Clementi & Whampoa Markets Close After 34 Covid-19 Cases Found There

Clementi 448 & Whampoa Drive Markets Close For 2 Weeks

An ongoing cluster that began at the Jurong Fishery Port has grown to 454 cases as of Wednesday (21 Jul), amid a return to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) today.

Jurong Fishery Port Cluster Caused Return To P2HA, Not KTV Lounge Goers: Ong Ye Kung

Markets at Clementi and Whampoa are the latest to close for 2 weeks following a surge in cases there, MOH said in yesterday’s update on the Covid-19 situation.

22 cases were found so far at the Clementi 448 Market and Food Centre, while 12 cases were found at Whampoa Drive Market.

MOH is working with the People’s Association to hand out antigen rapid test (ART) self-test kits to those who’ve visited Whampoa Drive Market.

Meanwhile, those who visited Clementi 448 Market between 7-21 Jul can get a swab test for free.

Clementi 448 & Whampoa Drive markets close for 2 weeks

From today (22 Jul) to 5 Aug, both markets will close for deep cleaning and to break transmission chains.


Those who visited Clementi 448 market as well as Haig Road Market & Food Centre from 7-21 Jul can get a free Covid-19 test.

From today to 4 Aug, you can book an appointment at one of several testing venues.

Full details on how to book a test can be found here.

Free ART self-testing kits for those who visited Whampoa Drive market

Meanwhile, visitors to both Whampoa Drive market and 726 West Coast Markets can receive free ART self-testing kits.

MOH worked with PA to distribute them.

You can collect the kits today and tomorrow (23 Jul) from Residents’ Committee (RC) Centres in the vicinity of 92 Whampoa Drive and 726 West Coast Road.

Your nearest RC centre can be found here.

While not compulsory, you are strongly encouraged to get a kit if you did visit these venues.

Stay safe during P2HA

With dine-ins now not allowed until 18 Aug, most of us will be home.

However, those working in F&B, especially at markets, are heavily affected by not only the growing clusters but also the restrictions.

During this time, while we stay safe, these hawkers and wet markets also require support.

Though the latest return is frustrating, it proves the need for more vaccinations especially among those who are vulnerable to Covid-19.

So do encourage the elderly you know to get vaccinated if they’re still on the fence.

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F&B Staff Pleads For Customers’ Cooperation When New Dine-In Measures Begin On 19 Jul

F&B Staff Hopes Customers Don’t Give Them A Hard Time With New Dine-In Measures

New dine-in restrictions kick in today (19 Jul) and it’s largely up to F&B establishments to ensure that customers adhere to safe distancing measures.

Dine-In Group Limit Reduced To 2 Pax From 19 Jul After Rise In Covid-19 Cases

In light of this, a man who works in the F&B industry has made a post to seek customers’ cooperation during this difficult time.


He urges customers to be understanding and to not shout at service staff, as they are just doing their jobs.

And their jobs, he says, didn’t originally include being part-time safe distancing ambassadors.

F&B staff seeks cooperation regarding dine-in measures

The F&B staff, who declined to state where he works, posted in Complaint Singapore on Monday (19 Jul) to seek the understanding of customers.

He asked customers for the following when they visit a restaurant:

  • Wait at the entrance of the restaurant to be served
  • Allow restaurant staff to verify TraceTogether check-in and vaccination status, as well as same household status
  • Abide by seating arrangements as assigned by restaurant staff

He also pleaded with customers to not shout at staff if they can’t fulfill the exact seating arrangement that the family members want.

Additionally, other rules such as keeping your masks on if not eating and drinking should be followed.

And saying hi to other people you know at different tables will count as intermingling — the staff discourages this.

Asks customers to not be offended at vaccination checks

The staff also asks that customers not be offended at vaccination checks, as they are required.

He notes that verification is required via the TraceTogether app, for example, or else staff will have to treat the customer as unvaccinated.

Sharing that staff, too, are frustrated and confused by the new regulations, he hopes that customers will cooperate even if some mistakes may occur and to not get too upset or start shouting at them.

