$63 Million Mansion Is S’pore’s Version Of The ‘Parasite’ House, With Secret Panels & Stone Relics

Parasite Mansion Lookalike Has Artefacts In Its Walls, Basement Museum & 2-Storey Walk-In Wardrobe

This year, South Korean movie Parasite made history by being the first foreign-language film ever to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

Among the highlights of the Oscar-winning movie is the gorgeous but sinister mansion, which was custom-made for the movie.

Although it isn’t a real residence, we think we’ve found something that’s as close as it comes, right here in the heart of Singapore.

Here’s the iconic house from Parasite:


And here’s the real-life bungalow in Singapore:


Parasite mansion lookalike costs $63 million

The resemblance is uncanny, but what made our jaws really drop was the house’s interior and the priceless treasures it holds.

Not to mention its hidden rooms and spiral staircases.

Of course, it doesn’t come cheap, as the 34,000-square-foot (roughly 3,160 m²) bungalow costs a mind-boggling $63 million, shared Mr Jervis Ng from JNA Real Estate in a YouTube video.


34,000 sq ft is about the size of 100 basketball courts.

Take a tour through the fantastical house with us, as we uncover its highlights and spectacular design.

Exterior walls embedded with artifacts

As Mr Ng begins the tour of the fortress outside, he first introduces you to the well-manicured, green lawn that looks as if it sprung out of the Bong Joon Ho masterpiece.


Then comes the pool. The cool blue 20m lap pool is well-guarded by a pair of Chinese lion statues from the Tang Dynasty. They’re also the largest lion statues in Asia.


Even the exterior walls hold treasures — literally. They were specially built to model the marble balustrades in the Tang Dynasty City, and house thousands of artifacts.


If you look closely, you can see them featured on all 4 outer walls of the house.


As the house belongs to an artifact collector, there are many more ancient artifacts and collectors’ items displayed around the house, and incorporated into its design.

Secret panels & doors in living room

Upon first glance, the living area looks like one in any typical luxury home: sprawling, luxurious, with a grand piano in the corner.


But upon a closer look at the mahogany walls, one will be surprised to find that they slide open to reveal not just a television, but a concealed doorway to the kitchen, and dining area.


The owner even had a room designed specifically for serving tea, with a full-marble feature wall, twisted tree trunk tables and some of the world’s rarest brews all under the same skylight.


The owner even had a vintage spiral staircase from Bencoolen Street installed in his home, just for that extra bit of historical flair.


Home museum in basement

If you think that’s impressive, our jaws literally hit the floor when we saw what the basement held.

Instead of a deranged old man running from debt (like in the movie), it houses the owner’s collection of ancient relics and artifacts.

The collection seems to sprawl on forever — it’s basically a personal museum, right in the belly of the house.


That’s not all, there’s another tea room with more artifacts displayed, including tiles from the Tang Dynasty palace, and another wall made entirely of Pu Er tea bricks.


If tea’s not your thing, perhaps the walk-in, futuristic wine cellar is more up your alley.


Parking garage with space for 12 cars

The basement is used for practical reasons too, of course. There’s an 8,000 square foot parking garage, with enough space for up to 12 super cars.


It even has its own car lift for easy access from porch to basement.

Master bedroom has 2-storey walk-in wardrobe & secret room

The master bedroom isn’t just a bedroom, of course. It’s a rest area, a study, and a spa rolled into one.

The rest area apparently also has a secret walk-in wardrobe behind its curved walls, but it seems like it’s only for the owners’ eyes.


You’re not missing out on much though, as the 2-storey walk-in wardrobe makes up for that.

Featuring another spiral staircase, it’s a perfect balance of “His” and “Hers”, with a well-lit vanity and watch case to boot.


Right through the glass door is the bathroom, or mini-spa, with a jacuzzi big enough for 2.


Our motivation to work hard & get rich

The “Singaporean Dream” is typically known as the “5 Cs”, but after seeing this beast of a mansion, we’d like to dub it the 3Bs: Big Beautiful Bungalow.

Of course, money doesn’t come easily, and we sincerely applaud whoever owns this house for their hustle to bring this masterpiece to life. It’s definitely a huge motivation to work hard and get rich.

Here’s to more multi-million dollar mansions and hopefully, merry moneymaking.

Featured image adapted from YouTube.

