SBS Bus Driver Gets Gold Jewellery From Yishun Shop, Netizens Joke He’s Their Walking Ad

Bus Driver Is Regular Customer At Yishun Jewellery Shop

The Key Opinion Leader (KOL) market has taken flight over recent years, as more users consume content on social media.

In recent days, however, an unlikely ‘influencer’ has emerged in Singapore and some of us might have even seen him around — a fully pimped-up SBS Transit bus driver.

SBS Driver Decked Out In Gold Jewellery Eats Cai Png, Netizens Consider Career Switch

On Wednesday (24 Feb), the Yishun jewellery shop where he apparently purchased his bling from has now identified itself, with their post going viral overnight.


Some netizens even joked that the bus driver is a walking advertisement for the shop.

Yishun shop shares pictures of bus driver picking out jewellery

On Wednesday (24 Feb), Ngee Soon Jewellery shared on Facebook that the SBS bus driver who shot to fame was in fact, their regular customer.


The shop, located at Block 846 Yishun Ring Road, even shared some photos of the bus driver trying on some gold chains.

Bus driver jewellery shopSource

As usual, the bus driver looked snazzy and even took off his shades for a picture!

Bus driver jewellery shopSource

That’s some real celebrity stuff right there.

Netizens joke the bus captain is shop’s advertisement

Ngee Soon Jewellery’s Facebook post of the bus captain quickly went viral, garnering over 2,000 shares and 200 comments within just one day.

Some netizens even joked that the bus captain was the shop’s walking advertisement.

This netizen hinted that with the amount of publicity the bus driver is getting, he should be paid for helping to promote the shop.


Another Facebook user also tried to help the driver bag a sponsorship deal, asking the shop to sponsor him a necklace.


Some even said that they’ll drop by the shop soon.

Bus driver jewellery shopSource

The newest ‘influencer’ in town certainly has ‘game’, with a few other netizens also saying they’ll bring their loved ones down to check out the shop.

Gained attention for his gold jewellery

The bus captain first gained attention when a photo was shared online showing him decked-out in gold jewellery.

Bus driver jewellery shopSource

After all, it’s not every day that you encounter a bus driver with such ‘loud’ dressing.

Embracing his newfound celebrity status

The bus captain seems to be embracing his newfound celebrity status, taking it all in his stride.

He certainly has a unique way of dressing, managing to stand out even though his line of work requires donning a uniform.

We definitely hope he keeps on rocking that swaggy look.

Who knows? Maybe in time to come, he’ll truly bag a sponsorship deal with the shop he frequents.

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Novena Underpass Captured In Final Moments By Redditor, S’poreans Bid Their Last Goodbyes

Redditor Captures Final Moments Of Novena Underpass

Underpasses in Singapore may rarely evoke a strong sense of nostalgia for many of us, but the Novena underpass undeniably does.

To make way for the construction of the North-South Corridor (NSC), the underpass was sadly closed in the wee hours of 25 Feb.


One Redditor decided to capture the final moments of this beautiful underpass.

Novena underpass closed on 25 Feb

As part of ongoing efforts to ease commutes, the area around Thomson Road will be undergoing a major overhaul.

The NSC project will see the closure of several underpasses there, including the iconic Novena underpass.

A sign was put up there yesterday (24 Feb), informing the public of the closure from 12.30am on 25 Feb.


Now that it’s no longer open, many are reminiscing fond memories of walking through the underpass.

Colourful décor set Novena underpass apart

Unlike other underpasses found in Singapore, the one at Novena sticks out with its bright colours.

Not only do bright tiles line the floor, the entirety of the walls are covered with artwork done by children.


One will always stop, or at the very least take a quick glance, at the artworks while making their way through.


Those of us who often walked along this path as kids ourselves would certainly miss the joy of marvelling at the designs.

Even adults who take the underpass after a long day at work may find comfort in the place’s jovial colours.

Netizens reminisce memories of the underpass

It comes as no surprise that many Singaporeans hold fond memories of this underpass.