Staff face consequences if tasks not adhered to

The OP explained that staff have to enforce these regulations, lest the establishment gets fined or worse, be forced to shut down.

This will affect staff too, who may be forced to take unpaid leave or even lose their jobs.

He ended off by saying that staff aren’t trained to be part-time safe distancing ambassadors.

In an edit to the post, the OP clarified that about 90% of customers have been understanding and law-abiding.

The purpose of the post, he said, isn’t to criticise customers but to show the difficulty

Netizens empathise with staff

Most replies agree that the new regulations are confusing and to have empathy for F&B staff during this period.


Some called to do away with the policies for vaccinated groups altogether and to allow 2-pax regardless, as it’ll be easier for everyone.


Given the current outbreaks locally, others said they will stick to takeaways and deliveries instead to keep safe.


Respect F&B staff

What the OP said is from the perspective of the staff who are also finding the ever-changing rules confusing.

This is not to blame authorities for the rules, but to seek understanding in a pandemic when many are going through a tough time.

Frustrations may spill over, but we have to remind each other that the measures are temporary and to be patient.

Adhering to the measures will ensure that everyone has a pleasant time eating together outside.

If you find that the current measures are too confusing, perhaps consider dining in with fewer people or not dining in at all.

This will help keep everyone, especially those who aren’t vaccinated, safe.

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Koufu HQ In Woodlands Has Nostalgic Seating That’ll Remind You Of Mature HDB Neighbourhoods

Koufu HQ Opens On 18 Jul With Seating Inspired By Mature HDB Neighbourhoods

Singapore’s architecture has undergone many changes over the years, but many who lived in mature HDB estates will remember the iconic chess tables at our void decks and dragon playground in Toa Payoh.

Well, you can relive these memories once more at a new Koufu coffeeshop in Woodlands, according to a netizen.


If the seats look familiar, they’re likely based on the iconic Dragon Playground at Toa Payoh.

The newly open Koufu headquarters promises a blast from the past with nostalgic furniture now only found in many older void decks.

Koufu Woodlands HQ has nostalgic seating

A netizen, Mr Chew, shared in the SG PCN Cyclist group about the seating that’ll draw wistful thoughts about the good ol’ days.

Drawing on Singapore’s heritage, the Koufu coffeeshop, which opened today (18 Jul), features seating that will remind you of the times when you lepak-ed at the void deck.

Chinese chess boards were a common feature at void decks, which were designed as spaces for residents to gather and bond.


Meanwhile, the seats are reminiscent of older playgrounds in Singapore, with designs in the shape of animals.

Although many now turn to online chess due to the pandemic and the surge in interest thanks to shows like The Queen’s Gambit, chess is a pasttime that’s been around for over 100 years.


Checkers, a simpler game that utilises the same board, is also a popular board game that many will be familiar with playing in their childhoods.

Maybe you might even want to bring your own checkers or chess set to play here.

Hopscotch fun for the kids

Anotehr childhood pasttime that anyone will be familiar with, before the days of technology, is hopscotch.

You’d use your wallet and throw it in a box, then skip through the boxes in a set order while dodging the box that your wallet landed on.


It might be cliché, but hopscotch definitely forms part of a 90s kid’s memory.

Parents can teach their kids the game and let them unleash some of the boundless energy that we wish we have more of.

Retro seating at Koufu HQ in Woodlands

As announced by Koufu on their Facebook page on 17 Jul, the HQ is newly opened as of today.

Koufu HQ Woodlands
Address: 1 Woodlands Height
Opening hours: To be confirmed
Nearest MRT station: Woodlands Height (under construction), Admiralty


Koufu HQ may be a little out of the way but is close enough to the park connector network that you can stop by and get some sepia-tinted Instagram shots in.

And perhaps get some grub as well while you’re at it.

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Jewel Changi Has Cosy Workspaces For An Atas Work-From-Airport Experience

Changi Lounge In Jewel Offers Luxurious Hot Desks From $10

Changi Airport has long been a haunt for those looking for some peace and quiet to either get their work done or put a study shift in.

