Yew Tee Integrated Development Will Have Flats For Seniors, Shops, Polyclinic & Hawker Centre

HDB To Build Integrated Development In Yew Tee To Cater To Seniors In 2027

Due to decreasing birth rates and an increase in life expectancy, Singapore is currently facing a rapidly ageing population.

Hence, it is important to ensure buildings and infrastructures will be catered to seniors’ needs.

The Housing & Development Board (HDB) announced on Thursday (21 Oct) their plans for Yew Tee in 2027.

They will be constructing an integrated development that will include flats, which will also house seniors.


Additionally, residents can expect a wide array of amenities and commercial facilities under the same roof for easier convenience.

Yew Tee integrated development includes various amenities for seniors

On Thursday (21 Oct), HDB took to Facebook to reveal the Yew Tee Integrated Development project.


The building will comprise a 6-storey commercial block which will link to a 10-storey residential block housing 2-room Flexi flats for seniors.


Of course, such a large structure will have various amenities for residents’ convenience.

Healthcare facilities like a polyclinic and co-located dialysis centre will provide primary care services on site.


Grabbing a meal will also be convenient with Choa Chu Kang’s first hawker centre there.

To ensure residents have conducive spaces to bond, HDB will include a community club and community plaza.

Those who like to shop would be happy to know that retail outlets and commercial services will also be available.

Features like landscaped decks and skyrise greenery meanwhile create beautiful green spaces. In the same green spirit, smart lighting will line common areas.

The various features will enable seniors to “live well, live green, and live connected”.

More senior-friendly buildings

With Singapore’s ageing population, we’re glad the authorities are doing their best to cater to seniors’ needs.

Perhaps in the future, infrastructures like this will become more commonplace.

Let’s hope the project goes smoothly, so Yew Tee residents can have something to look forward to in 2027.

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Featured image adapted from Housing & Development Board (HDB) on Facebook

Orchard Road Will Have Floral Christmas Decor From 13 Nov, Virtual Tour Available Too

Floral Christmas Decor To Light Up Orchard Road This Festive Season

As the year-end festivities approach, it’s a ‘tradition’ for Orchard Road to light up and get shoppers in the festive mood.

Orchard Festive Lights Are The Brightness We Need While We Celebrate The End Of The Year

Come 13 Nov, Christmas decorations will return to Orchard once again, this time with a floral theme.

Image courtesy of ORBA 

Orchard shoppers can look forward to festive arches and ornaments as they walk down the spacious boulevard.

Orchard Road to be lighted up with Christmas lights from 13 Nov

In a press release issued on Tuesday (19 Oct), the Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA) revealed that the theme for this year’s festive light-up will be “Christmas in Bloom”.

Happening from 13 Nov – 2 Jan, 68km of fairy lights and oversized floral decorations will be installed along Orchard Road. Some neon lights will also be incorporated to add a “mesmerising effect“.

Image courtesy of ORBA 

The lights will be turned on at 6.30pm daily but will end at different timings depending on the days:

  • Sundays to Thursdays: 6.30pm – 12am
  • Fridays to Saturdays: 6.30pm – 2am
  • Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve: 6.30pm – 6am

Shoppers can also look forward to enjoying Christmas carols performance along the stretch between ION Orchard and Ngee Ann City.

Performances will start from 1 Nov till 2 Jan between 5-10.30pm daily, with the exception of Christmas and New Year’s Eve where it will last till 12.30am.

Floral Christmas decor to beautify Orchard Road from 13 Nov

In addition to sparkling lights, the Scotts-Paterson road junction will also be decorated with red and rose gold poinsettias — a traditional Christmas flower symbolising purity and mirth.

Image courtesy of ORBA

Shoppers can also spot poinsettias near Tanglin Mall, which will continue to the Paterson Road junction.

From 1 Nov – 2 Jan, there will be a 10-minute 3D show on the facade of Mandarin Orchard Singapore every day from 8-10pm.

