i12 Katong To Reopen With New Glass Facade, Rock Climbing Wall & Play Area In Q4 2021

i12 Katong Will Reopen In Q4 2021 With 180 Stores

Heartland malls are often our go-to places for a quick bite with the family or to hang out with friends.

After being closed for upgrades since last March, Easties will be happy to learn about i12 Katong’s imminent reopening in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Katong I12 Mall Will Close Temporarily From Mar 2020 For Upgrades, To Reopen 2021

The new-and-improved mall will reportedly feature 180 stores as well as lifestyle facilities like an indoor rock climbing wall and a children’s play area.

i12 Katong reopenImage courtesy of Keppel Land

i12 Katong mall to reopen between Sep and Dec

In a press release on 20 Apr, Keppel Land announced that the revamped i12 mall will reopen its doors to the public some time between Sep and Dec 2021.

When it reopens, the expanded 6-storey mall promises to give shoppers a seamless retail experience with over 180 specialty, retail, and F&B stores.

Image courtesy of Keppel Land

Surrounded by glass panels, the mall will be split into 3 specially curated zones:

  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle, home, and living
  • Family entertainment

Children’s play area, rock wall added to new i12 Katong mall

The revamped i12 mall won’t just be a shopping destination, but also a entertainment venue for shoppers of all ages.

Bringing kids out to shop will no longer be a grim affair for parents with the new children’s play area, where the ‘lil ones can have fun playing and jumping around.

i12 Katong reopenImage courtesy of Keppel Land

The new i12 mall will also be home to a new rock climbing facility by Climb Asia, challenging climbing enthusiasts to reach new heights.

The Golden Village cinema will also be making a comeback on level 5, perfect for movie dates or family outings.

Closed for enhancement works since Mar 2020

i12 Katong closed back in Mar 2020 for enhancement works.

While renovations are still ongoing, the developer is hopeful for its upcoming reopening in Q4 2021.

i12 Katong reopenImage courtesy of an MS News reader

Located at the intersection of East Coast and Joo Chiat Road, i12 will also be more convenient and accessible than ever before in the near future.

Marine Parade MRT station, part of the upcoming Thomson-East Coast MRT line, will only be a short 5 minutes walk from the mall when it’s ready for operations.

The MRT station is expected to be completed in 2023.

Plenty to look forward to

There’s plenty to look forward to at the new i12 Katong that’s slated to open at the end of this year.

Hopefully with the new features and tenants, the mall will provide Katong residents and shoppers a more enjoyable and enhanced experience.

What are you anticipating most with the reopening of i12 Katong? Let us know in the comments down below.

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Featured image courtesy of Keppel Land.

Abercrombie & Fitch To Close S’pore Store On 2 May, Head To Orchard For Your Last Haul

Abercrombie & Fitch Singapore Store At Orchard To Close On 2 May

Over a year since the pandemic began, the world is still grappling with the ongoing aftershocks of Covid-19.

Businesses have taken serious hits in the face of the pandemic, the latest being American casualwear brand Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F).

It has announced that its only physical store in Singapore will close from 2 May 2021.

However, the brand will carry on with its online sales.

Abercrombie & Fitch to close Orchard store

On Sunday (18 Apr), the popular fashion brand announced on Instagram that it’ll close its retail store in Singapore on 2 May.


This comes as a shock to many, as the brand is extremely popular among youths who love casual t-shirts and apparels.


Besides, the shop also caused quite a stir back in 2011, when it greeted the Singaporean masses with its signature shirtless models.


Air-dropped from countries such as the United States, Germany and Japan, A&F’s debut on Orchard Road was certainly one to remember.

Chain of closures across continents

This move comes amid the brand’s decision to close physical stores across multiple countries.

Back in Mar 2020, A&F announced the closure of all stores in North America and Europe, while those in Asia-Pacific (APAC) would remain open.

However, with the brand’s latest announcement, it seems that more physical fronts are set to close in the future.

Calling Orchard Road home since 2011, the store across from Takashimaya has been a familiar sight for many.


However, the good news is that you can still download the A&F app and shop online, as the brand’s digital business continues as per normal.