Ghibli Museum Virtual Tours On YouTube Are Perfect For Satisfying Our Japan Travel Cravings For Now

Ghibli Museum Videos Help Us Experience The Iconic Japanese Institution, Even Though We Can’t Travel There

Like most tourist destinations in the world, the Ghibli Museum in Japan was closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fortunately, anime fans can now satisfy their boredom and wanderlust by watching their virtual tours on its YouTube Channel.

Since the Ghibli Museum follows a strict no-photography policy indoors, it’s the first time that most Studio Ghibli fans who have never visited can get an inside look at this beloved destination in Tokyo’s Mitaka district.


If you want to relive your memories of its iconic films, here’s a sneak peek into the museum.

First video of Ghibli Museum shows you through the main entrance

In the first video, the videographer approaches the building’s main entrance.

Long-time fans who gaze at the stained-glass door will recognise characters from My Neighbour Totoro, Mei and the Kittenbus, and Kiki’s Delivery Service.

From there, the videographer moves down a stairway adorned with stained-glass lamps.


Space of Wonder

The Space of Wonder Room features a ceiling that has an impressive mural of a bright sun shining through the roof, lighting up the swathes of vines and the floor.


If you look closely, you’ll also find miniature versions of characters from your favourite Studio Ghibli films.


Permanent exhibit room

Studio Ghibli’s permanent exhibit room depicts where movies are born and the magic happens.


Here, you’ll find sketches and props used in the production stage.


Women’s restroom

The restroom is rarely a noteworthy destination, but it’s a different case for the Ghibli Museum.

From its glass “doorway”, we can see the enchanted home from Kiki’s Delivery Service.


Once inside, you’ll notice that each cubicle (more like a small room) has unique wallpaper that could motivate you to take longer than usual to do your business.


Straw Hat Cafe

After a long fun-filled afternoon, many tourists like to take a break at the quaint Straw Hat Café.

While during normal times it’s quite crowded and can be challenging to find a table, the virtual tour allows you to see what’s it’s like to enjoy the cafe’s interior.

It features a fireplace and a view of the surrounding gardens that’ll make you feel like you’re dining inside a Ghibli movie.


Like most Japanese fare, the food is made with fresh organic ingredients. You can get an ice cream parfait, coffee, and cakes served on plates decorated with adorable characters.


Satisfy your lust for travel with Studio Ghibli

Armchair travellers, which most of us are at the moment, can visit Studio Ghibli’s YouTube channel to check out the virtual tours. We think that they’ll be uploading more videos, so don’t forget to subscribe.

Since Singaporeans, together with travellers from 110 other countries, are currently banned from entering Japan due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this seems to be the only way we can catch a glimpse of the Land of the Rising Sun for now.

We sincerely hope Singapore and Japan can overcome the virus soon, so we can head to the Ghibli Museum – as well as the Ghibli theme park that’s opening in 2022 – for real and fulfill our travel bucket list.

Featured image from YouTube and Flickr.

Redhill Fishball Noodle Stall Loses Customers As Nearby Offices Close, Needs Help To Stay Open

Redhill Fishball Noodle Stall Needs More Customers To Make Up For Poor Sales During ‘Circuit Breaker’

The ‘Circuit Breaker’ period has dealt a tough blow on many local businesses, who’ve had to either close completely or find alternative avenues to operate.

For small establishments like this fishball noodle stall in Redhill, adapting to the changes have been hard.


Probably unaware of how to take his business online, the middle-aged uncle who runs it has had to rely on the few walk-in customers daily.

Business slow due to lack of workers in the area

Before the Covid-19 outbreak, the many offices and car showrooms in the area meant that the stall welcomed a steady stream of diners daily.

But with many workplaces asking employees to work from home, the customer base went away with them, leaving the fishball noodle stall high and dry.


With few customers and no orders flying out for delivery, business was terribly slow throughout the nearly 2-month long ‘Circuit Breaker’.

As a result of that, the uncle running the stall has been struggling to keep it open, and needs all the help he can get.

Glowing reviews for Redhill fishball noodle stall

Of course, the only solution for that is to physically visit his stall to get some noodles.

If you need a good reason to go, perhaps the glowing reviews from former customers would convince you. Several of them commented on a post in Facebook group Hawkers United – Dabao 2020.


Here’s a photo of what you can expect when you order a bowl of their signature noodles. Minced meat noodles are also on the menu if you prefer that.


The noodles are so good that they became the focus of an entire article in The Straits Times (ST) in 2018. A bowl cost $3 then, which likely hasn’t changed much.

