Lim Chu Kang Fish Farm Loses Over 100 Koi, Allegedly Due To Water Pollution

koi farm

Lim Chu Kang Fish Farm Loses Over $100,000 Due To Alleged Water Pollution

Update (6.53pm, 26 Sep): An earlier version of this article stated that the farm in question is Marugen Koi Farm. The actual koi farm is J K Koi Paradise.

We apologise to all affected parties and have edited the article accordingly.

While many businesses are suffering under the effects of a global pandemic, a fish farm in Lim Chu Kang has faced a crisis for some time.

J K Koi Paradise has apparently lost more than $100,000 and over 100 fish as they mysteriously started dying after a woodchip factory moved in next door, Shin Min Daily News reports.

Each koi can fetch at least $10,000, and these deaths resulted in massive losses.

Woodchip factory may be responsible for fish deaths

Apparently, woodchips from the factory would drift into the water farms.


The waters became polluted as a result, and this proved toxic to the fish — apparently, there’s bacteria within the woodchips that affects the fish.

There’s also some pollution resulting from fires nearby.

More than 20 fish in farm died in Mar

On Mar this year, more than 20 fish suddenly passed.


Over $100,000 was lost in that instant. The owner told Shin Min Daily News that this incident was particularly heartbreaking for him.

He’s lost over $1 million, which includes the cost of building the farm, and was forced to file for bankruptcy last year.

Wishes for resolution

Despite his bankruptcy, the owner is still looking for a solution to the issue.

He’s tried applying antiseptic solution to the water, but it’s not a long-term solution.

Negotiations with the landlord are also at an impasse, he said.

However, when Shin Min Daily News contacted the landlord, they told them that there’ll be filters to prevent the wood fragments from drifting into the farm waters.

There are also plans to move the facilities in the woodchip factory so they’re further away from the farm.

Hopefully, there’s some kind of resolution to the fish deaths, as this is costing the farm’s livelihood.

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Shibuya Department Store To Close After 85 Years, Artists Paint Graffiti In Colourful Farewell

Shibuya’s Tokyu Toyoko Department Store To Close For Good After 85 Years Due To Redevelopment

If you’ve gone to Tokyo’s Shibuya area, you’ve probably visited the Tokyu Toyoko Department Store there to binge on Japanese cuisine and browse for fashionable togs and cool gadgets.

Unfortunately, the next time you’re in Shibuya you won’t be able to do so any more, as the 85-year-old store is closing down for good on Friday (25 Sep) due to a massive redevelopment project.


To say goodbye, an event called “#391045428 (#Thank You Tokyu Shibuya)” was held in collaboration with artists who painted their parting messages via graffiti.


Why the number 391045428? We think it’s because the numbers as read out in Japanese sound like “Thank you, Tokyu Shibuya”.

Here’s a look at how local artists bade farewell to this iconic location.

Artists express gratitude to the location

Prior to the department store’s demolition, local artists were invited to express their goodbyes through graffiti, in an event co-sponsored by local companies BAKERU and Tokyu.

And probably because the building was going to disappear anyway, the artists were allowed to do so on the walls, shutters and even the floor of the premises.


For example, the bittersweet words, “Gracias, Toyoko Shibuya” were painted on these tiled floors.


Another meaningful message featured a dog conveying gratitude, while encapsulated in a colourful heart.


Since many of us can’t say goodbye in person, these lips will say it for us instead.


Shibuya department store artwork

Besides expressing gratitude, local artists also drew vibrant patterns and characters.

Although their meaning is shrouded in mystery, we think it may represent their memories of the building’s numerous outlets.


Perhaps if you had spent some time in this 9-storey store, you’d also feel grateful for the moments you shared with friends and family there.


Local artist Ninawano Risa – Instagram handle (@risarisa) – participated in the pre-demolition art initiative by drawing this adorable horned girl.


Another artist decorated the stairs in neon pink patterns with the hashtag #391045428 as a tribute to the campaign.