Additionally, viewers can enjoy augmented reality effects by downloading the mobile application PopAR and pointing it at the projection.

Virtual tour of Orchard Road’s Christmas decorations available

Those who would rather view the Christmas decorations from the comfort of their homes can opt for the virtual tour.

Image courtesy of ORBA

Viewers can catch a 360-degree tour along the 3.11km stretch from Tanglin Mall to Plaza Singapura from 19 Nov – 2 Jan 2022.

There will be 10 hotspots included in the experience this year, featuring a lineup of local buskers and bands performing Christmas carols and covers of the latest hits.

Interested individuals can head to ORBA’s website to view the impressive lights and decorations.

Christmas decoration theme signifies hope and resilience

According to ORBA, the theme this year symbolises a journey of hope and resilience.

This is especially so for those in the tourism and retail sectors which have been negatively impacted by the pandemic. ORBA hopes the Christmas decorations will attract more crowds to Orchard Road and patronise the shops there.

Image courtesy of ORBA

Furthermore, ORBA’s Chairman, Mr Mark Shaw believes Christmas and the New Year is an ideal time to appreciate what we have.

He hopes everyone can “remind themselves (ourselves) that despite the challenges we face, we have much to be thankful for and to look forward to.”

While Singapore is still tackling the Covid-19 pandemic, the high vaccination rates have shown that the country can return to some form of normalcy.

Enjoy the Christmas decorations at Orchard Road this year

2021 has definitely been a challenging one, especially for our frontliners. Perhaps the mesmerising lights will spread some joy and positivity this festive season.

Though our year-end celebrations will likely be different again this year, we hope the lights will evoke some sense of festive cheer in all of us.

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Featured image courtesy of ORBA. 

Pulau Ubin Guide Drives A Taxi, Can Show You Nice Fishing & Paktor Spots

Pulau Ubin Guide Drives Taxi For A Living, Hopes To Get Public Support

Pulau Ubin, while interesting to explore, could be difficult for visitors to navigate around due to the large size.

Members of the public who wish to explore more of the island can now hire a Pulau Ubin guide known as Uncle Satay.

While he was formerly a guide, his main income now comes from driving a taxi around the island. However, he can still bring passengers around and show them scenic views of the island.

A lady who had worked with Uncle Satay before have since publicised his services on Facebook to help with his income.


Visitors who are interested can give Uncle Satay a call to book his taxi in advance.

Pulau Ubin guide can bring you around the island by taxi

On Sunday (17 Oct), a lady took to Facebook to advertise Uncle Satay’s taxi services.

She had worked with him on a documentary 2 years ago and knew he had a good amount of experience and knowledge about Pulau Ubin.

Uncle Satay had shown her how to hunt for crabs in a sustainable manner for her documentary.


However, since then, Uncle Satay can no longer wade in the mangrove waters like before due to old age wearing his knees down.


Hence, he now relies largely on his taxi services to earn a living.


However, due to current travel restrictions, there has been lesser demand for it.

Visitors to Pulau Ubin can book taxi in advance

To give Uncle Satay more publicity, the lady decided to share more about his services on Facebook.

Those who are planning to explore the island can book Uncle Satay in advance.

He will not only bring visitors around, but he can also recommend chio spots for people to sightsee, fish, hike and even paktor.

Additionally, this could even be an educational trip for both children and adults to get to know more about the island.

Hope taxi business will pick up

Visitors of Pulau Ubin who are interested in learning more about the island can book Uncle Satay’s taxi before arriving.

Hopefully, Uncle Satay’s taxi business would be able to pick up with more people getting to know about his services.

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Featured image adapted from Cheah Wenqi on Facebook

New Mandai Wildlife Reserve Comprises Zoo & Bird Paradise, Visit Animals At 1 Place

Mandai Wildlife Reserve Will Include Singapore Zoo & 4 Other Parks From 13 Oct

A day out at the zoo is a guaranteed good time for visitors of all ages. As they constantly seek to expand and diversify their attractions, the previously named ‘Wildlife Reserves Singapore’ has gone through a rebranding and will henceforth be known as Mandai Wildlife Group.

