Kampong Glam Has A 238-Metre Street Art Wall Which Will Make An Epic IG Photo Backdrop

Artists Convert Kampong Glam Noise Barriers Into An Epic Street Art Wall

Speaking of hipster places in Singapore, Kampong Glam naturally comes to mind.

The colourful enclave at the heart of town never fails to disappoint, and it’s coming under the spotlight again for being Singapore’s largest outdoor gallery.

Featuring the works of 17 Singapore-based artists, Kampong Glam is now the site of a 238m-long, 6m-high, outdoor spray-painted mural.

Talk about vibin’.

Noise barrier turned into canvas for street art

If you’ve been to Kampong Glam recently, a long stretch of bold and colourful graffiti has probably caught your eye.


Aptly dubbed the ‘Hall of Fame’, the 238m-long street art along Ophir Road and Bali Lane is the collective masterpiece of 17 mural artists.

On Wednesday (28 Apr), Transport Minister Ong Ye Kung shared a video on Facebook showcasing the largest local open-air graffiti gallery.

Apparently, the spray-painted masterpiece sits on a noise barrier set for the construction of the North-South Corridor — an upcoming expressway.

A construction site was opened up as the canvas for artistic expression, allowing local artists to add to the area’s buzzing charms.


Hard work behind first local graffiti Hall of Fame

Granted, a lot of blood, sweat and tears go into such a massive piece of art.

As spray-painting requires a dry surface, the artists worked during off-peak hours at night to avoid a downpour.


Going at it for weeks, they also hope to pay tribute to the textile merchants who’ve been trading in the area since the ’60s.

The eye-catching graffiti therefore sends out the message that although times are tough,   Kampong Glam is more alive than ever.


Check out the newest street art at Kampong Glam

The long weekend is just around the corner.

If you’re mulling over the next hangout spot with your kakis, you know just where to go.

Make sure to have your cameras ready to snap multiple photos with the graffiti as your backdrop.

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Waffletown At Balmoral Plaza To Close On 18 May, We’ll Miss Their Classic Chicken & Waffles

Waffletown At Balmoral Plaza Will Close On 18 May After 40 Years In Business

Recently, Singaporeans seem to be bidding farewell to places many of us grew up with.

The newest addition to the list is Waffletown at Balmoral Plaza — the retro Western diner famed for its fried chicken and waffles.


Speaking to MS News, the store in Bukit Timah has confirmed its last day to be 18 May 2021.

Waffletown at Balmoral Plaza to close on 18 May

On Wednesday (28 Apr), Waffletown at Balmoral Plaza confirmed its closing on 18 May.

The old-school American fast food diner has been in business for around 40 years.

Famed for its classic fried chicken and waffles, the combination of sweet and savoury has mesmerised many taste buds over the years.


Besides its hearty dishes, the store stands out for its orange chairs and overly saturated food posters that send you straight back to the ’90s.


Popular study spot for students nearby

Located close to many schools in Bukit Timah, Waffletown naturally became the go-to place to study for many students.

We’ve probably all studied at a bustling fast food restaurant at some point in time. Waffletown was that place for many.

Speaking to MS News, the store cites “rental issues” as the main reason for its going under.

While Covid-19 has affected the F&B business’ operation, it allegedly contributed more to the increment in rent, leading to the store’s difficulties in staying afloat.

Retro fast food diner will be dearly missed

Long-time fans of the diner are certainly in for a hard blow. Many will be reluctant to bid the 40-year-old restaurant farewell.

So if you’d like to head down for some of their chicken and waffles for the last time, here’s how to get there:

Address: 271 Bukit Timah Road #01-08 Balmoral Plaza, 259708
Opening Hours: 11am-9.30pm daily
Website: WaffleTown Singapore

Brace yourselves for crowds though, as the diner sees heavy traffic daily.

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IKEA Jurong Is A 3-Storey Outlet With Cashless Checkouts & An In-House Diner For Meatballs

IKEA Jurong Opens On 29 Apr, Has Digitalised Services Like Cashless Counters

Heads up Westies, IKEA is finally coming to your neighbourhood.

With 2 blue-box warehouses in Tampines and Alexandra, IKEA is bringing its Scandanavian furniture and meatballs to Jurong, and this time with a twist.

Officially opening on Thursday (29 Apr), IKEA Jurong is Southeast Asia’s first ‘small-store’ that’s located in a shopping mall, i.e. Jem.

Image by Geraldine Yeo

The futuristic outlet has cashless self-checkout counters, touchscreen way-finders and a click & collect bistro that allows you to order signature dishes online and dabao back.

Image by Geraldine Yeo

We’ve toured the place to give you an idea of what to expect if you’re planning to head down over the long weekend.

IKEA Jurong has eye-catching digital services

Located inside Jem, the massive 6,500 sq m outlet spans 3 storeys.

You’ll be greeted at various points in-store with interactive touchscreen directories that make navigating around more fuss-free.

Image courtesy of IKEA

You can also check out all models of any furniture, despite not being on display, on the new Width-and-Depth tablets scattered around.

The novel gadgets even allow you to Design-Your-Own (DIY) furniture by dragging and assembling various parts on-screen.

Image by Geraldine Yeo

Departing from traditional counters, co-workers at IKEA Jem will be walking around with a tablet to offer you on-the-spot assistance.

Image by Geraldine Yeo

So you can take measurements, discuss home designs, and place your order at one go without having to go back to counters.