If you’re raring to support the uncle and keep his business open, here are some important details you should note:

Address: Seng Hong Coffee Shop, 58 Lengkok Bahru, Singapore 150058
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 7am-2.30pm, Sat & Sun 7.30am-1.30pm
Nearest MRT station: Redhill

We hope the uncle will start getting more customers again, so his business will improve.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

Universal Studios Japan Forbids Hugs & High Fives, Visitors Must Observe Safe Distancing

USJ Reopens For Pass Holders From Osaka On 8 Jun, Face Masks & Temperature Taking Will Be Mandatory

As Universal Studios Japan (USJ) in Osaka reopens, it announced new rules such as no screaming on roller coasters to ensure the safety of visitors amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now, USJ has expanded its guidelines to disallow hugs and high-fives with park mascots and staff, according to The Japan Times.


The destination will also enforce social distancing guidelines and discourage visitors from coming too close to one another.

Meet-and-greets with mascots won’t be the same

At theme parks, many visitors, especially those with children, endure long queues to meet and greet mascots.

Once the long-awaited meet-and-greet starts, children usually give their favourite characters a warm hug and a high five.


However, it won’t be the same now, thanks to these social distancing measures.

Although we’re not sure what the future holds for these sessions, we imagine that the mascots will be able to interact with visitors only from a considerable distance.


The same goes for contact with staff members, which will be prohibited.


Visitors discouraged from being too close

Visitors who may have wanted to celebrate the end of the lockdown with a tight-knit group of friends and family, or with their bae, should note that visitors will be discouraged from being too close to one another at USJ.

While we assume that minors would be able to have close contact with their parents, the theme park has announced that patrons will be asked to stand 1m apart while queueing for attractions.


Need support when taking a scary ride? Sorry, you’ll be on your own, as thrill-seekers in roller coasters will be seated in every other row.


While face masks will be mandatory, temperature screenings will also be taken and those warmer than 37.5 deg C won’t be allowed to enter.


While the management has not described exactly how these new measures will be implemented, a theme park representative told The Japan Times,

We want to create a new way of enjoying the park together with visitors.

Entry limited to pass holders from Osaka at first

The theme park closed its doors to curb the spread of the coronavirus in February.

When it reopens on Monday (8 Jun), only annual pass holders living in Osaka Prefecture who have made reservations can visit.

Meanwhile, those who do not fall under this category will be able to visit from 15 Jun if they have booked advanced tickets.


Those from Kyoto, Hyogo, Shiga, Nara and Wakayama can visit from 19 Jun.

Take note of these changes

As you may already know, Singaporeans, together with travellers from 110 other countries, are currently banned from entering Japan due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

By the time the pandemic subsides and we’re allowed to visit Japan again, it’s uncertain whether these safe-distancing measures will still be in place.

While they may be disappointing to travellers and visitors, it’s better to be safe than sorry — and we’re optimistic that these new measures won’t last forever by the time we can make it to USJ, because scientists are working hard to find a vaccine.

But if you do encounter these new rules, please respect them for the safety of everyone.

Featured image from Veltra and Lilla Green.

Photographer Spots Rare Majestic Rooster In Pasir Ris, Netizens Can’t Stop Fawning Over It

Photographer Encounters Majestic Rooster Near Api Api Riverside In Pasir Ris

Singapore may be an urban jungle, but that hasn’t stopped a couple wild roosters from popping up in HDB estates and neighbourhood parks before.

If you didn’t know it yet, roosters are more commonly sighted in coastal parks like Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve and Pasir Ris Park.

Eric Bronson, a photographer in Singapore, had the luck of running into a majestic rooster, sporting bright, bold, and beautiful plumage.


Among the eye-catching colours are blue, green, and even hints of purple — definitely not colours commonly seen on a rooster.

Regal-looking rooster found along Api Api Riverside in Pasir Ris

Sharing a close-up shot in Nature Society Singapore’s Facebook group, the photographer said he encountered the rooster along Api Api Riverside in Pasir Ris.


Api Api Riverside is a popular haven for free-roaming chickens. Residents living in nearby estates have embraced them, as they are a wonderful addition to the kampung atmosphere there.

People love capturing them in photos or videos.

Once, Pasir Ris otters had even gotten into a fight with the roosters.

Life can be quite dramatic at times for Singapore wildlife and animals.

Netizens fawn over majestic rooster

Netizens – mostly comprising group members of Nature Society – fell in love with the rooster instantly. Some were calling it “beautiful” and “handsome”.