With the rebrand comes Mandai Wildlife Reserve, a one-stop destination for all wildlife parks in Singapore. This newly established integrated hub will house the ever-popular Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, and River Wonders (previously River Safari) as well as 2 more parks.

Aside from the promise of new attractions, the rebrand brings along a whole new look to the zoo, with new logos and attires to welcome the new chapter.

Here’s a preview of what you can expect the next time you visit Mandai Wildlife Reserve.

All existing wildlife parks undergo rebranding with new logos

Whenever your last zoo visit was, you might recall the iconic elephant family motif as the attraction’s logo. But the next time you go back, you’ll find a totally different one instead.

The old logo

With its latest rebrand, the Singapore Zoo introduced an orangutan motif that reminds us of the late Ah Meng.

Also sporting a facelift is the Night Safari which has updated its feline eyes logo for a sleeker look.

Image courtesy of Mandai Wildlife Group

River Safari, one of the more recent parks, not only received a new look but went through a name change as well. Now known as River Wonders, it better fits the visitors’ experience of touring around the numerous freshwater habitats.

Bird Paradise & Rainforest Wild slated to open from 2022

As Jurong Bird Park is relocating to Mandai in 2022, it will subsequently be renamed Bird Paradise.

The new bird sanctuary will apparently be located next to west arrival node of the Mandai development.

In addition to the relocated bird park, visitors can also look forward to Rainforest Wild — a compact yet rich rainforest setting that’s packed full of interactive activities.

The opening date of Rainforest Wild hasn’t been confirmed yet, but Mandai Wildlife Group’s CEO Mike Barclay says the precinct is expected to be completed by 2024.

Existing parks refreshed with new attractions

Apart from the rebranding efforts, existing parks will also welcome new attractions.

Night Safari will soon have a brand new amphitheatre that boasts a new AV system spanning 5 floors.

Meanwhile, Kidzworld at the Singapore Zoo will have a world-leading petting zoo after its revamp and will continue combining physical and digital elements for kids to enjoy.

Image courtesy of Mandai Wildlife Group

Look forward to new developments at Mandai Wildlife Reserve

With so many exciting things in store, our days at the zoo will certainly be more fun-filled than ever.

Not sure about you, but we’re already looking forward to visiting the 2 new parks that are set to open from next year.

What do you think about the rebrand? Let us know in the comments.

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ITE College West Canteen Empty As Students Are On HBL, Public Urged To Support

ITE College West Canteen Stallholders Need More Customers As Students Are Away On HBL

While Home-Based Learning (HBL) arrangments have been changing for younger children, online learning has become the new norm for tertiary students.

Unfortunately, with students and teachers at home, stallholders at school canteens face a dearth of customers.

The situation seems especially bad at the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College West, as pictures circulating online show an empty canteen.

A netizen who saw this state of the canteen quickly took to Facebook to share about it and garner more support for the stallholders.


She also mentioned the food was affordable and hoped those around the area would patronise the canteen.

ITE College West canteen empty reportedly due to HBL

On Monday (11 Oct), a netizen shared on Facebook about the situation of the canteen in ITE College West.

She explained that the canteen’s business had been badly affected as the students were mainly on HBL. Hence, there was hardly anyone there to patronise the shops.

The photos shared showed that apart from the stallholders and cleaners, the canteen was comparable to a ghost town.


By sharing the plight of the canteen stallholders, the netizen hoped those around the area would visit to show their support.


She added in a comment that she was just a customer, but wanted to help the struggling stallholders who are apparently barely making enough to cover the rental.


Additionally, there is a wide range of affordable food there as well, which would be great for anyone on a tight budget.

Netizens show support for canteen

Since the post first went live, it has garnered over 2,700 shares, with many netizens showing their support.

A former student mentioned that the stallholders are very friendly and the food affordable and tasty too.


