Jurong West HDB Stairs Flooded In Heavy Rain, Residents Recall Kampung Days

Jurong West HDB Staircase Allegedly Flooded With Rainwater On 4 Jul

The recent spate of heavy rainfall has given us what feels like an ‘aircon season‘, a welcome reprieve from the humidity.

But things may have gone a little too far for some Jurong West residents, who witnessed what looked like a mini flood at a HDB staircase.

The water cascading down the concrete steps may look wonderful, but was probably a shocking sight to residents there.

Jurong West HDB staircase flooded during heavy rain

While visiting his brother in Jurong West on Saturday (4 Jul), Facebook user Jazzmen was caught in a sudden downpour.

Beyond the strong winds and rainfall, he encountered a most unusual scene — water flooding the stairwell and common area.


There was so much water that every step became an overflowing puddle, making the flight of stairs look like a mini waterfall.

Imagine sitting there as the water washes over you in a steady torrent.

Almost like the old kampung days

In the caption accompanying his post, Jazzmen likened the situation to “a kampung where it gets flooded when comes a heavy rain”.

Indeed, floods have become less frequent in modern Singapore, unlike pre-HDB flat days when they were more common.


Even when they do occur now, it’s often in areas like roads, shopping mall and carpark basements instead of high-rise housing.

Hope it was a one-off occurrence

While we don’t know if this incident was a one-off occurrence, we surely hope so. We also hope that residents had informed the Town Council and received assistance.

Living in Singapore, we often enjoy the privilege of homes and infrastructure that are well taken care of.

Let’s hope this continues, and maybe even improves over the years, so everyone can live comfortably.

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Flower Dome At Gardens By The Bay Reopens On 11 Jul, Visitors Must Pre-Book Tickets Online

Flower Dome At Gardens By The Bay Will Operate At 25% Of Capacity Due To Covid-19 Safety Precautions

As Phase 2 is now in full swing, attractions like the Singapore Zoo and Universal Studios Singapore have reopened their doors, along with entertainment venues like cinemas.

This includes the Flower Dome at the Gardens By The Bay, which is reopening on Saturday (11 Jul) with a new post-‘Circuit Breaker’ look after a 3-month-long closure.


However, due to the need to manage crowds to prevent overcrowding, the attraction will now require visitors to pre-book time slots if they’re interested in coming.

Visitors must pre-book slots online

In a press release issued on Thursday (9 Jul), Gardens By The Bay said that as part of the safety precautions to limit the spread of Covid-19, the Flower Dome will limit capacity to 25% only.


That means that only 3,500 tickets will be issued daily, so visitors are required to pre-book their timed-entry tickets via the Gardens By The Bay website or mobile application.

Online pre-booking had already opened to the public on Tuesday (7 Jul), and more than 500 tickets for the first day of reopening on 11 Jul have been snapped up.

Upon arrival, visitors can also expect temperature screenings and social distancing measures.

European-themed display

Earlier this year, the sakura festival at the Flower Dome captivated many, setting a high bar for the next themed display.

Gardens By The Bay Giving Sakura Festival Tickets & Hotel Stay To Those Who’ve Cancelled Japan Trips

Equally mesmerising is the European-themed landscape visitors can expect when they return to the attraction.


It features seasonal blooms native to temperate countries like sunflowers and foxgloves. They will contribute to the countryside feels that will transport you directly to Europe.

Entry to the Flower Dome for Singapore residents will cost $12 per adult and $8 for a child.

Flower Dome experience can replace your cancelled trip

We’re glad the Flower Dome is reopening after its long isolation for locals to destress.

While we rejoice that we have more leisure choices outside the home, do remember to adhere to safety measures and wear a mask.

If you’re not sure if it’s safe yet, it may also be wise to postpone a trip to the Flower Dome to a later date, when the human traffic goes down.

No matter when you decide to visit, do book your tickets in advance to secure your spot.

Featured image adapted from Gardens By The Bay.

Japan’s New Campground Near Nagoya Looks Like Zen Version Of Harry Potter’s Forbidden Forest

Japan Campground Hygge Circles Ugakei Is The Ultimate Glamping Experience, It’s Taking Guests From 2021

Covid-19 might have killed our travel dreams this year, but we still have much to look forward to when this pandemic dies down.

This campsite that will be located in the Uga Valley near Nagoya, Japan looks like a scene from a Harry Potter movie, as it gives off major fantasy vibes.


Though this is no magical forest, adventure seekers staying at this cosy getaway can expect an enchanting experience of their own while exploring the beauty of waterfalls and valleys near the city of Inabe.