This Redditor mentioned that he used to consciously choose to only step on the coloured tiles — while enjoying the music from the street busker uncle.


As Asian as it gets, we resonate with this comment immensely – as did many others.

Others who visited the nearby tuition centres often growing up remember using the underpass to get to their weekly classes.


This Redditor hopes that the art pieces on the wall will not disappear along with the underpass.


Hopefully, the authorities will return them to the original artists, or preserve them somewhere else.

Thanks for the memories

Even though the demolition of the underpass is necessary to construct the NSC, many will still mourn the loss of this iconic underpass.

From shielding us from the Sun and to giving us convenient shortcuts between major locations in Novena, we’ll remember the underpass for all that it has done for us.

Will you miss the Novena underpass? Share your memories with us in the comments.

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Gardens By The Bay To Feature Sakura & Hello Kitty, Pretend You’re In Japan Admiring Cherry Blossoms

Gardens By The Bay’s Sakura Featuring Hello Kitty Event Begins On 1 Mar 2021

Those of us with a strong sense of wanderlust might be itching to jump on a plane after a long hiatus from travelling.

With travel restrictions still in place, that will have to wait. But what if you can enjoy the sights from Japan without even leaving our shores?

Gardens By The Bay (GBTB) has just the thing — a sakura display complete with torii gates and cranes.

Gardens By The Bay Sakura Sakura Matsuri 2020

You won’t even have to travel to soak in the breathtaking beauty of cherry blossom season with GBTB’s annual Sakura Matsuri event that begins on 1 Mar this year.

Sakura display at Gardens By The Bay flower dome

From 1 Mar 2021, the flower dome at GBTB will transform into a little pseudo Japan where you’ll be able to walk through traditional torii gates.

Sakura Matsuri 2020

And it won’t just be any Japan, but Japan at its peak beauty, during sakura season.

You’ll be surrounded by beautiful cherry blossoms and peach blossoms (momo) all around.

So much so that you might even be able to trick your Instagram followers into thinking that you’ve somehow made your way to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Gardens By The Bay Sakura Sakura Matsuri 2020

Besides that, you’ll also be able to spot the elegant Japanese red-crowned cranes (tancho) featured amidst the flower fields in the display this year.

Image for illustration purposes only

Not the real thing of course, just realistic sculptures of them.

Hello Kitty to make 1st appearance at Flower Dome

The Sakura Matsuri event this year will also be extra kawaii, thanks to the iconic Japanese cartoon cat — Hello Kitty.

Gardens By The Bay Sakura Source

For the first time ever, the beloved anime will be making an appearance at the GBTB flower dome.

So, Hello Kitty fanatics will not want to miss this chance to stroll alongside the cartoon cat as you pose for stunning photos amongst the pastel pink flowers.

Watch a traditional tea ceremony

In addition to all that, the event is also filled with opportunities to learn more and experience Japanese culture.

You’ll be able to watch nodate, an outdoor tea ceremony being performed right in front of you.

Gardens By The Bay Sakura Sakura Matsuri 2020

There will also be a feature on the Japanese art of fabric wrapping called furoshiki, complete with a delicious picnic spread laid out.

That’ll certainly give you some inspiration for your next gift wrap idea for bae.

Bring your friends for a quick Japan ‘holiday’

If you’re looking for a much-needed break this March, why not bring your friends to a quick ‘holiday’ to Japan?

Here are the details for the event:

Sakura featuring Hello Kitty
Flower Dome, Gardens By The Bay
Address: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953
Date: Starts 1 Mar 2021
Time: 9am – 9pm daily
Nearest MRT: Bayfront Station

Do remember, due to Covid-19 restrictions, you will need to pre-book your visit online here.

Standard admission charges to the flower dome apply, but not to worry, as you can always put your SingapoRediscovers vouchers to good use.