Instead of cramming up the spaces at fast food joints or coffee chains, Jewel’s Changi Lounge is opening up its doors for those looking for a change in scenery from their work-from-home setups.

For $10 for 2 hours, the swanky space has high-speed internet and comfy seating to sink into as you go through the day’s work.

Changi Lounge’s cosy yet luxurious working space

Changi Airport’s golden standard of customer service is prevalent even in their lounge that served as an oasis for weary travellers in the past.

Image courtesy of Changi Airport

However, with Covid-19 restricting our international travel, the space has since been converted into a hot-desking office space for working adults and students to use.

Image courtesy of Changi Airport

As far as makeshift offices go, there’s not many that offer the contemporary yet luxurious vibe that the Changi Lounge offers.

Image courtesy of Changi Airport

While the cosy interior could make you forget that Covid-19 is still a thing, the spacious and well-partitioned areas will give you peace of mind, knowing that the area has implemented a series of safe management measures.

Image courtesy of Changi Airport

For an added assurance, the Changi lounge has also installed brand new air filtration equipment and placed various portable air purifiers that ensure a constant flow of fresh air.

Image courtesy of Changi Airport

Exclusive spaces for serious sessions

Some tasks just require a little more attention and space to operate in. So, you’ll be delighted to know that there are also individual desk areas so that you can concentrate fully without distractions in your peripheral.

Image courtesy of Changi Airport

Changi Lounge also has meeting rooms so that you can keep your brainstorming sessions with the team private while also providing video conferencing facilities.

These rooms are available for booking for $48 for the first hour and $24 for every subsequent after that.

Image courtesy of Changi Airport

Changi Lounge pricing & packages

If you’re looking to swap the mundane WFH routine for a little luxury, you can check out the prices and packages offered from their official website.

But from now till 31 Aug, you can snag a space for these promotional prices as follows:

Lounge Access

  • $10 for 2 hours, includes a drink and dry snack/pastry
  • $40 for a full day, includes 2 drinks and 2 dry snacks/pastries

Meeting Room

  • $48 for the first hour 
  • Subsequent hour at $24 per hour

Guest can rest assured that the environment is safe as the lounge is certified SG Clean by Singapore Tourism Board and Enterprise Singapore, with safe management practices in place.

Change your scenery & routine

Sometimes, a change in scenery or routine is a good idea to keep us on our toes. If you’re feeling unproductive, consider turning to Changi Louge as your office away from home.

Interested visitors can make a reservation by getting in touch via email or calling them for bookings. Here’s the Google Map pin of how to get there.

Address: Jewel Changi Airport, Level 1
Operating hours: 10am-10pm, daily
Contact number: +65 6513 8743
Nearest MRT: Changi Airport Station
Website: Jewel Changi Airport

While we’re not heading there to catch a flight, visits to the airport are exciting nonetheless.

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Jurong Lake Floating Wetland Has A Red Pavilion & Picturesque Boardwalk For Weekend Strolls

ABC Waters Floating Wetland At Jurong Lake Is Now Open To The Public

With more Singaporeans choosing to explore our little red dot as travel restrictions persist, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a new spot to visit for your weekend stroll.

On 9 Jul, the PUB announced the opening of ABC Waters, a floating wetland at Jurong Lake.


The picturesque boardwalk stands atop Singapore’s largest man-made floating wetlands and features a red pavilion for those Instaworthy picture opportunities.

ABC Waters sits atop Singapore’s largest man-made wetlands

According to PUB, ABC Waters at Jurong Lake comprises 3,850 m² of floating wetlands that improve the water quality of the reservoir and serve as a natural habitat for wildlife.

Among the wildlife visitors may be able to encounter are the island’s famous otters.

Featuring boardwalks in all directions, splashes of colour like these metallic panels in different shades of blue add much vibrancy to the location.


Cross the blue bridge and you’ll arrive at this open area with a grand view of Jurong Lake all around.