A zen Forbidden Forest

Called Hygge Circles Ugakei, the project is named after the word “Hygge” – a Danish and Norwegian word meaning a feeling of coziness, comfort, wellness and contentment.

The great minds behind its design come from the Japanese arm of renowned Danish camping company Nordisk.


It’s no wonder the outdoor site features rows of dimly lit cottages and bonfires surrounded by rivers and trees, reminding us of a zen version of the Forbidden Forest.


Campground also has permanent tents

As seen in this site map, visitors can choose to stay in either cabins or tents situated in different areas of the facility.


We personally love the homely cabins that totally embody the concept of “Hygge”.


However, we can’t help but feel that the tents might give campers a more authentic experience.


Regardless of where you choose to stay, the natural scenery of the place makes it easy to enjoy nature and recuperate from the stressful city crowd.

Opening in 2021

While we can’t go to Japan now, as Singaporeans and residents from 110 countries are currently barred from traveling to Japan due to the coronavirus outbreak, it’s good stop to add on to itinerary if you are intending to visit Nagoya once the situation gets better.

The campground is located 50 minutes by train from the city, so it can be a potential weekend trip destination.

Unfortunately, it isn’t open yet – it’s only opening doors to campers in 2021. But hopefully we can get to bask in the serenity of this mesmerising campground soon.

Read also:

Japan’s Harry Potter Theme Park Opens In 2023, Could Feature Diagon Alley & The Great Hall

Featured image adapted from PR Times.

Bangkok’s “Flower Tunnel” Café Has Walls Covered With Pastel Pink Flowers, Perfect For A Girls’ Outing

Kor Ra Kang Café Has Blooms Covering Every Inch Of Its Walls & Ceiling, Food Served In Tableware Fit For Royalty

We’ve seen all sorts of unique themed cafes in Thailand. Now, another of them will stretch the boundaries of our imaginations with a big dose of flower power. 

Located in Bangkok, the walls of Kor Ra Kang Café mimic a pastel-themed flower tunnel.

We’ve heard of rainbow flower fields, but we never thought we’d come across a lush floral wonderland inside a café.


Since we can’t visit Bangkok at the moment due to Covid-19 restrictions, we’ll have to be content with a virtual trip across this one-of-a-kind tunnel.

Flower tunnel café in full bloom

Numerous cafés promise unique food, but a mere glance at the blooming exterior of Kor Ra Kang café hints at a much more elevated experience.


Once you enter its doors, you’ll find ethereal walls blooming with florals from floor to the ceiling.


Some of the tables are situated under domes, giving visitors the illusion of being in a tunnel.

The sweet decor makes it the ideal place for an impressive date night with bae.


Gorgeous range of blooms

We usually need to go outdoors to enjoy nature. But here, you can witness a gorgeous range of blooms including roses, lavender, and chrysanthemums across the premises.

And if you’re wondering, yes, every inch of the walls and ceilings are literally covered with them.

When visitors take their seats, they’ll also notice that even the tables are stuffed with blossoms.


We’re curious to know whether some of these flowers are real or not, because every petal looks like they are fresh from the garden – how do they prevent them from withering?


Perfect for girls’ outing

In the coming months, we’re optimistic that this cafe will be the perfect place to celebrate the dying down of the pandemic with your group of gal pals.

If you’re planning to catch up on each other’s lives, we believe these heart-shaped seats and minimalist tables will provide comfortable backdrops for conversation.


Royal tableware, commoner prices

So that diners can feel even more like royalty, their dishes are served in golden tableware.


However, far from royal prices, those who travel on a budget will be happy to know that the items on the menu start from just S$2.65.

Food is attractive too

Now that we know that the place is beautiful, we’re glad to report that the food is also similarly attractive.

We highly recommend their Coconut Ice Cream Set that can be topped with pomegranates, crispy raisins, and grass jelly for 85 Thai baht (S$3.81).

Pair it with a vibrant red cider milkshake that may rival your favourite BBT for just 59 Thai baht (S$2.65).


This highly addictive crispy roti with golden threads and whipped cream will satisfy your sweet tooth for 85 Thai baht (S$3.81).


Travellers venturing into the country’s vast night markets and majestic temples can recharge with this vegetable set with rice noodles and crab curry for 290 Thai baht (S$13).


A trip to Bangkok isn’t complete without a glass of Thai milk tea, and the café’s version boasts a slightly sweet taste fused with the mellow aroma of tea leaves for 59 Thai baht (S$2.65).