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Tree With Rainbow Bark Found In Katong, Looks Like Melted Paddle Pop

Rainbow Tree At Katong Park Is A NParks Heritage Tree

Singapore is known for being a garden city, adorned with lush and beautiful flora and fauna.

But what is perhaps lesser known is the fact that we are also home to some unique species right here in Singapore.

On Tuesday (23 Feb), a cyclist chanced upon a tree with a rainbow bark that looks almost like a melted paddle pop.


He later took to the Singapore Cycling Community Facebook group to share his intriguing find.


Tree sheds at varying times, giving it a rainbow bark

Here in Singapore, trees are ubiquitously seen lining roads everywhere, but eagle-eyed folks will realise that not every tree is the same.

In fact, some are especially ‘quirky’.

Recently, a cyclist was riding in Katong when he came across a rather peculiar tree species named Eucalyptus Deglupta.

Tree Rainbow katongSource

In his Facebook post, he explains that the tree sheds its outer bark at varying times of the day, revealing its bright green bark underneath.

As it matures, the bark turns from bright green to blue, purple, orange and maroon before falling off.

Tree Rainbow katongSource

The strips of differing maturity cloak the tree’s bark in beautiful bright rainbow hues, giving it its distinctive look.

It’s truly a tree-mendous sight to behold.

Eucalyptus Deglupta can be spotted at other areas too

According to the National Parks Board (NParks), this particular Eucalyptus Deglupta tree – also known as Mindanao Gum – at Katong Park is actually a protected heritage tree.

Tree Rainbow katongSource

At 25m tall and with a girth of 3.1m, it appears to be one of the largest of its kind in Singapore.

The species is actually native to Papau New Guinea but if you’d like to catch more of these unique trees here, you can actually find clusters of them at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, North Buona Vista Drive, as well as Biopolis Drive.

Keep your eyes peeled for these unique trees

Nature never ceases to amaze, even here in Singapore.

Not many of us will take notice of trees even as we walk by them every day, but the next time you visit these areas, you might want to keep your eyes peeled for these natural beauties.

What other unique trees have you spotted in Singapore? Share your findings with us in the comments below!

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Limbang Shopping Centre Revamp Will Add More F&B Options, Set To Open In 2022 For Now

Limbang Shopping Centre Has Been Under Upgrading Since Sep, Will Have Peranakan Shophouse Façade

Residents of Choa Chu Kang will be familiar with Limbang Shopping Centre, known for its distinctive Peranakan-inspired sloping roof and shop archways.

It’s also a popular place for residents to get their daily essentials and eat out.


However, the complex is set to become more popular as it’s currently undergoing a revamp that will give it a wider array of shops and food and beverage (F&B) outlets.


Residents can look forward to the upgraded mall being completed by the 3rd quarter of 2022.

Revamp announced in 2019

Limbang Shopping Centre, as it was, wasn’t too shabby, with 33 shops, a food court, wet market and supermarket. It even had a McDonald’s.


However, even though the current village-like design has a rustic appeal, the garish colours might strike some as a bit outdated.


In Sep 2019, Mr Lawrence Wong, MP for Marsiling-Yee GRC, announced in a speech that the shopping centre would be upgraded in 2020.


The upgraded mall will more shops and more F&B options, he added.

Design will incorporate Peranakan shophouse façade

According to building developer CPG Consultants, the new Limbang Shopping Centre will incorporate a Peranakan shophouse façade in its design so shoppers can “relive the old days”.


It kinda reminds us of the shops in Changi Airport Terminal 4‘s transit area.

From the artist’s impressions of the development, it appears that the main entrance will be completely changed from its current sloping roof to a more contemporary glass structure.


The periphery of the mall will also be brushed up to include gardens and outdoor seating.


Visitors will be able to walk through the landscaped gardens to access the shops facing the road.


The company also said it had received a Certificate of Merit for Design at the HDB Design Awards 2020 for its work on the project.

Upgrading was pushed back to Sep 2020

However, in a Facebook post in Jun 2020, Mr Wong, who’s the MP for Limbang ward, said the upgrading would be pushed back.