One group member said even though she is used to frequent sightings of roosters and hens at her ulu neighbourhood, she hasn’t seen one with such beautiful plumage.


One member even noticed the rooster’s oddly large feet, which reminds him of a Sesame Street character called Sam the bald eagle.


Some netizens have speculated that this rooster’s breed might not belong in the wild. They deduced that it could be someone’s pet.


Beautiful roosters thriving in Pasir Ris

Roosters may not get much attention compared to celebrity-like otters of Singapore, but they are definitely a welcomed addition to estates near Pasir Ris Park.

Have you encountered any rare, beautiful roosters in Singapore before? Share your photos with us in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Google Maps.

Hokkaido Wellness Resort On A Mountain Has Scenic Views & Ryokan Interiors, Opens In 2023

Aman Niseko Resort Will Have 30 Suites, 31 Exclusive Residences & Many Different Types Of Spa Offerings

We remember Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido as a haven of scenic flower fields, fresh seafood, and historic castles, but this upcoming destination will cause the island to be renowned as a wellness retreat too.

Aman – a luxury hotel group – is set to build its first wellness resort cum residences in Hokkaido by 2023.

Located in the slopes of Mount Moiwa, the location of Aman Niseko will allow travellers to ski to their heart’s content, explore the wilderness, and rejuvenate themselves in onsens or saunas.

wellness resort 1Source

Resort has 30 exclusive suites, all with mountain views

The luxury hotel chain’s fourth Japanese property, its 30 suites are housed in a separate pavilion, and all of them have mountain views.

wellness resort 3Source

Since it’s an all-in-one wellness resort, you might be tempted to stay cooped up in your room for the entire trip — but you shouldn’t.


Wellness resort situation amid pristine forests

That’s because distinct from other Japanese inns and hotels, this resort will expose you to the natural beauty of Japan’s northern forests.

It will be the only property on Hokkaido’s Mount Moiwa, and the mountain rivals Switzerland’s extensive mountain ranges, thanks to its pristine forests and natural landscapes.

wellness resort 2Source

Its remote location also lets guests have access to winter activities like snowboarding, skiing, river rafting, and hiking.

Ryokan interiors

While the outdoor area will definitely lure you into wilderness adventures, the interior follows a minimalist ryokan – Japanese inn – aesthetic that will make you feel calm and comfortable.


The restaurant has a rustic and simple charm.


Luxuriate in all sorts of spa offerings

Hokkaido is the onsen capital of the world, but this destination will give you access to more than just onsens.

The Aman Niseko resort will have more variety in its spa offerings, with plans to include indoor and outdoor saunas, as well as Finnish saunas, steam rooms, cold plunge pools, indoor lap pools, and aqua fitness pools.

wellness resort 4Source

Expect wellness experiences like Shiatsu massage and Zen meditation made possible with veteran therapists well-versed in Japan’s healing traditions.

wellness resort 5Source

Meanwhile, the spa reception area has a blissfully calm atmosphere where you can read your favorite book or jam to your Spotify playlist to get a well-deserved break.


Those who crave a peaceful environment while sipping on refreshment can stay in the tea room, where they can momentarily forget their worries and indulge in the countryside view.

While we usually crave for sushi, we’re eager to also enjoy the flavours of freshly brewed Japanese tea.


Each residence frames its natural setting

If you’re flush with cash, consider owning one of the 31 residences, each of them a two-storey structure packed with entertainment areas, ski rooms and three bedrooms.

Home theatres, wine cellars, and massage rooms can be added.


The residences are also designed to frame their natural settings, from forest views to mountain scenery.


If you want a breath of fresh air, the residences also have large balconies where you can gaze at the towering trees and wildlife.


A place to bookmark for a future visit

Singaporeans, together with travellers from 110 other countries, are currently banned from entering Japan due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But by the time the resort opens in 2023, we’re optimistic that the situation will get back to normal and you can book your trip to Japan.

In the meantime, visit Aman’s website to learn more about the hotel and bookmark this resort for a future visit.

After we’ve recovered from life’s recent setbacks, consider rewarding yourself with a wellness retreat in this amazingly beautiful place.

Featured images adapted from Aman Niseko. 

Starker Bistro & Bar Is Closing All Its Outlets & S’poreans Are Sad To See Them Go

Starker Closing All 7 Outlets, Says Goodbye To Customers

When a list of 40 restaurants closing down went viral recently, beloved German-themed bar Starker ended up on said list, although its status was unknown at the time.

