoors can stay at their comfy lounge whilst chatting with friends.


Directions to Pirom Cafe

Pirom Cafe is a 2-hour drive from the Don Mueang International Airport.

The cafe is near Khao Yai National Park in the Pirom at Vineyard Project. According to the website, the route is private and you’ll be surrounded by mountains, vineyards, lush gardens and massive lakes along the way.

The cafe has parking spots available for drivers.

Pirom Cafe
Address: 234, Tambon Phaya Yen, Amphoe Pak Chong, Chang Wat Nakhon Ratchasima 30320, Thailand
Opening Hours: Mon to Sun, 9:00am to 6:00pm
Contact number: +66 98 886 1188
Website: Pirom Cafe

Pirom Cafe looks like an old English garden straight out of a fairytale. There’s no better place to escape from the ordinary than a short getaway to Khao Yai. And if you’ve taken a trip, tell us how it went in the comments.

Featured image from Facebook and Instagram

6 Stunning Photos Of S’pore In Her Kampung Days Give You Glimpse Into Our Not So Distant Past

Singapore In Her Kampung Days Stunning Photo Exhibition By Photographer Lim Kwong Ling Till 28 Jul

Singapore is a now a thriving metropolis with robot cops and urban farms in our malls of the future but how was it like in its kampung days?

Photographer Lim Kwong Ling’s solo exhibition – A Portrait Of Home – will reveal monochrome photographs from the 1960s and 1970s from 20 June to 28 July.

While younger generations weren’t able to witness the era, these photos will let us develop a newfound appreciation for the past and present Singapore.

1. Mata Ikan

Changi South Ave 3 – currently filled with buildings and offices – used to be the village of Mata Ikan. The beach was ideal for running around by the sea or watching sunsets with friends.


2. Marine Parade

Marine Parade is a major commercial complex with urban shopping centres. Present business owners might remember a time when budding entrepreneurs walked the streets to sell ice balls and kachang puteh.


3. Singapore River

Singapore River’s night time view is laden with neon lights, stunning waterside restaurants and an array of clubs — a far cry from this river brimming with sampans.


4. Potong Pasir

The estate of Potong Pasir now has rows of HDB flats that some of us call home. Longtime residents might recall when it was a lush green paradise with quaint riverside attap houses.


5. Kampung Kids

Before the rise of iPads and smartphones, Kampung kids used to play games on the streets with their cousins and neighbours.


6. Home

HDB residents take a few minutes to reach the ground floor from their unit. Not so long ago, kids could easily go back and forth from their house to the garage.


Travel back to the past

Mr Lim Kwong Ling’s photographs will undoubtedly take many locals back to their childhood.

The Portrait of Home exhibition will run from 20 June to 28 July at Objectifs Chapel Gallery. Those short on cash will be happy to know that admission is free. The opening reception is scheduled next Saturday (22 Jun) while the artist talk is scheduled the next day (23 Jun). Save a seat for the Artist Talk through Peatix.

Those familiar with Mr Lim Kwong Ling’s work will know that his local and overseas Chinese photographs have gained fame since the 1970s. He was formerly the Vice President for The Society of Worldwide Ethnic Chinese Photographers and Honorary President of the Photo-Art Association of Singapore.

If our island’s past has become so unrecognizable in just a few decades, we’re looking forward to how it’ll look by 2050.

Date: 20 Jun to 28 Jul 2019
Place: Objectifs Chapel Gallery (Free admission)
Opening Hours: Tues to Sat, 12:00pm to 7:00pm; Sun, 12:00pm to 4:00pm

Featured image from SG Magazine.

Apple To Open Second SG Store At Jewel Changi On July 13, 10AM

Apple To Open Second Outlet At Jewel Changi On 13 Jul

They say the more the merrier, the same applies to Apple outlets too.

On Friday (28 Jun), The Straits Times reported that the company will open their second outlet at Jewel Changi Airport on 13 July.

We’re still waiting for Apple updates about the store’s interior and offerings, but here’s what we know so far.

Apple products & hands-on sessions

As usual, Apple fans can expect Apple iPhones, iPads, Macbook and accessories.