Head to new Tokyu complex

The Tokyu Toyoko store was popular for its close proximity to the Shibuya station.

While its sad to say goodbye, fans can head to Tokyu’s new 47-story complex Shibuya Scramble Square, which opened last November 2019.

The building is also connected to Shibuya station.


Nothing lasts forever

Sad to say, nothing lasts forever. Yet, the memories spent in Tokyu Toyoko Department Store will remain in the hearts of those who frequented it

In the meantime, you can explore the hashtag #391045428 on Instagram to check out the final goodbyes of the local artists.

While you’re at it, you can also bookmark Shibuya Scramble Square when we can finally return to Japan.

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Kusu Island Pilgrims Have To Reserve Slots, Only 500 Visitors Per Day From 17 Oct

Kusu Island Visitors Limited To 500 For Lunar 9th Month, Reservations Start On 28 Sep

Kusu Island is known for its tortoise sanctuary and pilgrimage sites, including Tua Pek Kong and Malay shrines. With the Lunar 9th Month coming, the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) will restrict visitor numbers to 500 a day.

Kusu Island Tua Pek Kong TempleSource

Pilgrims and others who wish to visit Kusu Island can use SLA’s website to book a slot from next Monday (28 Sep) onwards.

Singapore Land Authority anticipating visitor influx

According to their press release, the Singapore Land Authority will be limiting daily visitors to 500 from 17 Oct to 14 Nov in anticipation of the Kusu Pilgrimage Season.

Kusu Island entranceSource

Groups of up to 5 people can visit the island together to pay their respects during this period of time.

Online reservations begin 28 Sep

Pilgrims who are interested visiting Kusu Island during the Lunar 9th Month may use this link to reserve slots for up to 5 people.

However, do take note that you can only chiong to chope a slot from 28 September onwards.

Reservation QR codeSource

Alternatively, you can scan the QR code above to reserve a slot. Once you’ve applied, SLA will send a confirmation email if you have secured a slot.

Safe Management Measures In Place At Kusu Island

Most of us will be familiar with the Safe Management Measures (SMM) in place at various public places, and Kusu Island is no exception.

Kusu Island JettySource

For instance, the Tua Pek Kong Temple is limited to a maximum of 30 people while the Malay Keramat is limited to 15. As a result, SLA says that visitors may have to wait in line to visit these place of worship.

Visitors will scan the SafeEntry code before they board the ferry at Marina South Pier, which will be limited to 50 people per trip.


The first ferry will depart from the mainland at 7am, while the last will depart at 7pm from Kusu Island.

Reserve slots to avoid disappointment

With the ongoing pandemic, it is sensible that the authorities are putting in place measures to ensure our safety, even during religious events.

To avoid being turned away from a visit to Kusu Island at the ferry terminal, do remember to check SLA’s website to reserve a visitor slot from 28 Sep.

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Workers Can Go Back To Offices, For Up To Half Of Work Hours From 28 Sep

Employees Can Return To Offices For Up To Half Of Their Working Hours

After months of working from home due to Covid-19, a return to your dusty office desk and cobweb-covered mugs in your offices will soon be allowed.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) announced that from Monday (28 Sep), workers can return to their offices during up to half of their working hours.

For example, if you have a 6-day work week, you can go back to the office for up to 3 days a week.

Also, business and work events can resume in workplaces, with up to 50 people allowed.

Employees can go to office up to half the time

If you’re working 40 hours a week, you can go back for up to 20 hours. The math might get a little confusing depending on your work arrangement, but just know that 50% is the limit.


However, not everyone can go back at the same time.

Employers should split employees into groups, so that there won’t be unnecessary crowding at the office.

Basically Team A and Team B work arrangements, but you’re allowed to go back to the office half the time in a week.

MOH also recommended that flexible workplace hours are made.

For example, only going to the office for meetings, or working half the day in the office before going back home to continue working.

Shift arrangement needed

MOH warned that employers should still retain shift and team arrangements.

Those on different teams or shifts should also not interact at the workplace.