Its glassware is even decorated with flowers to keep up with the floral theme.


Bookmark this for future travels

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, non-essential travel to Thailand is currently not advised. We may be eager to satisfy our wanderlust, but we have to wait until our health and safety is assured.

No one can predict the future, but the declining number of Covid-19 cases in Thailand and Singapore and opening of the economies make us feel optimistic that we will get the green light to travel to our neighbouring country soon

Until then, save this destination for your bucket list.

Address: 237/2 Maha Chai Rd, Samran Rat, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand
Opening Hours: 10am to 12pm
Contact number: 092-571-5555
Website: Kor Ra Kang Facebook page

Thailand is home to many themed cafés, and if you have any interesting ones to share, do let us know in the comments.

Featured image from Facebook and Facebook.

GV, Shaw & Cathay Cinemas To Reopen On 13 Jul, Groups Of Up To 5 Can Sit Together

GV, Shaw & Cathay Cinemas To Reopen On 13 Jul After Over 2 Months’ Closure

(UPDATE 3 Jul, 10pm): Shaw Theatres also announced in a press release that they will be reopening on 13 Jul, with similar precautionary measures in place.

Up to 3 patrons in a group can sit together, with alternate seating arrangements to ensure safe distancing.

You’ve probably eaten all the food you can possibly consume since restaurants reopened in Phase 2. Now what?

Well we have good news for those who prefer to partake in more passive leisurely activities — Golden Village (GV), Shaw and Cathay cinemas are due to reopen soon!

GV made the official announcement in a sneaky Facebook post today (3 Jul).


13 July is only 10 days from now, so try to hold back your tears of joy for just a while more like Mr Popcorn.

GV, Shaw & Cathay cinemas to reopen on 13 Jul

Just like GV, Cathay Cineplexes also made the announcement on Facebook.


Shaw went down the more creative route, with a lively trailer of various movie clips signalling their approaching reopening.

With the popular cinemas opening on the same day, we look at what’s in store for patrons.

Recent & upcoming movies available for viewing

A quick check on GV’s website shows only a handful of movies available on opening day, with slightly older titles like Little Women.

Fans of Korean box office hit Train To Busan however, will be delighted to know that the second installment, Train To Busan: Peninsula, will also be available.


More upcoming movie titles will be released on later dates, including the highly anticipated Tenet by Christopher Nolan.

Cathay, meanwhile, will have the sequels to other famous titles like A Quiet Place Part II and Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

Shaw will only screen 3 movies the entire opening week, and they are:

  • Escape from Pretoria – 13 Jul
  • Dr. Jones – 13 Jul
  • Train to Busan: Peninsula – 15 Jul

GV can accommodate groups of up to 5

Keeping a safe distance apart, that is, sitting in a cinema full of empty seats does not sound like a fun experience.

Thankfully, GV will be giving some leeway for those who come in groups or with family.

According to their press release, groups of 2 or 3 can book seats together while those with up to 5 can attempt to book, subject to availability.


Seats between these groups and other moviegoers will be cordoned off to ensure a safe 1-metre distance.

In total, one movie hall will have only 50 patrons at any one time.

Only paired seatings available at Cathay

Those who prefer to go to Cathay should note that they don’t offer the same privilege there, with only a maximum of 2 people allowed to sit together.


Seats will be alternated between lone patrons and pairs, like GV, for safe distancing.

Perhaps couples who appreciate more intimate settings would like to consider this option.

All movie halls at both Cathay and GV cinemas will undergo regular and thorough cleaning as well as disinfection, so you need not worry.

SafeEntry, temperature screening & mask-wearing still apply

Like any other public place, you’ll still have to check in and out using SafeEntry to facilitate contact tracing efforts.

Patrons will also have to undergo temperature screening before entering all cinemas. Those with infection symptoms will not be allowed into movie halls, but can claim refunds for their tickets.


As for masks, you should still be wearing them in the movie hall, except of course, when you’re munching on snacks. When you’re not, make sure you put them back on — kind of an ingenious way to stop people from making noise.

For a full list of Cathay’s rules, visit their website here.

Rules aside, this is exciting news for everyone. As we embrace a ‘new normal’, it’s nice to know that we can engage in more fun activities besides eating and exercising.

Featured image adapted from CapitaLand.

Hotels May Reopen For Staycations, Staff & Guest Interactions Must Be Minimal

S’pore Hotels Can Reopen For Staycations Upon Receiving Approval From MTI

Many of us probably haven’t stepped foot in a hotel in months, and are dying for a short staycation as a much-needed break.