Sadly, on Thursday (4 Jun), Starker announced on Facebook that they were in fact closing down all 7 of its outlets.


Starker was renowned for their locally-brewed beer, which takes its cues from the long-held traditions found in Germany. When you think beer, you probably think of Germany, after all.

7 outlets served up food & beer

Before Starker was forced to shutter due to the closure of all bars and entertainment outlets by authorities, many visited for their sumptuous food, large portions, and of course, liquid gold.


With a variety of bistros and bars located around Singapore, one was never too far away from the promise of a good time with friends.


There were even branches in the West and North-East, not typically your first thought when it comes to finding bars.

Weird Oktoberfest without Starker

When you think German beer, you probably also think Oktoberfest. The traditional German festival of making merry with a cask in hand is still months away, but this will be the first time in years that Starker won’t be part of the festivities.

There’s been no word from Starker about its brewery or its status, so there’s a small hope that fans may still get to enjoy their brews at a supermarket or via delivery.

Unfortunately, fans of the food won’t be able to savour their wares any longer.

As more bars and restaurants reel from the effects of Covid-19, we certainly can’t wait for the day when we’re allowed to dine freely and have a nice meal outdoors. Let’s support our local F&Bs so that no other crowd favourites have to close.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

Universal Beijing Resort Brings Hogsmeade & Butterbeer Closer To Home

Universal Beijing Resort Opening 2021, To Be Largest Theme Park In Asia

CGTN reports that Universal Beijing Resort, which will have a Universal Studios theme park, is on schedule to open in 2021.

Construction had stopped due to Covid-19, but with the economy reopening around the world, the resort will likewise do its part to attract visitors.


Among the attractions at the Universal Studios Beijing (USB) theme park are the Kungfu Panda Land of Awesomeness, Transformers, and The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter — the latter being the 2nd of its kind in Asia after Universal Studios Japan.


USB will have 5 different worlds

USB will boast 5 different biomes, so that fans of all franchises have something to look forward to.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will feature a snowy Hogsmeade theme. Potterheads will know that Hogsmeade is a wintertime get-away where you can acquire goodies like sweets and Butterbeer.


There is also the Kungfu Panda Land of Awesomeness, supposedly the 1st worldwide, although one existed at Gold Coast Dreamland in 2014.

Regardless, visitors can enjoy the Chinese theme that is not available at other theme parks.


Sets from the movie like the Jade Palace, Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom, and the Panda Village will be brought to life at the Land of Awesomeness, which should delight fans of the portly yet agile Po.

Other lands at USB will include Transformers: Metrobase, which should bring the thrill rides that are a must-have at theme parks.

There’s also Minion Land, where as you might expect, should have adorable yellow creatures walking around to take pictures with.


Last but certainly not least, Jurassic World Isla Nublar will bring you into the world where dinosaurs roam freely. Be careful not to get trampled, clever girl.


Two other attractions include Hollywood Boulevard, where lights, camera and action abound. Those who’ve been to USS might recognise this familiar landscape.


The other attraction is WaterWorld, where as you might expect from the title, performers will “battle on water” and excite the senses with a good dose of water thrown into the mix.


Universal Beijing should be the largest theme park in Asia when it opens, and will likely attract more than 30 million visitors yearly.

CityWalk will have 2,000-seater cinema, restaurants, and shops

The new all-encompassing entertainment place will not have just a theme park, but also a Universal CityWalk complex, filled with shops, dining places as well as fun.


There’ll be a 2,000-seat cinema with 11 screening rooms including IMAX, 15 restaurants, and 8 places to shop.

The CityWalk at Universal Beijing Resort will also feature unique Chinese architecture, and liberal usage of red and gold.

Probably the biggest highlight is the steampunk-themed Toothsome Chocolate Emporium, which will be the largest store of any Universal theme park.


Hoping to become a part of Beijing’s nightlife, the CityWalk is likely to open till late, and will feature craft beer bars as well as other late-night entertainment options.


Universal Beijing resort might make you set travel plans next year

The resort will feature high-tech systems to facilitate queuing and parking, among other things.

While 2021 is still a while away, you may already wish to make travel plans to Beijing.

2020 is probably the worst living year ever for many, but we gotta look forward, don’t we? And a brand-new Universal theme park in China sounds like the perfect remedy for our blues from this year.

We sure hope that 2021 will be a much better year than 2020.

Featured image adapted from The Travel Intern, for illustration purposes only.