Sad news for fans

This news comes as a shock for many, as the store also carries a sentimental value as a familiar sight on Orchard Road.

Be it for shopping or just soaking in the vibes – and vibes aplenty it’s got – fans will lose a dear spot.

It’s therefore saddening to think that it’ll go in 2 weeks’ time.

We hope that the situation will improve for the brand, and that they can hopefully brace through the pandemic.

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Tokyo DisneySea To Have Real Life Arendelle So You Can Explore Elsa & Anna’s Town In Frozen

Tokyo DisneySea To Have Frozen, Peter Pan & Tangled Expansion By 2023

Many of us have fond memories of watching Disney movies like Frozen and Tangled.

While we’ll never be able to enter these fictional realms, Tokyo DisneySea is making an effort to turn these fantasy worlds into reality.

On Thursday (15 Apr), Tokyo DisneySea shared that they have an upcoming extension named Fantasy Springs.

tokyo disneyseaSource

Spanning roughly 140,000m², the new expansion will feature fairytale zones such as Frozen, Peter Pan, and Tangled.

tokyo disneysea 1Source

To satiate our curiosity, the company has released concept art so fans know what to expect.

Frozen & Tangled expansion

Disney shared a 1:50 scale model and illustrations featuring the Frozen and Tangled-themed zones, which will get any fan excited.

tokyo disneysea 2Source

Aspiring Arendelle residents can finally enter the magical kingdom and get a glimpse of Elsa’s iconic ice fortress. Perhaps you’ll even meet Olaf while wandering in the village.

tokyo disneysea 3Source

The icy mountains seem chilly, so here’s to hoping that the cold temperatures won’t bother you anyway. Maybe you’ll even reach the summit through an indoor roller coaster.

tokyo disneysea 4Source

We’ve seen Rapunzel’s iconic tower depicted in many animated films, but pretty soon, we’ll finally be able to visit it for ourselves in Tokyo.


Walk up the stairs and peer out the window above, to relive what the Disney princess probably felt tucked away from the world.


Peter Pan pirate ship from Neverland

Set sail to Neverland with the upcoming Peter Pan-themed expansion featuring a pirate ship in Skull Rock. Experience the adrenaline rush that Peter Pan probably felt navigating the place while steering clear of Captain Hook.


As you walk along the coast, look out for spots where characters like The Lost Boys and Tinkerbell appeared in the animated film.


Tokyo DisneySea expansion opens in 2023

Fantasy Springs’ ambitious expansion will launch in 2023.

There are no specific details about rides and attractions just yet, so keep a lookout for further updates.

By the time of the opening date, we hope that travel restrictions will ease so we can see the marvellous features for ourselves too.

Do you have any friends who are excited about this new expansion? Tag them in the comments to share this upcoming attraction.

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Queensway Has An Idyllic Garden McDonald’s, Munch On Fries & Escape The City Life There

Ridout Tea Garden McDonald’s At Queensway Is A Zen Fast Food Joint

Think McDonald’s and you’d probably imagine a crowded restaurant in the city or heartlands. But did you know that Singapore has a beautiful garden McDonald’s in Queensway?

The branch has been around for many years now, but may not be familiar to younger folks.

Away from the hustle and bustle and far from any mall or MRT station, it makes for a perfect escape from city life.

Garden McDonald’s hidden along Queensway

Look out the window while cruising along the Queensway Underpass and you’ll probably notice a huge parking lot with several huts nearby.


While most drivers stop there to visit the florist, families often spend a longer time at the McDonald’s outlet just next to it.

Overlooking a pond and surrounded by greenery, stepping into the restaurant will make you feel like you’ve entered a whole other realm.


Munching on fries and biting into your McSpicy at this McDonald’s outlet is sure to be a refreshing experience.

Originally the first Japanese-themed garden in Singapore

Apparently, this picturesque location has been there for decades, long before it became a McDonald’s outlet.

According to Roots.gov.sg, Ridout Tea Garden where the McDonald’s is at used to be the site of Singapore’s first Japanese-themed community garden.