Patches of greenery complement the design of the boardwalk, allowing visitors to admire the flora and fauna up close.


Fishing enthusiasts should note that you won’t be able to fish here. If you wish to, you can head over to the nearby designated fishing area at Jurong Lake.

After a lot of walking, you’d want to take a break at this red pavilion, which is vaguely reminiscent of the red bridge at Lorong Halus. Standing in contrast to the greenery, it makes for an outstanding photo backdrop.


If you’re in need of an idyllic escape from work, here’s how to get to ABC Waters:

ABC Waters @ Jurong Lake
Address: Jurong Lake Gardens, Yuan Ching Road
Opening hours: 24 hours daily
Nearest MRT: Lakeside Station

PUB suggests accessing ABC Waters via the Jurong Park Connector along Yuan Ching Road, just next to Lakeside MRT station.

While you’re there, remember to keep a safe distance, as we’re sure many eager folks will be there to check the place out.

A new spot for some quiet recreation

While new eateries and stores are worth visiting, outdoorsy places like this offer a greater sense of adventure.

So if you’re on the lookout for somewhere different to spend your weekends at, you might want to add ABC Waters @ Jurong Lake to your list.

Hopefully, we’ll see more of such places around, providing space for us to enjoy nature in an accessible setting.

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Duxton Hill Café Says Closure Order Is A Blow, Urges Customers To Be Responsible

Duxton Hill Café Takes Responsibility For Not Ensuring Safe Distancing

Running a food and beverage (F&B) business is no easy task, and it’s been made more difficult due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

On top of their usual operations, businesses have to make sure they observe safe distancing measures or risk punishment.

A café-cum-bar in Duxton Hill found that out the hard way when they were slapped with an order to close for 10 days.


The order is a blow to them, they candidly said, as Singapore will allow 5 people per table to dine in from 12 Jul.

Thus, they urged customers to be responsible and follow the rules – or their business will be punished for it.

Premises closed till 17 Jul

In a Facebook post on Wednesday (7 Jul), Parallel Coffee Roasters said that they’ll unfortunately be closed till 17 Jul.


This includes Yen Bar, a bar on the same premises that the café turns into at night.

That’s after the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) sent them a notice to close from 7 Jul.


As the closure will be for 10 days, it will last till 16 Jul.

They failed to ensure seats are 1m apart

The reason for the punishment: They failed to ensure that every seat is at least 1m apart.

Photo for illustration purposes only.

This rule is based on the Covid-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020.

It says that the back of every chair – or legs if there’s no back – is at least 1m away from every other chair or table.

Customers moved inside to avoid rain

Parallel Coffee Roasters explained how the breach happened.

On the night of 2 Jul – a Friday – they had a full house of customers.

As it had just rained, customers who were sitting outside had to move inside to avoid getting wet.


That meant that they were unable to seat their customers as far apart as was necessary.

Officers came for a spot check

Unfortunately, at 9.39pm, enforcement officers arrived for a spot check.


That’s when they caught the rule breaches.

Café takes full responsibility

After explaining themselves, the café said it wasn’t an excuse, though.

Thus, they took full responsibility for the offence, adding,

It is still our responsibility to ensure safe distancing measures are in place no matter the circumstances. We agree, and we will do better.

Closure is a blow to them

The café was also honest in admitting that the 10-day closure would be a blow to them.

Besides the loss of income, it also means that they won’t be able to take full advantage when the 5-person dining allowance returns on 12 Jul.

They’ll have to wait for 5 days before being able to welcome groups of 5 again.

They urge customers to cooperate with F&B businesses

Thus, they urged customers to cooperate with not just them, but all F&B businesses.

When asked to follow safe distancing measures, patrons should be “responsible and understanding”, they said.

Customers need to understand that the Government sets the rules, but it’s the responsibility of the F&B establishment to enforce them.


And if they don’t, it’s the business that suffers, with the café empathically saying,

Our livelihoods are on the line.

They also hope that if anything, their closure will show patrons that the authorities aren’t kidding about strictly enforcing safe distancing.