Here’s to hoping that you can get a hands-on preview of the famous cheese grater-shaped Mac Pro soon as well.


Apple’s Orchard Road outlet offers hands-on sessions about photography, videography, music, design and coding. While we haven’t received any information about their creative sessions at Jewel Changi yet, it’s something we might be able to look forward to.


For example, their coding-related programs let participants program robots, develop app concepts and make app prototypes.


Apple fans who want to learn digital art can learn Procreate or draw anime characters at their art and design lessons.


Photo walk featuring Jewel attractions

You’ve undoubtedly explored Jewel Changi stores and visited the jaw-dropping rain vortex — and now you can do it again with Apple products in hand.

According to The Straits Times, Apple’s program The Magic of Jewel Changi Airport Photo Walk will let visitors explore Jewel’s attractions.


The Photo Walk will teach participants how to use the iPhone or iPad for taking pictures and videos of Jewel Changi’s parks and gardens. Those who want to get more likes and shares on the ‘gram might learn the art of capturing cinematic shots.


Jewel Changi Outlet opens on 13 July

Apple’s second outlet is scheduled to open on 13 July.

We bet that the brand will release more details about the new outlet soon so stay tuned for more updates.

While we’ve visited their first store at Orchard Road, we’re wondering whether their Jewel Changi outlet will live up to our expectations.

Featured image from Instagram and Pinterest.

This Minimalist AF Hotel In Thailand Has Postcard-Worthy Sea Views From S$43/Night

Marina Seaview Hotel In Chonburi Has Gorgeous Seascape Views From S$43/Night

A trip to Thailand’s beaches conjures dreams of sipping on cocktails whilst lounging on pristine beaches.

While there are numerous hotels in the country, how do you find your ideal hotel at the best price? We’ve recently discovered a soothing holiday home with postcard-worthy seascape views for only S$43 per night.


Located beside Wonnapa beach — Marina Seaview Hotel is an ideal place for a tropical getaway to paradise.


Travel-savvy millennials who want to experience scenic views should definitely mark this destination for their upcoming trip.

Panoramic seaside views

The idyllic hotel is a mere 3-minute walk to Wonnapa beach where you can take a peaceful morning stroll to clear your mind.


Imagine reading a book or having a meal on the balcony with a panoramic view of the ocean and the sound of gentle waves crashing.


Climb this miniature staircase to feel like you’re on top of the world or make a pose for the ‘gram.


The coastline is a sight to behold during the day and becomes even more magical as the sun begins to set.


Minimalist nautical-themed rooms

The hotel follows a nautical style with a predominantly white, brown and blue color palette.

Each room has cozy interiors fully equipped with Wi-Fi, comfy beds, LCD TV and other amenities. Standard rooms are the cheapest at S$43.76 per night (1000 Thai baht).


Guests who want to listen to latest pop beats whilst lounging at the balcony can opt for this Sea View suite at S$72.22 (1650 Thai baht).


Their larger rooms have a minimalist Muji-like interior that could serve as inspiration for your own home. It is priced at S$80.90 per night (1850 Thai baht).


If you’ve always wondered what it means to live by the sea, these large circular windows looking out into the horizon will give you an idea of it.


Hearty breakfast menu & homey lounges

Marina Seaview Hotel offers free drinking water, orange juice, coffee, toast and cereal for breakfast. Enjoy your meal whilst planning your day at this rustic dining area.


Those who want to have a hearty breakfast to prepare for a long day of scouring landmarks and temples can opt for a plate of bacon, eggs and salad.


With the lounge’s open concept, it should be easy to make a friend or two. The more the merrier, right?


Wildlife parks, hell gardens & night markets

A trip to Chonburi isn’t complete without a visit to nearby parks, temples and markets.

Khao Kheow Open Zoo is a 10-minute cab ride from the hotel.


Encounter more than 8000 animals and discover endangered species in this destination that encompasses 2000 acres – about the size of two football fields.


The Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden – a 9-minute ride from the hotel – is one of the most scariest places in Thailand. Think Haw Par Villa, except worse.


The gruesome statues depict the the torments of the underworld based on the Buddhist teachings. If you don’t think karma is real, then this destination might prove you wrong.