Then called Queenstown Japanese Garden, it opened to the public in 1970 as a recreational spot for residents living in the nearby flats.


A fire at a furniture shop there on 26 Jun 1978 engulfed the entire garden in flames, though thankfully nobody was hurt.

The Housing & Development Board (HDB) built a new garden there in 1980, which they renamed Ridout Tea Garden.

For several years, KFC occupied the space, before McDonald’s eventually took over.

Space reduced over the years

In its early years, the McDonald’s outlet was rather huge, taking up multiple huts as the only restaurant there.

There was even an entire section for children to host birthday parties, a practice many 90’s kids would likely recall fondly.


Sadly, as time passed, several different establishments have come and gone, replacing the party area and reducing McDonald’s floor space significantly.

What’s left now is a rather tight dining space, so we’d suggest going on a weekday to avoid crowds.


Still makes for a peaceful place to chill at

Smaller space aside, the Ridout Tea Garden McDonald’s still makes for a perfect spot to chill out, and while your weekend away.

Chope a table by the pond and have your meal there, so you can watch the terrapins and fishes swimming.


But if you can’t take the heat, sitting inside and enjoying the aircon is fine too, as you can still bask in the natural sunlight from the large windows.


Raring to drop by soon? Here’s how you can get there:

McDonald’s Queensway
#01-580 Ridout Rd, Tea Garden, Singapore 149066
Opening hours: 24 hours daily
Nearest MRT: Commonwealth Station

Jio your fam to the garden McDonald’s at Queensway

Looking for a cool restaurant to bring your fam to for meals doesn’t have to be a headache when places like McDonald’s Queensway exist.

Not only will you get to dine on a budget in a beautiful setting, you’ll get some quality down time there too.

Jio the fam to the outlet some day, and let everybody relax while munching on some piping hot french fries.

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Bukit Timah Hill Engulfed In Mist After 15 Apr Thunderstorm, Reminds Netizens Of Genting Highlands

Bukit Timah Hill Covered By Mist After Thunderstorm On 15 Apr

Recently, thunderstorms have been occurring frequently in Singapore both in the afternoons and early mornings.

Not only has the temperature descended as a result, so has a mysterious fog that seems to have covered the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

The misty hill was captured by a local hiker, Mr Ng, who shared pictures of it on social media.


The post has since gone viral, garnering over 1.9k likes overnight. Netizens say that it reminds them of Malaysia’s Genting Highlands.

Bukit Timah Hill appears misty after a thunderstorm

A particularly loud thunderstorm struck Singapore on Thursday (15 Apr), bringing downpours to different parts of the island.

But besides rain, it seemed to have brought a mysterious fog down on Bukit Timah Hill too.


Capturing the picturesque scene on camera, Mr Ng makes Bukit Timah Hill – totaling 163.63m in height – look like a majestic mountain with dense rainforests.


The mystical fog engulfing trees on Bukit Timah Hill makes the area look like a distant realm, much like an ancient recluse.


The overwhelming Genting vibes we get from the photos are enough to make us daydream about being there amid travel restrictions.

Netizens marvel at Bukit Timah Hill engulfed in mist

Many netizens are understandably amazed by the stunning captures of our island’s highest natural point.

One says that the photos remind them of Genting Highlands in Malaysia.


Hailed as a breathtaking natural escape not far from home, Genting Highlands’ misty forests are certainly missed by many.


Another netizen has aptly pointed out the need to protect the limited nature reserves in Singapore, as they offer such wondrous displays by Mother Nature.


Head down for a rare sight in Singapore

Since we can’t cross the borders for now, the misty forest at Bukit Timah might be the closest we can get to Genting.

Given the persistent thunderstorms lately, perhaps there’s a chance the mist will linger for some time.

But if you’re thinking of exploring the forests after a rain, do remember to wear non-slip shoes and tread carefully.

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Suntec City Has Cherry Blossom Disney Store With Mickey, Pooh & Piglet Merch Till 30 Apr

Suntec City Has Cherry Blossom Disney Store Outside Cow Play Cow Moo Arcade Till 30 Apr

A trip to Japan might not be possible just yet, but at least we are still able to take in breathtaking views of cherry blossoms at Gardens By The Bay (GBTB).