Just look to them for a convincing example.

Officers ‘rude, condescending and unprofessional’

Towards the end of the post, Parallel Coffee Roasters changed tack to call out the officers from URA who visited the establishment.

They took issue with the attitude of 2 of them, whom they referred to only as “officers J and J”.

The café described them as “rude, condescending and unprofessional” when they interacted with staff and customers.

This was “highly disappointing”, they added.


Café urges for respect

Ultimately the café urged officers to have respect for service staff, even though they’re there to enforce the rules.

They advised SDAs to “consider their tone” and officers to “uphold a higher standard of professionalism”.

It would be regrettable indeed if the behaviour of these enforcement officers serves to reinforce the perception of service staff as from a “lower class”, they added.

Kudos for their candour

Kudos to Parallel Coffee Roasters. Though they made a mistake, at least they’ve taken responsibility for it.

They’ve also responded with refreshing candour by explaining what happened and how it affects them.

We sympathise with their troubles, as they’re effectively caught between pleasing customers and following the law.

Hopefully, when they can reopen, they can recoup their losses quickly and take steps to prevent such a situation from happening again.

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Teo Heng Junction 10 Is Now A Soundproof Workspace, Rent Rooms From $4/Hour

KTV Rooms At Teo Heng Junction 10 Converted To Workspaces

Many businesses in Singapore have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, including Teo Heng KTV that had to suspend operations. However, it has since temporarily converted several outlets into workspaces and chill spots, including the one at Junction 10 which opens today.

Teo Heng’s founder Mr Jackson Teo announced the good news in a Facebook post on Wednesday (7 Jul).

May be an image of text that says 'TEO HENG KTVSTUDIO RE-OPENING WE WILL BE BACK! COMING SOON... BOOK YOUR ROOM NOW Outlet Hotline: 63/4/663 JUNCTION 10 TEOHENG T'Source 

Teo Heng KTV reopens Junction 10 outlet

According to Mr Teo, Teo Heng’s Junction 10 outlet will be opening today (8 Jul) from 11am to 11pm. It’s the 5th branch that has been temporarily converted into a workspace and hangout spot.

Other branches that offer similar services are Causeway Point, JCube, Star Vista, and Bedok Point.

Teo Heng has different rates for the rooms, ranging from $4/hour to $18/hour, depending on the type of room and the time of day.

A current promotion grants users an extra hour free when they accumulate 5 hours in a room.

May be a cartoon of 1 person and text that says 'BELAY Call In For Reservations TEOHENG KTV STUDIO Avallable (Business ResumE!) Junction 10, #01-29/30, Woodlands Singapore 677899 1663/63141718 WiFi FREE OUNDPROOF Hours 1Hour Free! Daily ÛHou $4 $6 Pax RATES Small Room Happy Hours Peak Hours Medium Room Happy Hours Peak Hours Large Room Happy Hours Peak Hours VVIP Room Happy Hours Peak Hours $6 $8 Opening Hours: 1aM- 11PM (Daily) $8 $10 $15 $18 CHARGE Clean Environment'Source

A Teo Heng spokesperson told MS News that users may eat and drink in the rooms, which is a change from their previous guidelines.

Alternative for those in need of quiet spaces

While many of us may have adjusted to the work from home (WFH) arrangement, it may be time for a change in scenery after months of slugging it out at home.

With soundproof rooms, free WiFi, and charging ports, Teo Heng’s converted workspaces offer an affordable and even conveniently alternative for those who stay near an outlet.

Teo Heng has assured the public that rooms will be sanitised and cleaned after every session. They’ve also installed an anti-virus air purifier in every room to provide clean and fresh air for users.

So if you think you need some private space to do your work, you might want to consider this option.

Grateful for all the support

Covid-19 has definitely put a strain on many businesses like Teo Heng. Nevertheless, many citizens have showed their support as Teo Heng slowly picks up the pace.

Mr Teo is thus extremely grateful for all the love and support that the business has received. He promises that they will push on to overcome the difficult times.