They also said that there should be staggering of reporting times. Half of all employees should start work at or after 10am.

No parties allowed in offices

Although workplace events will be allowed again, these must be business-related, must follow venue capacities and be limited to up to 50 people

The following is allowed:

  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Annual general meetings
  • Extraordinary general meetings

What isn’t allowed:

  • Celebrations
  • Parties
  • Team bonding activities

Employees should be 1m apart from each other.

More flexibility for employees

Although the new regulations will give employees more flexibility, it’s possible that some won’t take the offer.

Being able to work in a single spot is likely better for productivity, as opposed to moving around — to the office, then working from home.

However, those who face difficulties working from home will now have the option of going back to the office if they need to.

As for work events, there is a potential health risk but with more measures implemented, authorities can trace any outbreak resulting from this quickly.

Hopefully, we can host events at external venues soon, as these venues are not doing well at the moment.

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Sentosa Beaches Require Bookings From 17 Oct, Keep Visitors Safe During Peak Periods

Sentosa Beaches Require Bookings After Crowd Observed During Peak Periods

As we emerged from the ‘Circuit Breaker’, some places have implemented crowd-control measures to avoid large gatherings.

The latest to introduce such controls is Sentosa, which will soon put in place a booking system for its beaches during peak periods.

Image from Sentosa Development Corporation

Through the measures, the resort destination hopes to put visitors’ mind at ease as they enjoy the facilities.

Sentosa beaches will allow 5 visitors per booking

According to Sentosa Development Corporation, crowds and queues were seen at its beaches during popular periods, such as weekends and public holidays.

In light of this, visitors who wish to head down to the beaches during these periods would have to make prior bookings.

The measure will kick in from 17 Oct and will apply to Palawan, Tanjong and Siloso beaches.


Visitors can make their bookings up to 7 days in advance. This means those visiting on 17 Oct can start booking their slots from 10 Oct.

Each booking will only accommodate 5 guests.

Siloso, Palawan & Tanjong beaches split into zones

The 3 beaches have also been split into zones – each with capacity ranging from 100 to 350 – to better segregate visitors. The images below will provide you with a better idea of the division.

Siloso Beach (2 zones)

Image from Sentosa Development Corporation

Palawan Beach (3 zones) 

Image from Sentosa Development Corporation

Tanjong Beach (2 Zones) 

Image from Sentosa Development Corporation

Visitors will be able to indicate their preferred zones, dates, and time slots.

Image from Sentosa Development Corporation

You can make your bookings via their website here.

Visitors must make bookings for beach courts too

Similarly, those who wish to play beach volleyball or other games at the designated courts must also make bookings too.


That said, they would not have to double-book for general beach entry.

Likewise, up to 5 players are allowed on each court. However, they should not interact with others playing in different courts.

Vital to manage crowd to keep Covid-19 at bay

The booking system might come as an inconvenience for beach lovers visiting during peak periods.

However, it is vital for us to keep crowding to a minimum in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

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S’pore Authorities Will Fine Diners In Groups Over 5, Even If They’re Not Sitting Together

Groups Larger Than 5 Will See Fine, Including Customers At F&B Places

As Phase 2 reaches its 4th month and Covid-19 cases go down, some are ignoring the rule against groups of larger than 5, and authorities will fine them.

Authorities said today (22 Sep) they’ve ordered shut 3 more F&B places for breaching safe management measures, and fined another 4 places.

2 places accepted groups of larger than 5, even though they were seated apart. In 1 case, the group also mingled between tables.

The other place allowed people to consume alcohol after 10.30pm on their premises.

17 people were already fined as of 9 Sep for breaking rules. Don’t be one of them.

2 F&B places let in groups larger than 5

The 3 places are located at:

  • 25 Church Street
  • 39 Hong Kong Street
  • Blk 261 Serangoon Central Drive, #01-27

The former 2 were both found allowing groups larger than 5.

On Saturday (12 Sep), enforcement officers from the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) found 15 people seated across 4 tables in a restaurant at 39 Hong Kong Street.