Gardens By The Bay To Feature Sakura & Hello Kitty, Pretend You’re In Japan Admiring Cherry Blossoms

Latest to the sakura hype is Suntec City, who recently launched a cherry blossom Disney shop that features Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Mickey, and Minnie merchandise until 30 Apr.

Cherry blossom Disney storeSource

The exciting pink products and activities might just be the perk-me-up you need to commemorate the sakura season close to home.

Cherry blossom Disney store until 30 Apr

Suntec City’s cherry blossom Disney store – which opened on Wednesday (14 Apr) has exciting offerings and activities for visitors.

Be on the lookout for Mickey, Minnie, Piglet, and Winnie the Pooh plushies — our childhood characters certainly seem more adorable when they’re in pink.

Cherry blossom Disney store 1Source

There are even Piglet, Bambi, Dumbo, and Chip ‘n’ Dale displays at the store that you and your friends can pose with for the ‘gram.

Cherry blossom Disney store 2Source

Even though we can’t take a carriage ride beneath the cherry blossoms just yet, this bike decorated with Disney plushies and gorgeous florals is the next best thing.

Cherry blossom Disney store 3Source

Those who crave fun and interactive activities can visit the wishing wall or try their luck at the life-sized Gacha machine.

When fatigue sets in, take a breather on this bench which mimics a swing hanging from a sakura tree.


Get shirts and collectibles

There’s also merchandise of all sorts at the store which visitors can buy to commemorate the visit.


Parents can also snag a few classic Disney shirts – which come in myriad colours – for their ‘lil ones too.


Located outside Cow Play Cow Moo arcade

The cherry blossom Disney store is located at Fountain Court outside Cow Play Cow Moo arcade at Basement 1 (#B1-150).

Here are more details about the event:

Cherry Blossom Disney Pop-up Store @ Suntec City
3 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038983
Date: 14-30 Apr 2021
Nearest MRT: Promenade, Esplanade, or City Hall MRT Station

Get pink Disney plushies

Regardless of your age, Disney characters and cherry blossoms will always have a special place in our hearts.

While we might not be able to visit Japan at the moment, we can at least grab a couple of charming Winnie the Pooh and Mickey plushies for ourselves.

Know a friend who would love to visit this cherry blossom pop-up Disney store? Tag them in the comments to share the good news.

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Old Waterloo Street Temple Photos Give Us A Nostalgic Look At Simpler Times In A Pre-Covid Era

Vintage Photos Of Waterloo Street Temple Evoke Nostalgia Of Vibrant Festivities

The iconic Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple is one of the most visited Buddhist temples in Singapore.

However, it had to close doors to thousands of devotees on important occasions this year in light of the pandemic.

Waterloo Street Temple To Close On 26 Feb & 9 Mar To Prevent Crowds During The Pandemic

That’s perhaps why a vintage album of the temple booming with festive crowds has gone viral recently.


Not only do we get a glimpse of the temple in the olden days, the booming crowds also  remind us of vibrant pre-Covid times.

Photos show Waterloo Street temple decades ago

On Tuesday (13 Apr), Facebook page Daily Quote Singapore shared photos of the Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple in the 50s and 60s.

Demolished in the 70s and rebuilt in 1982, the precious photo shows the site’s original courtyard architecture.


The black and white shot captures devotees flocking to the temple for prayers and worships.

Built in 1884, the Waterloo Street temple is perhaps most famous for its Chinese New Year festivities.


Crowds gather in festive clothes to visit the Guan Yin goddess, and offer joss sticks for a new year of blessing.

Peddlers were also setting up stalls beside the temple, providing visitors with flowers and perhaps ice cream for the sweltering heat.


You can also see the precursor of Fortune Centre right beside the temple, which is now hailed as a vegetarian food heaven.

Temple booming with devotees

Besides getting hit by waves of nostalgia, netizens also point to the road in front of Buddhist temple.


Currently an iconic footpath, Waterloo Street apparently used to be a regular road open to motor vehicles.