A current student said while the school is not fully under HBL, the situation is still quite bad as many stalls are unable to cover their rentals.


Others also shared that netizens can show their support by ordering through online platforms like GrabFood.


Otherwise, if you’d like to go there to check out the food yourself, here’s what you need to know:

Matrix @ ITE College West
Address: 1 Choa Chu Kang Grove, Singapore 688236
Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-3pm
Nearest LRT: Teck Whye Station

Those walking in can enter by the gate facing the LRT station as the main entrance allegedly closes after 10am.

Show your support for struggling stallholders

The pandemic has definitely been challenging for many F&B businesses, some of which have had to close.

If you happen to be around the area or live near there, do show your support for the struggling stallholders.

Hopefully, with more people sharing about this situation, the business at ITE College West’s canteen will improve.

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Featured image adapted from Wendy Choo on Facebook

Northshore Plaza I Opens In Punggol On 29 Oct, Will Have McDonald’s, Haidilao & Decathlon

Northshore Plaza I Will Be Connected Directly To Samudera LRT Station

Those who’ve been to Punggol’s Northshore District will attest that it’s pretty far-flung.

And as a relatively new estate, there isn’t much now in terms of dining options or retail therapy.

That’s about to change when Northshore Plaza I opens on 29 Oct.


Among the tenants that residents can look forward to are favourites like McDonald’s, Haidilao and Decathlon.

Northshore Plaza will open in 2 stages

The new mall announced the good news via a Facebook post on Saturday (9 Oct), sharing that it will open in 2 stages.


The first to open will be Northshore Plaza I on 29 Oct. It’ll be located between Punggol Way and Northshore Drive and linked to Northshore Residences.


Northshore Plaza II will have a more scenic location, as it’ll be overlooking the Straits of Johor.


That’s why the Housing & Development Board has billed it as “the first seafront neighbourhood centre to be built in an HDB estate” and “a unique waterfront shopping experience”.

However, this section will open only in the 1st quarter of 2022.

Northshore Plaza I connected to LRT station

Not only will Northshore Plaza I be the first to open, but it’s also the more accessible of the 2 halves.

That’s because it’ll be directly linked to Samudera LRT station, 4 stops away from Punggol MRT interchange.


So Punggol residents who regularly visit Waterway Point will have a new shopping option just an LRT ride away.

Of course, Northshore Plaza I & II will also be linked across the road via a bridge for easy access.


Familiar favourites to look forward to

The mall also helpfully confirmed the tenant list, so visitors know what to look forward to when Northshore Plaza I opens in just 3 weeks.


McDonald’s will be there, of course, as no neighbourhood can do without the golden arches.


Another familiar favourite will be Haidilao Hotpot, which will be popular with families and friend groups once we can dine out in bigger groups again.


A relatively recent addition to our retail scene that’s now booming is Decathlon. Its impending arrival at Northshore Plaza I will be good news for those who like to exercise near the seafront.

According to Decathlon, its experience store there is the company’s 6th. It’ll have 4,200 sq m of space and 2 levels.

Besides these, there’ll also be a Giant Supermarket for daily essentials, Koi Thé for your bubble tea fix and the usual learning centres.

Over at Northshore Plaza II, what catches the eye are the latest branches of fast-food chain A&W and $2 shopping haven Daiso.


Other gastronomic highlights to expect are 4Fingers Crispy Chicken, Slappy Cakes and Creamier.

Architectural features

The mall will have an airy arrival atrium filled with light for those more interested in architectural features.


There’ll also be a community plaza for events and shows.


The building will be surrounded by verdant greenery, as it’s located within a comprehensive network of community spaces and parks.


This naturally ventilated “community spine” will connect the mall to the residential blocks and extend alongside the common green to Punggol Promenade.

This will provide convenient and sheltered access to the waterfront, HDB said.

A reason to visit the north-east

The addition of another new mall in Singapore might be somewhat of a regular thing, but it still draws much attention nonetheless.