While it was slated to begin in Jun, the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting ‘Circuit Breaker’ caused a shutdown in construction activities.


The Education Minister also sought residents’ understanding that the project might take “a bit longer to materialise”.

However in Sep, the upgrading started in earnest, with many tenants moving to temporary container offices.

While 4 tenants, including NTUC FairPrice and the food court, remained open, the wet market had to close. McDonald’s, unfortunately, has also closed down.

Here’s a list of tenants who’re still open:


No change to estimated completion date

You might have noticed that the poster estimates that the upgrading would be completed in the 3rd quarter of 2022.

However, given that the construction started 3 months late, and Mr Wong had said that the timeline had to be pushed back, residents may be wondering if the new mall will be opened later.

Responding to enquiries from MS News, the Housing and Development Board’s Properties & Land Group said there’s no updated timeline for the completion of the shopping centre.

Thus, if the projected completion is 3Q 2022, that’s when it will be completed for now.


Of course, as Mr Wong had said the revised timeline will be finalised soon, there’s always the possibility of updates closer to the completion date.

Breathing new life into Limbang

While there’s still more than a year to wait, we’re certain that residents’ patience will be rewarded with a spanking-new mall with a wide range of places to dine out.

Let’s look forward to more information on the new shops and F&B outlets that will be coming to the neighbourhood.

Hopefully, McDonald’s will come back too.

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Thailand’s Largest Starbucks Outlet Has Scenic View Of Chao Phraya River & Lantern-Inspired Lights

Starbucks Reserve Outlet Along Chao Phraya River Has Breathtaking Views & Lantern-Inspired Lights

Those who frequently visit Bangkok pre-Covid would be familiar with Chao Phraya River — a popular destination known for its awe-inspiring boat rides.


Now, a new Starbucks outlet will allow coffee enthusiasts to sip on freshly-brewed kopi while marvelling at the scenic riverside views.


Spanning 1,260 square meters, Starbucks Reserve Chao Phraya Riverfront at IconSiam is the largest coffee haven in Thailand and is decorated with lantern-inspired lights, stacked glass windows, and distinct artworks.


While we can’t travel to Thailand just yet, here’s a preview of the new Starbucks outlet that should be on your sightseeing list during your next visit.

Starbucks Reserve outlet at IconSiam along Chao Phraya River

IconSiam is a premium shopping destination with glamorous retail stores. True to its theme, the mall recently opened the country’s most opulent Starbucks outlet.


Compared to the typical Starbucks outlet, it’s located along an iconic river bank, so you’re in for a visual treat regardless of which time of the day you’re heading there.


Breathtaking view of Chao Phraya River

From the inside, you’ll be able to gaze at breathtaking cityscapes, clear skies, and stunning sunsets.


Sitting by the outlet’s balcony and admiring the surrounding scenery is exactly what many of us need to wind down after a long day spen in front of the computer.


Lantern lights and artistic murals give outlet modern vibes

Inside, beautiful lantern-inspired lights grace the mezzanine ceilings, giving the space modern and funky vibes.


Coffee aficionados who want to learn more about their favourite beverage can sit by the main bar and strike up conversations with the baristas.


As guests wander around, they’ll also notice the vibrant murals that pay tribute to famous landmarks in Bangkok and the country’s diverse farming landscapes.


The outlet also houses a helical staircase that spirals around a coffee tree from Northern Thailand — a symbolic homage to the country’s coffee craftsmanship.


Bakery and beverages are also a hit

Besides its stunning sceneries and gorgeous interior, the Starbucks outlet also will serve quality drinks and bites.


If you’re feeling hungry from shopping all day, have a look through their food menu that comprises artisanal pastries and signature desserts.


Those who are staying off coffee can also opt for floral tea blends like Lychee Earl Grey Tea (S$7.97) and Hibiscus tea-based Iced Sunset (S$7.52).