Others reminisce their childhood memories with their ah ma and ah gong, in a time when Singapore’s streets were filled with rickshaws.


Nostalgia of the bygone times

In an unprecedented time of isolation and social distancing, such photos do leave us with mixed feelings.

Thanks to the vintage photos, we get to see an iconic site in its olden days.

However, the booming crowds are also a stark contrast with festivals amid the pandemic.

We hope that one day, such vibrancy will return to our streets.

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Huge Python Spotted At Clementi Vegetarian Stall, Netizen Jokes That It’s Becoming A Vegan

Large Python Seen At Clementi Kopitiam Behind Vegetarian Stall On 10 Apr

From time to time, snakes have made surprise appearances where we least expect them.

Massive Python Coils Around Fence Near Downtown East, It’s Likely Trying To Escape Flooded Drains

On Saturday (10 Apr) morning, the staff of a Clementi vegetarian stall got a shock when he spotted a huge python taking a nap behind the stall.


Police officers were called onto the scene. They later informed the relevant authorities, who helped capture the python and safely took it away.

Long python spotted at Clementi vegetarian stall

The last place where you’d expect to find a meat lover is at a vegetarian stall.

Yet on Saturday (10 Apr), that’s exactly where kopitiam staff spotted a python.

When the staff member first came into the stall at 6am, he started setting up as per usual.

But when he stepped behind to take a break at around 8am, he saw the python in excess of 1m laying against the wall behind the stall at the Block 431 Clementi Avenue 3 kopitiam.

python clementi stallSource

Upon making the discovery, he and his colleague hurriedly sought help from the kopitiam manager who called the police for help, reported Lianhe Wanbao.

Authorities secure snek

2 police officers were later seen on site, accessing the situation and taking photos of the python.

python clementi stallSource

Soon after, the relevant authorities were notified and they arrived at the scene.

In a video shared on Facebook, 2 personnel were seen handling the python at the kopitiam.

python clementi stallSource

According to Lianhe Wanbao, the python was then secured in a black bag and brought away.


The vegetarian stall staff said that the whole process went smoothly and they were able to resume business promptly at around 10am.

Staff also mentioned that the python’s belly looked like it had a bulge.

python clementi stallSource

They guessed that the python had a hearty meal before slithering to the back of the stall the night before.

Netizens joke that snake has gone vegetarian

Some netizens were quick to joke that these days, even snakes want to go vegetarian.

python clementi stallTranslation: Even snakes realise that they want to go vegetarian now hahaha

This netizen took it one step further, saying there’s nothing to fear because it’s a vegetarian snake.

Translation: It’s probably here to eat vegetarian food, no need to fear

Another netizen conjectured that the snake probably liked to feed on rats at the kopitiam.

Translation: The python probably loves the kopitiam’s rats. A good helper for rodent control.

He continued, saying that the pythons might even be a good help in controlling the rat population.

Kudos to authorities

Kudos to the authorities for securing the python and removing it from the kopitiam safelyHopefully, the python is fine too.

The staff must have gotten quite a shock looking up to see such a large python napping behind the stall.

Thankfully, the snake was at peace napping and nobody was in any danger.

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Featured image adapted from Lianhe Wanbao and Facebook.

New Park In Bukit Batok Has Long Tube Slides & Rope Obstacles For Playtime With The Kiddos

Bukit Batok Neighbourhood Park Has New Playground With Tall Tube Slides & Elevated Boardwalk

Neighbourhood parks are an important green lung in our estates. They provide residents with ample space for walks, picnics, and games.

Now, residents in Bukit Batok Central can look forward to more exciting leisure and playtimes with the opening of a newly renovated park.

Enter Fuji Hill Park, located near Block 225, which was officially opened on Sunday (11 Apr).


The park has a new playground with long stretches of tube slides, tall climbing structures and rope obstacles for both younger and older kids.

Let’s check out what the rejuvenated space has to offer to residents, both young and old.

Bukit Batok has new playground for little & bigger tots

On Sunday (11 Apr), Bukit Batok MP Mr Pillai announced on Facebook the opening of Fuji Hill park.

It comes with an exciting new playground with 2 play areas for both the younger and older kids.