At least now curious Singaporeans will have a reason to visit the extreme north-eastern end of the island.

For residents living in Northshore District, they’ve so far had no choice but to head over to Waterway Point for their shopping needs.

So we’re sure they won’t be able to stop themselves from rushing to Northshore Plaza I when it opens later this month.

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Indonesia Halts Batam & Bintan Travel Corridor With S’pore, Cites Rising Cases

Indonesia Halts Travel Corridor After Seeing Singapore’s High Number Of Covid-19 Cases

When the number of Covid-19 cases starts decreasing, most countries would think about opening the borders to help their tourism industry.

However, plans can also change depending on the Covid-19 situation within the countries involved.

Channel NewsAsia (CNA) reported on Thursday (7 Oct) that Indonesia has decided to halt their Batam and Bintan travel corridor with Singapore.

Riau Island’s Governor, Ansar Ahmad, revealed that Singapore’s surge in Covid-19 cases was taken into consideration when making the decision.

Indonesia halts travel corridor with Singapore

Indonesia confirmed the cancellation of their travel corridor with Singapore on Wednesday (6 Oct).

According to Antara News, Governor Ansar confirmed that the cancellation was caused by the recent rise in Singapore’s Covid-19 cases.

Last month, he had mentioned that Riau Islands would be opened to fully vaccinated tourists from Singapore in October.

However, this is not the first time the travel corridor has been halted. The plans were also put on hold in mid-July when Indonesia was experiencing its 2nd Covid-19 wave.

The travel corridor was first discussed in March to bring tourists from Singapore to Riau Islands’ Batam Nongsa and Bintan Lagoi.


Both countries also wanted to ensure the safety of their people while executing the travel corridor. Hence, they decided to open it only when the Covid-19 situation is under control.

Though Indonesia still has a high number of cases, Riau Islands is considered to be safer due to the low risk as there are fewer infected cases.

Important to ensure the safety of the people

Though it is a pity that the corridor will not be able to open yet, the safety of the people is still more important.

Hopefully, Singapore will be able to reduce the number of Covid-19 cases and stabilise the situation soon.

Let us all do our part in adhering to safety measures so as to prevent the spread of the virus.

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Johor KSL City Mall Looks Eerily Empty, Netizens Attribute It To Lack Of S’pore Shoppers

Johor KSL City Mall Looks Deserted & Devoid Of Shoppers In Viral Pictures

Back when weekly Johor Bahru (JB) visits were common in pre-Covid days, KSL City Mall was one of the popular destinations for Singaporeans seeking food and other necessities.

However, with travel restrictions in place, such malls have seemingly seen lower footfall.

Recently, pictures showing a deserted and desolate KSL City Mall, with many stores closed, went viral on Facebook.


Many netizens were quick to speculate that the phenomenon could be due to the lack of shoppers from Singapore.

Johor KSL City Mall looks like a ghost town in viral photos

On 30 Sep, Facebook page Johor 柔佛, which posts about updates in JB, shared pictures of an eerily empty KSL City Mall.

Gone were the hoards of shoppers who once patronised the malls, which made the reflective glares from the overhead lights even more pronounced.


Another picture showed the familiar Popular bookstore with its shutters closed.


According to Google Maps, the outlet has closed for good.

Once the location of pop-up sale events, an empty space in the mall now has a red carpet laid over, with no products on display.


Perhaps expected of such a deserted mall, there was but 1 customer even at Starbucks.


Similarly deserted scenes at accompanying hotel

The same situation was also seen at the hotel resort which accompanied the shopping mall.

This hotel entrance was barricaded, likely to facilitate the entry requirements that visitors have to comply with.


At one of the counters, one of the staff was seen to be on duty, but with no customers in sight.


Though it’s unclear when the pictures were taken, the OP said this was apparently due to the lack of customers from Singapore.

Looking forward to weekly JB trips again

Be it in Singapore or across the Causeway, it’s always saddening to see one of our frequently visited malls devoid of visitors.