Thankfully, as things revert to the ‘new normal’, hotels may soon reopen their doors — with safety precautions of course.


Starting today (3 Jul), Singapore hotels will be able to apply for permits, which will allow staycations and the reopening of kids’ facilities.

Hotels can reopen for staycations with approval

In a press release, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) announced that hotels can apply to reopen for staycations, but must continue to observe safety measures for all guests and staff.


Hotels must regularly submit data regarding their staff and guest numbers to authorities, every Monday before 2pm.

Should they have a guest test positive, they must also inform authorities immediately.

More recreational spots welcoming visitors in Phase 2

Now that we’re in Phase 2 and more recreational facilities can open, hotels will soon be able to follow suit.

Their spas, restaurants, pools, and even ballrooms may reopen, but with strict adherence to STB’s and the Ministry of Trade and Industry’s (MTI) measures.


This means that hotels will have to stagger the timings for usage of these facilities, and limit the number of people there at any one time.

By doing so, interactions between guests and staff will be kept to a minimum.

Compulsory temperature screening for all guests

Other than the typical contact tracing measures like SafeEntry, hotels will have to screen the temperatures of all guests, and ensure that they have no infection symptoms, reports The Straits Times (ST).

Guests who exhibit any symptoms or are feverish will be denied entry.

Staycation safely & embrace the ‘new normal’

Being able to enjoy luxuries like staycations again is happy news, but do be mindful of the safety precautions.

As we start going out more, it’s crucial that we continue to be cautious and hold ourselves accountable for our well-being.

It’s the only way we’ll be able to continue enjoying such activities, and hopefully move towards Phase 3.

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Tokyu Hands Westgate Closing On 3 Aug, 5 More Outlets Remain Open In S’pore

Tokyu Hands Westgate Closing, Last Day On 2 Aug

Now that we can’t travel to Japan for our fix of kawaii stationery and fun snacks, most of us take to the ever-popular Don Don Donki or Tokyu Hands.

Unfortunately, those in the West will soon have to say goodbye to the Tokyu Hands at Westgate, which will be closing on 2 Aug this year.


Tokyu Hands Westgate closing for good on 3 Aug

As Tokyu Hands announced on their Facebook page, their last day of operations at the Jurong East store will be 2 Aug.

They will be closing that outlet permanently from 3 Aug, but other outlets across Singapore will still be operating.


5 other outlets still open

Though our Westies won’t have a Tokyu Hands conveniently located in their neighbourhood, there are still 5 other outlets to frequent.

You can continue visiting other outlets at:

  • Suntec City
  • Jewel
  • Great World City
  • Paya Lebar Quarter
  • Orchard Central

6 years coming to a close

Tokyu Hands’ 6 years in the west will soon be coming to a close, but it will definitely be fondly remembered.

Here’s to more fun browsing at the rest of Tokyu Hands’ outlets.

Featured image adapted from TheSmartLocal

This Pokemon HDB Flat Design Makes Us Wanna Be Legit Trainers In Our Own Homes

Pokemon HDB Design In Tampines Is Fan Goals

Snazzy HDB flat designs prove that our humble abodes need not be boring. Pokemon fans who can’t get enough of pocket monsters will be delighted to know that they can transform their own flat into a Pokemon-themed casa.

Interior designers Absolook showed off a HDB flat design in Tampines that might as well be goals for Pokemon trainers.


Read on to explore the wonderful world of Pokemon together, all from a HDB flat.

Spacious living room

The living room features a wall panel shaped like a Pokeball, while the ceiling also features a similar Pokeball design.


Assorted cute cushions shaped in various Pokemon add to the theme, while a giant Mega Charizard X keeps watch over the living room

Absolook explains that the wooden flooring helps create a cozy ambience. Indeed, we already feel relaxed just looking at the picture.

Giant cozy Snorlax bed for the afternoon naps

Next we have the study room, whose walls were replaced by glass panels so that the room gets more sunlight.


With a cozy Snorlax-shaped bed for the kids to rest in during the day time,

Build a shelf to keep your burgeoning Pokemon merch

Newer homes have bomb shelters, but they can be used in a myriad of different ways.

Absolook opted to have a cut-out so that there’s a shelf to show off your burgeoning Pokemon merch.


Choosing Pikachu in the bedroom

Adorable Pikachu is adorable. Now, you get to be literally surrounded by the lovable critter in this master bedroom.