It was a private dinner event and the group was intermingling.

As such, URA ordered the restaurant to close from 18-27 Sep.

Meanwhile, the Beer Factory was found letting in 3 groups, containing more than 5 people each, on 12 Sep as well.


They were also ordered shut from 18-27 Sep.

People drinking alcohol after 10.30pm at F&B stall

Finally, at Serangoon Central Drive, officers found people drinking alcohol at 10.55pm on Saturday (19 Sep).


The Singapore Food Agency ordered the drinks stall where they got the alcohol from, to close from 22 Sep-1 Oct.

You can’t drink alcohol at restaurants and other places after 10.30pm. Do that at home.

Another 4 F&B places were fined $1,000 for various breaches.

The punishments were meted out following a review of the breaches, as a follow-up to their statement on 16 Sep.

Authorities will fine customers in groups above 5

Authorities stepped up spot checks following revelations of places breaching measures.

Between 18-20 Sep, they visited 323 F&B places, and 18 of them had broken the rules. This isn’t a bad ratio, although having even 1 breach is probably too many.

The cases are now under review and their punishments will be meted out in due course.

Customers in groups larger than 5 will be fined, even if they’re sitting separately. Only those living in the same household are exempt.


The 1st offence is a $300 fine, while further offences are $1,000 and you may have to go to court.

This is on top of the punishments given to F&B places for allowing these groups to dine there.

Don’t test the system

In the army, there’s a popular saying — don’t test the system.

This means to knowingly do things which aren’t permitted. Seating in groups larger than 5 is exactly that, and you’re putting F&B places at risk too.

People definitely know they’re breaching measures, but do so anyway. It doesn’t pay to get fined $300 or more, and these measures are for safety purposes.

We all have to do our part to curb the spread of Covid-19.

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Serangoon Garden Market To Undergo Renovation In Mar 2021, Go For Kway Chap Before It Closes

Serangoon Garden Market, Home To Many Iconic Stalls To Close For Renovations In March

Serangoon Garden is a place frequented by Singaporeans for its many food gems. Beyond the famous Chomp Chomp Food Centre, just a street away lies its lesser-known cousin — Serangoon Garden Market.


While it might not be the most famous, the underrated market is touted by some as one of the best hawker centres in Singapore.

However come March 2021, Serangoon Garden Market is scheduled to undergo renovation works.


So, if you’d like to get a taste of the well-known Kway Chap before they close for renovation, better head down soon!

Slated for repairs and redecoration in March

Since its opening back in 1962, the Serangoon market has become an important part of the community.

In March 2021, the hawkers will be taking a break while the market undergoes repairs and redecoration.


The upgrading works reportedly aim to protect the heritage of the market while making it a more conducive environment for diners and hawkers. The market last underwent a major renovation back in the early 2000s.

The re-opening date and duration of closure have not been disclosed at the time of writing.

Famous kway chap stall and bakery at the market

While supper-goers are drawn to the appeal of Chomp Chomp, early risers in the area often patronise the Serangoon Garden Market.

One of the most popular stalls that see long lines is Garden Street Kway Chap.

Serangoon garden marketSource

The stall has been around since the 1940s and serves up generous portions that definitely do justice to the Teochew dish.

Serangoon garden marketSource

The highly-rated stall is particularly known for their rice noodle sheets and braised meat.

Another famous stall in the market is Serangoon Garden Bakery & Confectionery.

Serangoon garden marketSource

This old-school bakery sells fresh bread right out of the oven — we can already smell the unmistakable smell of roti just by looking at the pictures.

Their best-sellers are the luncheon meat and hae bee hiam buns.


You’d have to visit early though, they sell out fast!

Head on down soon

If you’re a fan of these iconic stalls at Serangoon Garden Market, better head down soon before it’s too late!

What are your favourite stalls in the market? Let us know down in the comments below.