Gardens By The Bay Lights Up In Green To Celebrate S’pore’s Resilience After Surviving ‘Circuit Breaker’

Gardens By The Bay Supertrees Light Up In Green From 1-3 Jun

Just last month, popular sites across in Singapore such as the Gardens by the Bay (GBTB) lit up in blue to raise awareness for mental health.

45 S’pore Landmarks Light Up In Blue During May, Putting Mental Health Awareness In Spotlight

While that light display is now over, GBTB supertrees will glow in neon green from now till Wednesday (3 Jun) to celebrate the strength and determination Singapore has shown during these trying times.


Gardens by the Bay supertrees light up to commemorate nation’s resilience

According to GBTB’s Facebook post, the supertrees will glow in neon-green until 3 Jun to “commemorate the resilience of our nation” as we exit ‘Circuit Breaker’.


The display also coincides with Singapore’s exit from the 2-month ‘Circuit Breaker’.


While GTBT’s previous light display transformed the attraction into a mythical set worthy of the Avatar cinematic masterpiece, their latest light show makes the supertrees look like they were grown in Green Lantern’s backyard — if he had one.


Enjoy green supertrees from your home instead of going out

Even though the light display is no doubt alluring, please do not go out specially just to snap pictures of the glowing supertrees.

These remain trying times even though the ‘Circuit Breaker’ is behind us, and we should be doing everything we can to minimise the risk of transmission.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Twitter

List of 40 Closed Restaurants Go Viral, We Fact-Check Those Which Are Still Running

Netizens Compile 40 Closed Restaurants Amid Covid-19, Netizens Mourn Their Loss

UPDATE (5 Jun): Jamie’s Italian has confirmed that they aren’t closed. They’ve reached out to clarify that their VivoCity outlet has been closed due to the conclusion of their lease.

Jamie’s Italian Forum will continue to operation as per normal via delivery, takeaway and drive-thru options during Phase 1.

The Covid-19 outbreak has affected restaurants, hawker stalls and even bubble tea outlets tremendously. Unfortunately, the restrictions during the ‘Circuit Breaker’ meant that some of them were forced to close.

Singapore Breaking News Network compiled a list of 40 restaurants which are currently closed drawn from netizen submissions.



Some of these restaurants and bars, such as Kuishin-Bo and Ministry of Food (MOF), might be familiar to Singaporeans.

However, not all of them are closing for good, and may well return in the near future. We fact-checked the list and found that some are still up and running, at least for now.

Some restaurants on list still surviving for now

While the list isn’t meant to be exhaustive, there are indeed some restaurants which are open.

Here are some places on the list which either haven’t confirmed their permanent closure or are still running during this period.

  1. Boufe Boutique Cafe (still open)
  2. Coffee Break (still at Hong Lim and Amoy Street Food Centre)
  3. Five Bar (temporarily closed)
  4. Hashida Sushi (temporarily closed)
  5. Inspirit House (still open)
  6. Rookery (shop at Hong Leong open for takeaways starting 2 Jun)
  7. Jamie’s Italian (still open)
  8. Modesto’s (still open)
  9. Parallel (shop closed, home deliveries available)
  10. Peppercorn (restaurant lease ended)
  11. Salt Grill & Sky Bar (temporarily closed)
  12. Starker (temporarily closed)

Unfortunately, the others are indeed permanently closed and are unlikely to return.

Netizens mourn loss of beloved restaurants

Salt Grill & Sky Bar in particular appeared beloved by netizens, although they’ve not given confirmation that they’re closed for good.

Their last post was a 2 Apr notice that they’re temporarily closed due to maintenance.


Well-liked Japanese buffet Kuishin Bo at Suntec City also didn’t survive the Circuit Breaker, and netizens were particularly shocked to see its closure since 6 Apr.


Ministry of Food, meanwhile, has had issues since last year and the Covid-19 outbreak only exacerbated them.

Do support your favourite restaurants

The reality is that Covid-19 has affected most F&B places tremendously, beyond those on the list. Some of the aforementioned 12 may not survive in the next few months even if dine-ins are allowed.

Paying rent during this time may prove too difficult for businesses that can’t seat customers and are also unable to offer deliveries and takeaways.

Meanwhile, those already struggling will see Covid-19 as the final blow to their odds of survival.

What are some other restaurants not on the list that you know are closed? Let us know in the comments.

Featured image adapted from Eatbook and GabrielMasterchef.


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