Mr Teo also urges more citizens to get vaccinated in order to speed up Singapore’s move to reopening progressively. This would improve similar businesses that have suffered.

As Singapore slowly lifts its Covid-19 restrictions, we hope that more businesses will be able to regain their footing in due time.

For now, let’s support their efforts at improvising, and help them get through these challenging times.

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Haw Par Villa Reopens After Upgrade With Air-Conditioned 10 Courts Of Hell

Haw Par Villa Reopens With Restored Sculptures & Air-Conditioned 10 Courts Of Hell

In Oct 2020, MS News reported that Haw Par Villa was closed due to renovation. Now, it seems the long wait is finally over.

On Thursday (1 Jul), the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) shared that the park has reopened after extensive upgrading works. Visitors can look forward to restored sculptures and a fully-air conditioned 10 Courts of Hell.

Haw Par Villa reopensSource

Next time you visit the underworld, at least you won’t have to worry about the heat.

Haw Par Villa reopens after renovation

Haw Par Villa is known for its graphic depictions of punishment and torture for wrongdoings committed in mortal life. If you need the motivation to lead a virtuous life, now is the best time to visit.

Haw Par Villa reopens 1Source

As soon as you arrive at the main entrance, take time to appreciate the iconic arch covered in a fresh coat of paint.

Haw Par Villa reopens 2Source

Sculptures also received a fabulous makeover and look as good as new.

Haw Par Villa reopens 3Source

This sculpture of Commissioner Lin Zexu – a scholar and official who made a crusade against the Opium War – has been restored to its former glory. We can’t wait to see other dioramas and statues in pristine condition.


Opt for a night tour and you’ll be greeted with enhanced light projections in the main entrance. By leveraging on technology, STB hopes to create an immersive experience for guests.


10 Courts of Hell to reopen in October

Like the statues and main arch, the entrance to the 10 Courts of Hell has vibrant signages.


An afterlife in hell probably means enduring soaring temperatures, but the attraction is fully air-conditioned, so you can get a little piece of heaven instead.


According to The Straits Times, the 10 Courts of Hell will reopen as part of a new attraction called “Hell’s Museum” on 28 Oct. This area will display perspectives of the afterlife across religions.

How to get there

Haw Par Villa is a 2-minute walk from the Haw Par Villa MRT station.

Address: 262 Pasir Panjang Rd, Singapore 118628
Opening Hours: 9am–10pm daily (last entry at 9.30pm)
Contact number: +65 6773 0103
Website: Haw Par Villa

According to their website, admission is free, though you can register for guided tours if you’re afraid of losing your way there.

Book a trip to Haw Par Villa soon

Now that Haw Par Villa has reopened, we bet you’re excited to visit the revitalised theme park and its notable attractions.

Make a visit for a well-deserved break from the WFH life, as well as an opportunity to learn more about Chinese mythology.

What attractions would you like to see again? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Rainforest Lumina Has 50% Off Tickets For Mesmerising Night Walks At The Zoo

Rainforest Lumina Has 50% Off Tickets Till 7 Jul For Final Season

Rainforest Lumina is known for its enchanting night walks and interactive zones. If you’ve tried their multisensory experience in the past, then you’ll likely be excited by their latest comeback.

On Thursday (1 Jul), Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) shared that Rainforest Lumina will return for its final season. The adventure, featuring Rainforest’s Lumina Creature Crew, will run from 8 Jul 2021 till 13 Feb 2022.

The best part is that tickets are at 50% off till 7 Jul, so you should chope your slot soon.

Let’s take a glimpse of the immersive activities you can try there.

Mesmerising night walks at Rainforest Lumina

As with past seasons, Rainforest Lumina will bring mesmerising nighttime experiences by combining natural sights, scents, and sounds of wildlife.

rainforest lumina 1Source

Past visitors will be able to return to beloved zones like the Luminous Pathway. Go with family or friends, and foster a newfound appreciation for wildlife by the end of your journey.

rainforest lumina 2Image courtesy of Wildlife Reserves Singapore

As you walk through the Shimmering Islands, you’ll find luminous fields engulfed in thousands of shimmering pixel lights that pulsate to the rhythm of the night.

rainforest lumina 3Image courtesy of Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Meet the Creature Crew

Visitors will also get an opportunity to meet Rainforest Lumina’s Creature Crew—made up of 8 virtual animals.

rainforest luminaImage courtesy of Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Each creature embodies a unique virtue that will teach us the importance of coexistence between humans and nature.