Hopefully, the situations in both countries improve soon, and our weekly JB visits can become a reality in the near future.

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Featured image adapted from Johor 柔佛 on Facebook

Amoy Street Food Centre To Close From 11 Oct, Dabao Fish Soup Before That

Amoy Street Food Centre To Close For Renovations From 11 Oct

Singapore hawker centres are often visited by many people. Hence, it is important that they remain well-maintained to ensure the comfort and safety of patrons.

According to the National Environmental Agency (NEA), the latest hawker centre to undergo renovations will be Amoy Street Food Centre.

The food centre will close next Monday (11 Oct) till 10 Jan 2022. Hence, anyone planning to eat there should do so by this week.

Amoy Street Food Centre to close for 3 months

Amoy Street Food Centre at Maxwell Road is popular among locals due to the large variety of food and famous stalls there.

Additionally, being within the Central Business District (CBD), the food centre tends to attract many office workers in the area.

Unfortunately, NEA has shared in their latest announcements that Amoy Street Food Centre will close for 3 months from next Monday (11 Oct) till 10 Jan 2022.

Other food centres that are currently closed for renovations are:

  • Blk 159 Mei Chin Road – till 9 Dec 2021
  • Blk 1 Jalan Kukoh – till 9 Oct 2021
  • Kallang Estate Market – till 12 Dec 2021

This also means that the well-loved fish soup stall, Han Kee, will be closed for quite some time as well. Located on the 2nd floor, Han Kee often sees a long line of hungry customers.


In light of the impending closure, fans of the stall who have been craving the fish soup should quickly patronise or dabao before 3pm on Friday (8 Oct) since they don’t open on weekends.

Patronise the food centre soon before it closes

Though Amoy Street Food Centre will be closed for quite some time, it is to help to make sure patrons have a better environment to dine at in the future.

Do remember to take some time to patronise your favourite stalls once more this year before they close for renovation.

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Featured image adapted from Streetdirectory and Google Maps

Photographer Captures Punggol’s Misty Landscapes, They Resemble Japan In Winter

Punggol’s Misty Landscapes Look Like Japan During Winter

Singapore is famous for its futuristic cityscapes and natural wonders. Even if we’ve managed to explore every nook and cranny of our island, nostalgic photos can make familiar locations seem like an entirely different destination. Photographer Tan Yong Lin’s collection, “The lost tranquility of Punggol”, is one such example.


Over the years, he captured the misty landscapes of Punggol in the evening and at dawn. The stunning results surprisingly resemble Japan during the winter season.

Misty Punggol landscapes resemble a winter morning

In a modern city like Singapore, pockets of nature are few and often evoke an air of mystery. Mr Tan managed to capture these exact vibes in his breathtaking photographs.

Near Lorong Halus, he spotted the Punggol Promenade bridge amidst a hazy fog on a misty evening following some rainfall.

misty landscapes 1Source

Equally striking is a photo of the lone “Instagram tree” at Punggol Waterway Park. No longer around after its removal in 2015 following a lightning strike, the poignant photo seems to carry much more weight.

misty landscapes 2Source

Before Edgedale Plains was developed, it was occasionally shrouded in mist after a rainy evening. You could even find a long line of trees from as far as Coney Island.

We imagine this quiet and mysterious forest would be the perfect setting for a spooky film.

misty landscapes 3Source

These unfaltering rocks at Punggol Beach add a touch of magic amid the serene tides. While this area has been turned into a high-rise development, nature enthusiasts may remember this fantasy-like setting.


A magical side of Singapore

This album proves there are perks to exploring little-known destinations when few souls are lingering about.

Some of the views are forever lost because of rapid urbanisation. Though they’ll never look the same again, we’re glad this album managed to preserve these incredible sceneries.

To see more of Mr Tan’s awe-inspiring photographs of Singapore’s landscapes, check out his Instagram page at @ylint.

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Featured image adapted from Tan Yong Lin on Facebook.


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