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Empty Changi Airport T3 Gives Apocalyptic Vibes, Redditor Claims 95% Shops Closed

Empty Changi Airport T3 Transit Hall Photo On Reddit Is Eerie Proof Of Covid-19 Slump

UPDATE (23 Sep, 6.20pm): Changi Airport Group has seen the picture and said they are working with businesses within the airport to manage costs by adjusting operating hours according to flight schedules. The full statement could be read below.

When one thinks of Changi Airport, an image of bustling terminals may come to mind. However, airports have taken a hit with the decline of air travel during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Empty Terminal 3 pick-up point

A Redditor shared an eerie picture of Terminal 3 (T3) with its dark and empty departure hall, showing us that even the world’s best airport is not spared from a global pandemic.

Accompanying the photo was a caption by the Redditor who said they had never seen the airport that empty.

Redditor said Changi Airport T3 experience was bizarre

The Redditor, who was apparently travelling for business, was so moved by the “sad and eerie” sight that they decided to share their experience.

Eerie terminal 3 departure hallSource

An interaction with a convenience store staff revealed that the Redditor was only the second passenger that day, and eighth person to visit the convenience store.

Comment about eerie terminal 3Source

That means the 6 other humans to have stepped foot there all day were employees, which is a truly sad thing to think about.

Items at duty free shop on steep discount

Shops at the airport seem to be taking drastic measures to keep in business, according to the Redditor.

Duty freeSource

The Redditor shared that many items at duty free stores were on 50-80% discounts and speculated that they were trying to sell as much as possible to keep afloat.

comments about empty terminal 3Source

MS News has reached out to Changi Airport Group for an official statement regarding this matter.

Netizens share their concern

Redditors took to the comments section to show their concern about Changi Airport.

A flight crew member said that the scene is extremely saddening.

Flight crew member's concernSource

Another commenter said that the picture of the dark departure hall makes one emotional.

Emotional commentSource

It seems that Singaporeans are affected by the state of our airport, which is a jewel in the eyes of many proud residents.

Terminals 2 & 4 remain closed

As of now, Terminals 2 and 4 will remain closed, with flights being diverted to remaining terminals.

Terminal 2 empty check inSource

According to Changi Airport’s website, T2 was closed on 1 May, with operations suspending for 18 months.

T4 followed about 2 weeks later on 16 May, “in view of the very small number of flights still operating in the terminal”.

There have been no news about the other terminals since then.

Changi Airport says shops operating hours have shortened

In response to our queries, Changi Airport Group has responded with the following statement:

With the decline in passenger traffic due to Covid-19, the operating hours of our retail and F&B shops in transit have been shortened as part of our efforts to help tenants manage cost and optimise their resources during this period. We also work closely with our tenants to adjust their operating hours according to flight schedules. Retail, F&B and service outlets providing essential services to passengers, for example fast food, pharmacies and money changers, remain open round the clock.

Hopes for Changi to return to life

Though the pictures of the empty Terminal 3 may be saddening, or even disheartening, we must bear in mind that the Covid-19 pandemic will blow over sooner or later.

Changi pre-covidSource

For now, we can only await the day when one can book air tickets and return to the skies, with Changi Airport to greet us when we return from our travels.

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New Yishun Convenience Store Has Affordable Milk Powder, Great News For Parents With Young Kids

Convenience Store JinTai Mart Opens 9th Outlet At Yishun Avenue 5

Raising a child is no easy task, especially considering the resources required. So, it’s only understandable that most parents are often on the lookout for great deals.

Well, a convenience store that claims to offer “the most affordable” milk powder in Singapore has recently opened a new outlet right in the heartlands of Yishun.


Cheapest Milk Powder in Singapore

Although JinTai Mart may look like any other convenience store, one thing sets them apart.

See, JinTai Mart prides itself as having the most affordable milk powder in Singapore.

Yishun convenience storeSource

But baby formulas aren’t the only products that are affordable at the convenience store — they have great deals on other baby products like diapers too.

Previously, Shopback even listed their stores as some of the cheapest places to buy baby diapers. You can apaprently get them for as low as $0.15 per diaper!