Adorned with the yellow of the iconic mascot as well as giant figures, you can rest assured that even during the darkest nights, Pikachu will light the way.

Be the best Pokemon HDB flat design there ever was

Pokemon Go need not be the closest you’ll get to becoming a real-life Pokemon trainer. With this HDB design, you can truly catch ’em all and become a Pokemon master.

Merchandise not included, of course.

More pictures can be found here, and if you’re interested in similar interior designs you can go to Absolook to find out more.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

S’pore Zoo, ArtScience Museum & Jurong Bird Park Among 13 Attractions Reopening On 1 Jul

13 Tourist Attractions Will Resume Operations On 1 Jul, More Will Gradually Reopen

The ‘Circuit Breaker‘ as well as border restrictions have put a halt on the tourism industry, but it’s set to resume during Phase 2.

Starting Wednesday (1 Jul), the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) announced that it’ll gradually reopen 13 tourist attractions.

They include places such as the Singapore Zoo, the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay and the ArtScience Museum.


Read on to find out the full list.

13 tourist attractions will reopen on 1 Jul

The following places will reopen starting 1 Jul:

  • Bounce, an indoor trampoline park
  • Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay
  • Jurong Bird Park
  • Madame Tussauds Wax Museum
  • River Safari
  • Singapore Zoo
  • Zero Latency, a free-roam VR entertainment centre
  • ArtScience Museum, Sands SkyPark
  • Observation Deck at Marina Bay Sands
  • Casino at Marina Bay Sands
  • Universal Studios Singapore
  • S.E.A. Aquarium
  • Casino at Resorts World Sentosa

Most attractions will have restrictions — they’ll operate at not more than 25% capacity to begin with.

Only existing casino members as well as annual levy holders can enter the 2 casinos for now.

Attractions can submit proposals to reopen

STB said that they’ll allow attractions to reopen subject to their assessment.

They must show that they implement a safe environment for customers and workers, and measures must be tailored to reduce Covid-19 transmission risks.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) will also have to approve the applications.

Reopening attractions is gradual step to bringing back tourists

Tourism has clearly taken a huge hit since travel restrictions hit the world, including Singapore.

Now that more countries are reopening, albeit with safety measures to prevent Covid-19 spread, attractions may also gradually resume per Phase 2.

While this might lead to a resurgence of cases, authorities are stepping up testing and ensuring that excessive crowds don’t gather.

It’s a trade-off that Singapore may have to take in order to safeguard jobs and the economy.

Featured image adapted from Concorde Hotel.

ActiveSG Sports Halls To Close On 28 Jun, After Users Breach Safe Distancing Rules

All ActiveSG Indoor Sports Halls To Close For A Day-Long “Timeout” On 28 Jun

News of a Covid-19 patient who had met a large group of people to socialise and play badminton with sent shockwaves across Singapore.

Now, Sport Singapore is taking emergency action in an attempt to address the issue — by closing all ActiveSG indoor sports halls.

The closure will only be for 1 day tomorrow (28 Jun) as a sort of “timeout”, reports The Straits Times (ST).

Positive Covid-19 case flouted safe distancing rules

Sport Singapore decided on the closure after a user of one of the ActiveSG sports halls tested positive for Covid-19 recently.

The patient had played badminton at Jurong East Indoor Sports Hall on Monday (22 Jun), along with several others.

Image for illustration purposes only

The exact headcount is unknown, but Channel NewsAsia (CNA) stated that they had in total booked up to 6 courts, and switched around despite the physical partitions.

As a result, all the people he crossed paths with are now under quarantine, and the sports hall has to close over the weekend for disinfection.

Closure of ActiveSG sports halls to ensure users understand rules

To take some time to review the incident and safe management measures, Sport Singapore will be closing all indoor sports halls for a day tomorrow (28 Jun).

This is to give staff and users time to fully understand the rules that govern the usage of the space, especially amidst the pandemic.


For a full list of safety guidelines, you can visit ActiveSG’s website here.

After tomorrow, Sport Singapore intends to take stricter action on users who break the rules. Those who plan to gather in sports facilities for instance will face booking cancellations or rejections.

They also won’t be able to use ActiveSG facilities in the future.

Be responsible citizens

If not for the unfortunate case of the user, the closure of ActiveSG sports halls even for a day, probably wouldn’t have happened.

Whether it affects you or not, we should all take this opportunity to reflect on our own actions thus far.

The fight against the Covid-19 pandemic is a universal one, so let’s do our best together and be more responsible.

Featured image adapted from Foursquare.


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