Add to your BKK bucket list

Though we won’t be able to travel overseas anytime soon due to the pandemic, you can bookmark this café or head to the Starbucks Thailand website for more information.

Starbucks Reserve Iconsiam
 7th Floor, ICONSIAM, 299 Charoen Nakhon Rd, Khlong Ton Sai, Khlong San, Bangkok 10600, Thailand
Operating Hours: 10am-10pm daily
Website: Starbucks Thailand

Must add to your Bangkok attraction list

Bangkok is already home to many of our shopping destinations and street hawkers stalls. With such an atas Starbucks outlet added to our list, the City of Angels is certainly one of the stronger contenders when it comes to places we’d like to visit when travel restrictions are lifted.

Will you be adding this Starbucks outlet to your next Bangkok destination list? Share your BKK travel kakis in the comments below!

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Aljunied Café Has $35 High Tea Set For 2, Jio Bae To An Atas Afternoon Date

Newly Opened Teahouse 1973 Café In Aljunied Lets You Enjoy High Tea On A Budget

UPDATE (24 Feb): The café only serves 12 high tea sets daily.

Think “high tea”, and our minds will likely go to fancy restaurants that will leave us with a hefty bill for a light meal. However, this is definitely not the case for the newly opened Teahouse 1973 café in Aljunied.


With a delectable high tea set for 2 at only $35, you can treat your BFF or bae to an atas dining experience on a budget.

Aljunied café has affordable high tea with cakes & pastries

According to a post in the 走,新加坡 Facebook group, netizen Ms Cheah shared that her experience at Teahouse 1973 was nothing but exceptional.


This beautiful slice of cake, among a variety of others pastries served beautifully on a regal looking cake stand, would be perfect for an afternoon snack.


The gleaming cutlery with gold lining certainly add a touch of royalty so you can imagine dining in a palace far from here.

Teahouse 1973’s menu states that the High Tea Set includes fresh homemade cakes and a pot of fruit tea, which you and your BFF or SO can share.

The set is only available from 2pm – 5pm on Tuesdays and Fridays, so make sure to check the date before heading there.

No GST among other perks

Before you think that the limited offer is their only draw, Ms Cheah shares another perk of dining at Teahouse 1973 — no GST or service charge.


Besides giving the establishment’s service, food and interior a 5 whooping stars, Ms Cheah claims that GST wasn’t imposed on their meal. She even shared her receipt as proof.


No frills, no GST, and great food to boot.

Serves famous Penang dishes

If you aren’t in the mood for high tea, Teahouse 1973 also serves up authentic Penang dishes.

This Nasi Lemak Set comes with the option of succulent sambal sotong or sambal prawn.

Nasi Lemak Set – $13.80

Not forgetting the quintessential Penang Laksa, which is as authentic as it gets.

Penang Laksa – $7.80

Those with a more ang moh palette can go for the Beef Burger, served with a side of chunky potato fries.

Beef Burger – $13.80

Their vast menu includes various other mains, starters and desserts, which you can view in full here. Once you’re done browsing, here’s all you need to know to get there:

Address: Blk 53 Sims Place, Singapore 380053
Opening Hours: Tues – Sun, 11am – 9pm
Nearest MRT: Aljunied Station
Contact number: +65 9238 5351
Website: Teahouse 1973

More food options in the East

With a new café in the neighbourhood, Easties now have a place to enjoy a high tea session with their loved ones.

It’s hard to say no to good food, but it’s even harder when it comes with a great price tag.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried this high tea set from Teahouse 1973.

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Bukit Gombak Convenience Store Has Affordable Household Items For Sale Starting From $2

Bukit Gombak Convenience Store Has Everything From Baking Goods To Floor Mats

Sometimes, we need not look far to find hidden gems in our neighbourhoods — some of these stores might just be located at one of our nearby void decks.

Tiong Bahru Stall Has CNY Snacks At $4.50/Jar, Stock Up On Treats For The Long Weekend

On Thursday (18 Feb), a netizen shared a convenience store he chanced upon at Bukit Gombak.