Yishun convenience storeSource

The store is also well-stocked with other household items like laundry detergents and shampoo, making it a convenient one-stop-shop for daily necessities.


They even sell speciality items like TCM herbs!

Convenience store JinTai Mart opens new Yishun outlet

JinTai Mart’s latest outlet is its 9th in Singapore.


The new store is located at Block 102 Yishun Avenue 5, #01-107, conveniently near Chong Pang Market.


Here are the locations for its other outlets.

Yishun convenience storeSource

The convenience store is also opening a new outlet in Ang Mo Kio later this December.

Singaporeans love a good deal

For parents looking to ease some pressure off their monthly bills, JinTai Mart might just be your answer.

After all, if there’s one thing Singaporeans love, it’s a good deal.

Know someone with a young kid who lives near JinTai Mart’s newest outlet? Tag them in the comments below!

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Old M’sia Flat Transforms Into Hotel Suite Lookalike, Shows Size Is No Barrier To Luxury

Old M’sia Flat Transforms Into Hotel Suite Lookalike, Design Incorporates Good Space Planning

When we spent a lot more time at home during the recent ‘Circuit Breaker’, we may have noticed several things about our homes.

Perhaps it’s a crack in the wall or paint peeling in the corner — but our pads could do with some refreshing, especially if we’ve lived there for awhile.

The owners of an old, worn-out flat in Malaysia probably thought the same thing, so they engaged professionals to turn it into a cosy but luxurious nook reminiscent of a hotel suite.

It’s amazing what a bit a refurbishment can do to a place — or this case, a very extreme makeover. The place looks totally unrecognisable.

Source, Source

Size is no barrier to luxury

From the outside, the flat looks unremarkable, situated as it is in an old block with near-identical looking units.

Outside, the corridor looks poorly maintained, and one won’t expect the units to be any better.


According to the post in Malaysia Homie, the flat’s area is just 470 square feet, or 44 square metres — smaller than a typical 3-room flat in Singapore.


Hence, it’s amazing what Winelo Design & Renovation did to it, proving that size is no barrier to luxury.


A triumph of space planning

In its Facebook post on the project, Winelo said design isn’t just about being aesthetically pleasing.

Space planning is equally important, it added, especially in a small flat like this.

And we can see how the flat is a triumph of space planning, as initially the tiny living-cum-dining room could’ve been cramped.


However, the designers managed to fit a bar area next to the couch, and there’s even room for a display shelf.


From the photos, we can see that the bar table, which is next to the window, can fit 4 people.

It’s a creative way for 4 to have a decent meal without taking up all the space in the room.


There’s even space to fit in a smart home system.


Fully equipped kitchen area

The original flat didn’t have much of a kitchen — it was a squeezy nook which also doubled up as a laundry area.


Now, it’s fully equipped to prepare meals, with storage cabinets, a stove and microwave.

We especially like how the fridge is positioned on top of the washing machine to save space.


Bedroom comparable to hotel room

As we venture into the most important space for every resident – the bedroom – we see that it used to be a bland space that nobody would want to spend much time in.


It’s now been transformed to a plush haven, with contemporary fittings comparable to a hotel room.


Toilet brightened up

The dirtiest place in the home would be toilet, a place that’s difficult to spend time in, let alone love.

The original toilet was no different, being a dark and grimy pit of despair.


The renovation brightened the place up significantly, with good lighting and marble floors and walls, and now it’s a classy corner to clean yourself.

We like how the cabinet is located over the toilet bowl, again to save space.


Opposite, the marble sink and wide mirror are to die for.


Spare room now a spruced-up study

Even the non-descript spare room was spruced up.


It’s now a stylish study room perfect for working from home.


Design inspiration for the home

Winelo named this project “The Hidden Gem”, and it’s aptly named because no one would except to see this gorgeously designed unit in an old block.

With good space planning, it looks bigger than its actual size, and as luxurious as a hotel room to boot.

Kudos to the designers, and now we’ll have some design inspirations for our own homes.

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