Thailand is famous for its night markets and you won’t be disappointed with the fresh seafood, decadents desserts and local souvenirs you’ll find at Nong Mon Market. This bustling shopping destination is only 8 minutes away by cab.


Getting there

Marina Seaview Hotel is a 1-hour cab ride from Thailand’s Suvarnabhumi Airport.

It is beside Soi 12 Cafe and Ban Chid Haad hotel. Private car park is available.

Address: 108/19 Bangsaen-lang road. Saensuk, Mueng, Chonburi, Thailand 20130
Check-in: 2:00pm – 12:00am
Check-out: until 11:30 am
Contact Number:+6638-38-6688
Email: [email protected]
Website: Marina Bangsaen

Marina Seaview Hotel is the ideal destination for those who want to experience a luxurious seaside paradise. From S$43 per night, you can live by the sea without breaking the bank.

Featured image from Instagram and Facebook.

Haw Par Villa Now Opens Till 10pm So You Can Experience The Terrors At Night

Haw Par Villa Extends Opening Hours To 10pm Daily

The horrors of Haw Par Villa can be even more terrifying if you decide to visit the unorthodox park at night.

Recently, according to its website, the park’s opening hours have been extended to 10pm daily, with the last entry at 9.30pm. Its previous closing time was 7pm, barely before darkness enshrouds the park.

The site manager of the park, Journeys, told The Straits Times that lighting around the park and sculptures have also been improved so no one accidentally ‘sees things‘.

Just kidding, it’s just so people don’t fall over or bump into things.


Journeys To Hell tour hours extended too

Haw Par Villa’s twilight tour, Journeys To Hell, which happens on Fridays, will also extend till 8.30pm, with the tour starting at 6.30pm.

The tour will take you through the “10 Courts of Hell”, where you get to see “divine judgment at its rawest”.

Entrance to the 10 Courts of Hell

Inside the little hellish showroom are, as one would expect, the 10 stages of hell according to Chinese mythology.


Visitors will also get a preview of the upcoming tour called “Hell’s Museum”, which will probably showcase more gruesome ‘life after death’ sculptures and mythologies.

If you’re looking for a little thrill, head down to Haw Par Villa during the night. For more information on the attractions within the park, you can head over to the park’s official website.

Address: 262 Pasir Panjang Rd, Singapore 118628
Opening hours: 9am to 10pm daily
Nearest MRT: Haw Par Villa Station

Featured image from Instagram and Instagram.

6 Durian Stalls In JB That Are Less Than An Hour’s Drive From Checkpoint

Durian Stalls In Johor Bahru (JB) That Are Close To Checkpoint

We get it, you love durians. You love them so much that you’ve made it your life mission – insofar as budget and leave days allow – to find the creamiest and cheapest durians around. Just kidding, who does that?


Malaysia inevitably falls into the custard crosshair.

To aid you on your magnanimous enterprise, we’ve compiled a list of the more notable durian stalls in Johor Bahru.

1. Ah Tong Durian Stall

Starting the list off, is Ah Tong Durian Stall. With a name like that, you can’t get anymore old school. This road-side durian stall sits just opposite KSL Shopping Mall, which means it won’t have to be a trip there just for durians.


Address: Jalan Serigala, Taman Century 80250 Johor Bahru
Telephone: +60 19-7473493
Time from checkpoint: 40 mins

2. Sentosa Supple Wholesale Everyday Fruit Trading Durian

The name of the stall is a mouthful. But who cares about the stall’s name when they’ve got durian lined up for you. Like most durian stalls in Malaysia, this one offers a durian buffet as well.


Address: 1, Jalan Sutera 1, Taman Sentosa, 80150 Johor Bahru
Telephone: +60 16-7893385
Time from checkpoint: 40 mins

3. Durian King

Claiming to be the king of the king of fruits is bold. Durian King is very popular among locals and even offers an all-you-can-eat for RM20. The store has been featured on the local papers before, so you can trust that its durians will be sedap.


Address: Katsura Garden, Jalan Sutera Danga, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai, Johor
Telephone: +60 14-3315555
Time from checkpoint: 50 mins

4. Ah Shui Durian Stall

Ah Shui Durian Stall is right beside Durian King. So a reasonable plan would be to try a few durians from each and lay the verdict.