While the store  – ST Gifts – looked just like any other heartland store, he said their items ranging from carpets, towels, and even baking good are priced very affordably.


Plus, the store is located directly opposite Bukit Gombak MRT, meaning it’s real convenient for customers to visit.

Baking trays going for as cheap as $4

Most Singaporeans grew up in neighbourhoods with void-deck convenience stores that sell the most random collection of everything we could possibly need.

In the West of Singapore lies one such store — ST Gifts.

Not only is the store well-stocked with household items, but they’re also selling them for cheap too.


Some products that might pique the interest of home bakers include the wide selection of baking trays and moulds that are available in all shapes and sizes.

Bukit Gombak convenience storeSource

The best part? These trays are retailing from as cheap as $4.

They also have other baking basics like weighing scales and cooling racks that might come in handy if you’re still in the CNY baking mood.

Wide selection of items at great prices

ST Gifts also sells doormats in all kinds of designs for just $2.

Bukit Gombak convenience storeSource

For just a few more dollars, customers can even pick doormats with more elaborate designs.

Bukit Gombak convenience storeSource

Basic schooling necessities like school bags and calculators are also available, for the ‘lil ones who need new gadgets and equipment for the new year.


You can check out more of what’s available here.

Check out Bukit Gombak convenience store if nearby

You might not think to rifle through the store when passing by, but the convenience store certainly has more than just what meets the eye.

So if you live nearby and need some household items, be sure to check it out.

Here’s how to get there:

ST Gifts
Address: 372 Bukit Batok Street 31, Singapore 650372 (next to Swee Heng Bakery)
Nearest MRT: Bukit Gombak station

Or if looking at the great deals has awakened the auntie or uncle within you, you can always drop by the next time you’re in the area!

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Connect@Changi Is A Cosy Pad For Business Travellers To Have Physical Meetings Without Serving SHN

Connect@Changi Will Let Travellers Have Meetings Here & Close Deals Safely

Business travel, prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, was a big part of Singapore’s economy. Many travellers would come to Singapore to close deals and make decisions that can cost millions.

As Singapore looks to rebound its economy and get more travellers coming back, a new facility for such travellers, Connect@Changi, has opened.

Image courtesy of Connect@Changi

Not only will they not need to serve a Stay-Home Notice (SHN), they’ll also be able to meet other travellers physically instead of over Zoom.

The catch? Travellers will have to take several Covid-19 tests throughout their stay. But it’s perhaps a small price to pay for the privilege of meeting business partners in person.

Connect@Changi will let travellers conduct meetings safely

The facility is located just a stone’s throw away from Changi Airport, at the Singapore EXPO & Max Atria.

Travellers will be ferried straight from the airport, and receive short-stay accommodation with WiFi as well as meals.

Image courtesy of Connect@Changi

If they need a place to ponder over their strategies before a meeting, there are courtyards available with park-like settings.

Image courtesy of Connect@Changi

That said, Singapore-based visitors won’t require testing when using the facility as they’ll be completely separated from foreign travellers.

Measures to prevent contact with others

To minimise contact with frontline staff, there’ll be various no-contact measures.

Image courtesy of Connect@Changi

For example, meals will be delivered to pre-installed shelves which are outside guest rooms. Meeting rooms will also be self-service.

Image courtesy of Connect@Changi

Book Connect@Changi room from $384

You can book a room at the facility from $384, although this will include the following:

  • 3 meals
  • Complimentary mini-bar
  • Toiletries
  • WiFi
  • Two-way airport transfer
  • COVID-19 tests required during the course of the stay

The meeting rooms are also separately charged, and you can book them through the Connect@Changi mobile app.

Image courtesy of Connect@Changi

The location being close to Changi Airport will hopefully make business travel smooth and fuss-free.


Address: 9 Somapah Road, Singapore 487370
Contact number:+65 6982 7611

Helping business travellers connect physically

One of the companies who will begin using the facilities is Advanced MedTech.