The most eye-catching feature is a long stretch of tube slide which stems from a tall climbing structure.

Older kids who’s a daredevil at heart will enjoy the thrill ride and monkeying around.


Added is a series of rope obstacles, where the ‘lil ones can embark on their own adventures and learn about cooperation.


For the tiny tots, the new playground has an area with a merry-go-round with a mini-slide, climbing call and more.


Since the playground is located at the base of Fuji Hill, parents and kids will find the area beside Blk225 extremely accessible.

Elevated boardwalk for a stroll

Another feature that makes the Bukit Batok neighbourhood park stand out is probably its elevated boardwalk.

It’s perfect for taking a stroll in the park, while overseeing the greenery and the neighbourhood.


Moreover, reach the summit platform of Fuji Hill is made easier with jogging and walking paths.


Ideal for a weekend playdate

The newly opened neighbourhood park is found right along Bukit Batok Central Road, next to Block 225. Here’s how to get there:

The boardwalks and new playground sound ideal for a family day. If you live in the neighbourhood, do head down to check it out!

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Thomson Nature Park Has Ruins Of Old Hainan Village With Abandoned Wells & Roads From The 1930s

Hainan Village Ruins At Thomson Nature Park Offer Glimpse Of Kampung Life From The 1930s

Living in a little red dot, many of us may think that we’ve scoured every nook and cranny in Singapore. However, hawk-eyed nature lovers may occasionally stumble upon wonders that serve as relics of our past.

For instance, this little-known trail in Thomson Nature Park leads to a former Hainan village with dilapidated building structures, abandoned wells, and old roads from the 1930s.

hainan village Source

On 2 Apr 2021, MP Amrin Amin shared photos of the historic kampung to give a glimpse of the old-world charm of our city. If you plan to see it for yourself, here’s what you’ll find.

Trekking at Thomson Nature Park

Thomson Nature Park has a total of 5 trails.

For those who want to discover abandoned places rich in history, consider opting for their Ruins & Figs Trail which leads to a Hainan village.

hainan village 1Source

2 original roads named Lorong Pelita and Jalan Belang connect the Hainan village to the main road. Once you spot the signage, you’ll know you’re in the right place.

hainan village 2Source

Exploring the Hainan village

Upon reaching your destination, you’ll find the remnants of an old community that give a brief look at kampung life.

According to TODAY, the area was established by Hainanese immigrants in the 1930s.

In the 1960s, close to 100 residents with diverse ethnicities and dialects lived here together.

While it may have been a lively community in the past, its structures are now shrouded in trees after years of being left uninhabited.

hainan village buildingSource

Walk around the historic structures and you’ll find old toilets and rusted fences.


Despite being abandoned for decades, you’ll make out signages that show it was once a rich fruit orchard, pig, and poultry farm, as well as a rambutan and coconut plantation.

Perhaps the villagers even enjoyed munching on some jackfruit after a long day spent on the field.


Marvel at the peaceful stream that will let you take a break from the hectic urban life. Just like the flow of water, the passage of time is inconspicuous yet inevitable.


Nature is often bursting with life as evidenced by these small weeds bursting between pavers.


Life at Hainan village

The kampung has been abandoned since the 80s when its last resident left because of housing development plans.

TODAY reports that one of the former residents of the kampung was the family of Mr Han Choon Fook. The family business began with their first outlet at Upper Thomson Road, and grew to become the popular Han’s cafe chain.

While the kampung is no longer around, remnants of its existence tell the story of the a Chinese community in Singapore, one former resident told TODAY.

If you’d like to travel to the past and catch a glimpse of history, here’s how to get there:

Thomson Nature Park
Upper Thomson Rd
Opening hours: 7am – 7pm daily
Nearest MRT: Yio Chu Kang Station

A reminder of our past

Our local parks may not be vast swathes of jungles, but you can still find historic relics if you know where to look.

The Hainan Village serves as a vivid reminder of kampung life which may foster an appreciation for the past and present Singapore.

If you want to see it for yourself, don’t forget to carry a bottle of insect repellent and trek with a friend.

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