During the spectacle, guests will be able to play and sing with members of the crew.


Outdoor enthusiasts can also dance in digital thunderstorms and hear the glorious symphony conducted by Bob—the playful otter and bandleader.


How to get tickets

Interested guests can purchase tickets for Rainforest Lumina at the Wildlife Reserves Singapore website. Until Wednesday (7 Jun), early birds can avail the Rainforest Lumina tickets at 50% off.

Thereafter, Singapore residents can enjoy 30% off deals with tickets priced at $12.60 (UP $18) for adults or youth and $9.80 (UP $14) for children or seniors, according to the website.

Tickets can also be redeemed with SingapoRediscovers Vouchers.

Here are more details about this event:

Rainforest Lumina
80 Mandai Lake Road, 729826
Date: 8 Jul 2021-13 Feb 2022
Opening Hours: 7.15pm–12am (Last entry at 10.15pm) (Thurs – Sun)
Telephone: +65 6269 3411
Website: Rainforest Lumina WRS

Visitors from other Wildlife Reserve Singapore day parks – Jurong Bird Park, River Safari, or Singapore Zoo – can opt to top up $10 to wrap up their wildlife journey with Rainforest Lumina.

Venture into the luminous rainforest

Rainforest Lumina’s comeback gives us a new opportunity to venture into spellbinding rainforests.

Pretty soon, we’ll be enthralled by their immersive activities and interactive Creature Crew. While we can’t wait to travel just yet, this event reminds us that we can always look forward to something new close to home.

Do you know anyone interested in returning to Rainforest Lumina? Tag them in the comments.

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Chee Soon Juan Shares Epiphany About Running A Café, Cites High Rent As Daunting Factor

High Rent Makes Running F&B Places Difficult, Says Chee Soon Juan

Operating a food and beverage (F&B) establishment in Singapore comes fraught with many risks, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic still around.

New café owner Chee Soon Juan is now experiencing this first-hand, 4 days after opening Orange & Teal at Rochester Mall.


F&B is gruelling, and high rent makes things even harder, he noted.

He blamed this partly on government-linked enterprises that own the malls, which set the high rents in the first place.

Chee Soon Juan laments high rent at F&B places

The post, dated 29 Jun, showed staff having dinner and discussions following the café’s closure for the day.


Amid the day-to-day demands of the job, Mr Chee has found how taxing running an F&B enterprise can be, and he stated his respect for other operators who do this every day.

He also talked about how high rent is a factor that weighs down on many F&B operators, especially smaller ones.

While larger chains and eateries can afford this rent, some even forking up 6 months’ security deposits, smaller ones take up a much larger burden.

Expresses disappointment at landlords

Government-linked organisatinos such as Surbana, MapleTree, and JTC own many of the properties that eateries rent, Mr Chee said.

This makes things all the more disappointing, he feels, as they’re the ones who set the rent.

As a result, he has called upon the public to visit nieghbourhood cafés or local eateries more often, over the giants located in the various malls here.

It’s part of “helping our own”.

He’s also shared updated opening hours for Orange & Teal, which appear to have been adjusted based on footfall in the past few days.

Difficult but F&B operators still going in

Despite the trying conditions at the moment due to the pandemic, many are still opening their own F&B establishments.

If there’s one thing that will always endure in Singapore, rain or shine, it’s the allure of enjoying good food with company, or even by yourself.

And for that reason, there’ll always be a pletora of options and new places sprouting up.

But as Mr Chee notes, the job is tough, especially due to rent, and they do require support from us to keep going. If you like the food or the people, do show them your support.

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