Lee Weikang, Senior Director, Business Development at Advanced MedTech said that in-person meetings will allow tangible connections as well as bond renewal for a globally-diverse team.

They plan to hold a global senior leadership meeting of up to 30 executives there.

There are certainly things that Zoom meetings cannot replicate, and the facility hopes to bring these physical connections back to visitors safely.

At the same time, Singapore will be able to offer herself as a business hub for meetings and events, which will help the aviation sector recover as well.

To make a booking and for further enquiries, you can visit this website.

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Featured image courtesy of Connect@Changi.

Chinatown Hotel Has 1-For-1 Overnight Stay With Sky Pool & Gym For Weekend Getaways With Bae

The Clan Hotel Has 1-For-1 Staycation So You Can Turn Weekends Into Memorable Dates

Travel is still out of reach due to the ongoing pandemic. While we can’t take a trip to faraway places just yet, a new local outlet will give you the staycation you deserve.

The Clan Hotel at Telok Ayer has a 1-for-1 staycation deal until next Sunday (28 Feb) as a part of their soft launch.

Travel-starved couples can turn weekends into memorable dates with bae thanks to their sky pool, sky gym, and free-breakfast-for-2 deals.


Those sick of staying at home can break away from their routine for one weekend — if you don’t mind splurging on a staycay for special occasions.

Let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

Chinatown hotel has luxurious rooms

The newly-opened Clan Hotel at Telok Ayer boasts a luxurious experience. Guests can choose from 3 types of rooms — Grand Premier, Premier, and Deluxe Room.

chinatown hotel Source

According to their promotion policy, the 1-for-1 staycation package will be limited to 15 Premier rooms daily.

If you’re lucky enough to snag the offer, you can spend a night in an expansive suite with an elevated view of our stunning cityscapes.

chinatown hotel 1Source

Guests can even enjoy a turndown service with essential oils and a calming brew to get a much-needed break after surviving hectic weekdays at work.

chinatown hotel 2Source

Amenities include a Nespresso machine, a complimentary mini-bar, Bak Kut Teh (Pork Rib Broth) Cookies, and carefully chosen tea blends by Pryce Tea.

chinatown hotel 3Source

Another option for guests looking to splurge is the Grand Premier Room. Here, you can reward yourself with a shoe spa service, a butler-drawn bath, and a collection of fragrance soaps.


Sky pool & sky gym

When you’re not in the bedroom, you can hang out at their Sky Pool and Sky Gym.

Located 30 storeys aboveground, the Sky Pool lets visitors soak from up high and marvel at Chinatown’s terra-cotta rooftops and endless shophouses.


Head to the Sky Gym to achieve your weight loss goals for the New Year. The fitness playground boasts of ‘punching bag’ columns and virtual gym classes so you can get your dream figure.


Couples can also get some fresh air and engage in intimate conversations at the Terrace.


The Clan Hotel staycation package

To get a taste of their service, the hotel is offering a 1-for-1 staycation package that lets guests book 2 nights at the price of one.

This seems ideal for couples longing for date nights away from home.


The staycation deal includes the following:

  • Breakfast for 2 at Qin Restaurant
  • Customisable in-room refreshments
  • Local precinct tour experience led by The Clan Keeper
  • One-way limo transfer

The entire experience is priced at $458 nett for a 2-night stay. Couples on a budget can split the cost with bae and pay around $114.5 per night.

No need to fret if you can’t make a booking this month. The Clan also has opening promos for their Deluxe Rooms and Master Series suites until 31 May.

Those interested can check their current promos on their website.

Book a weekend with bae

The Clan Hotel at Telok Ayer lets you beat the travel bug with affordable staycation deals.

A weekend at their swimming pool, gym, and suites from up above will surely recharge your mind and body. The best part? You can spend much-needed quality time with bae.

In the meantime, you can head to their website to view their full list of suites, amenities and make a booking.

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