Address: Jalan Sutera Danga, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai, Johor
Telephone: +60 16-704 2127
Time from checkpoint: 50 mins

5. Nusa Bestari Durian

Also in the vicinity of the previous 2 durian stalls mentioned is a smaller, tented one called Nusa Bestari Durian. Since you’re on a durian quest and in the area, there’s no harm paying a visit to this stall as well.


Address: 60, Jalan Jati 1, Taman Nusa Bestari Jaya, 81300 Skudai, Johor
Telephone: NIL
Time from checkpoint: 50 mins

6. The classic roadside durian stalls

There are tons of roadside durian stalls in Malaysia. Drive anywhere during the durian season and you’ll be sure to come across one every 15-20 minutes. Just make sure you ask to have a sample of their durians before buying any.


Address: Everywhere in Malaysia
Telephone: NIL
Time from checkpoint: 15 mins – ∞

That said, happy hunting for more durians across the border. But remember not to get too carried away, lest you return with a devilish sore throat.

For those who prefer a more high-class durian affair:

Genting Durian Festival Has 50 Tonnes Of Musang King, XO & Black Thorn Durians Till Sep 2019

Featured image from Facebook.

Transit Number 8 Cafe Nails The Muji Aesthetic Perfectly With A S$2 Coffee Menu In Thailand

Transit Number 8 Cafe In Chiang Mai Has A Perfect Muji Style Aesthetic & Menu

Muji-style hotels and homes are at the top of our bucket list for travel and interior design aspirations. Transit Number 8 Cafe is definitely a place you can get major inspo for your own flats.

For Singaporeans, it’s hard not to name-drop the Japanese label when thinking about their classy minimalist aesthetic. While not all of us can afford a home design overhaul yet, you could grab some inspiration from this recently opened cafe in Chiang Mai.


Transit Number 8 Cafe has nailed their welcoming zen cafe atmosphere with a Muji-style menu to boot.


Let’s take a closer look at the cafe that seems to have a close to perfect execution of Japanese design principles.

Muji-style cafe haven

Transit Number 8 is a modest and simple cafe with soothing monochrome shades, wooden furniture and artisanal decor.


The shelves are stacked with evenly-spaced coffee cups that complement the smooth panes of the stairways’ railings.


When in cafes, you impatiently wait for your espresso to be served. But you won’t notice time passing by whilst marveling at this perfectly zen set-up.


They say simplicity is beauty and we look forward to sitting at these exquisite tables to catch up with friends or having a date with bae.


Orange-spiced coffee served with wood coasters

They boast a carefully put together menu with crafted concoctions in cutlery and cups that follow a Muji-esque pale white and earthy brown colour palette.


Espresso lovers can choose from menu staples like lattes, iced cocoa and Americanos from S$2.51 (58 Baht).


You might’ve been fine with any coffee that has a shot of espresso, but give your morning coffee run a much-needed upgraded with their signature orange-spiced coffee — ‘Welcome On Board’.


This dainty Oreo cheesecake is highly-recommended as well. We undoubtedly love the cookies, but we bet you’ll be obsessed with this version which comes with a generous dollop of cream frosting for good measure.


Those who want to enjoy their vacation with a host of cocktails can opt for this pastel coloured Honey Moon Trip drink that will undoubtedly taste great with their cheesecakes.


How to get there

Transit Number 8 is a mere 15-minute cab ride from the Chiang Mai International Airport.

The cafe is near Food & Friends Chiang Mai and Apache House Chiang Mai. We don’t think parking is available so you can opt to ride a tuk tuk, cab or motorbike to reach this destination.

Address: 56/19 Soi Muban Khumkhon Phing 2 Chiang Mai, Thailand 50200
Opening Hours: Mon to Sun, 8:00am to 6:00pm
Contact Number: +66 94 636 8763
Website: Transit Number 8

Transit Number 8 proves that the secret to an attractive interior is to keep it simple. There’s not a lot of destinations that can ace the Muji aesthetic so include this in your bucket list and schedule a trip as soon as you can.

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