First cashless outlet with self-checkouts

Further upping the digitalisation game, IKEA Jem is a cashless store that has self-checkout counters on every level.

Image courtesy of IKEA

You can choose to drop in on any level to get what you need, be done and check out, without having to go through the entire store.

Image by Geraldine Yeo

Moreover, monitors above the self-checkouts tell you how crowded counters on every level are, so you can skip the queue by simply going to a different floor.

Image courtesy of IKEA

Of course, the store has built-in lifts and escalators so moving across storeys won’t be much of a hassle.

Clips showcase families living in showrooms

Another new feature has to be the showrooms in the IKEA Jurong outlet.

Located beside every showroom is a small interactive screen with a doorbell. Press it, and you’ll see a self-intro from the ‘family’ that lives in the unit.

Image by Geraldine Yeo

This will give you a better idea of the profile of families suited for the designs of every showroom.

Image by Geraldine Yeo

In-house dining with click & collect bistro

And of course, there’s the highly anticipated IKEA cafeteria that many Singaporeans know and love.

The IKEA Jem outlet, due to space limitations, will have a downsized cafeteria. No thanks to the pandemic, it can only accommodate up to 160 pax for now.

Image by Geraldine Yeo

But in case you don’t manage to chope a table during peak hours, not to worry.

Simply scan the QR code to place an order online. You can also select the time slot for your pick-ups.

Image by Geraldine Yeo

The store also comes with an automated ice cream machine, so you can tap any credit or debit card, and make your own Swedish ice cream.

Image by Geraldine Yeo

Despite its limited space, families visiting IKEA will still have a play station for their kiddos with interactive dinosaur paintings.

Image by Geraldine Yeo

IKEA Jurong is directly linked to Jurong East MRT

IKEA Jem is officially opening tomorrow (29 Apr). If you are one of the first 500 visitors, you’ll get a customised IKEA carrier bag.

Image courtesy of IKEA

Can’t wait to check it out? Well, it’s located inside Jem shopping mall, right beside Jurong East MRT station.

IKEA Jurong @ Jem Shopping Mall
50 Jurong Gateway Rd, #02-12/13/14, #03-15/16/17, #04-20/21/22, Singapore 608549
Opening Hours: 10am-10pm daily
Nearest MRT: Jurong East station

Jio your family and friends in the West, and head down to check out the store together!

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NParks Confirms We Can Only Cook Eggs At Sembawang Hot Spring, Other Food May Pollute Waterways

NParks Warns Against Using Sembawang Hot Spring Park Water To Cook Other Food

A YouTube video of a content creator drew attention for her ‘experiment’ at the Sembawang Hot Spring Park.

Lady Cooks Chicken Wings With Sembawang Hot Spring Water, Raises Hygiene Concerns

The content creator had cooked chicken wings using the hot spring water, drawing hygiene concerns.

The National Parks Board (NParks) has come out to clarify that foods other than eggs should not be cooked using hot spring water.


This is because the water is channelled to public waterways and cooking other foods might pollute the waterways.

NParks urged everyone to be considerate of others when using the hot spring park’s facilities.

Hot spring park water meant only for cooking eggs

Chuah Hock Seong, group director of parks at NParks, told MS News that the egg cooking station is solely meant for, well, cooking eggs.

It can also be used for collecting water. However, you can’t cook other food there as the water connects to public waterways.

Pollution of the waterways may occur if you’re cooking, say, chicken wings using that water.

Staff on the ground to remind visitors of proper behaviour

Mr Chuah informed MS News that staff have been deployed on the ground to advise on proper behaviour as well as adhere to safe management measures.


He encouraged visitors to advise others to practices good park etiquette.

There are also signs around the park advising visitors on what to do in case you’re unsure or it’s your first time there.

Let’s make the park enjoyable for all

As a shared facility, the hot spring park is meant for the public to enjoy.

The concerns regarding cooking other food using hot spring water are definitely not unfounded given pollution may occur.

To keep the waters safe and for everyone to have a nice experience, do follow the guidelines at the park.

If everyone does their part, we can all have a good time soaking ourselves and enjoying onsen eggs.

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S’pore Zoo Welcomes Newborn Baby Pygmy Hippo Named Miata, You Can Now Visit Her

1-Month-Old Baby Pygmy Hippo Called Miata Is Latest Addition To Singapore Zoo

Many of us have been using our SingapoRediscovers vouchers to visiting tourist spots like the Singapore Zoo.

Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) has given us another reason to drop by the zoo again. A very cute, little reason.


Singapore Zoo has just welcomed a new pygmy hippo calf, Miata.

Image courtesy of Wildlife Reserves Singapore

The little hippo is just 2 months old and you can now visit her at the zoo.

Baby pygmy hippo born 1 month ago

According to WRS, they welcomed their latest addition at Singapore Zoo – Miata the baby pygmy hippo – on 23 Feb.

Image courtesy of Wildlife Reserves Singapore

The name Miata is of African origin and translates to firstborn.

She is the firstborn calf of 11-year-old Psota – pronounced So-tah – and 10-year-old Divo. Psota, Miata’s mum, arrived from Poland’s Wroclaw Zoo in Nov 2011, while her father Divo was born in Singapore Zoo.

Image courtesy of Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Miata is still cared for by her mother, Psota, as she gradually gets used to her new surroundings.

For now, she is still a shy little pygmy hippo. Just look at her hiding under the leaves her mother is feasting on.

Image courtesy of Wildlife Reserves Singapore

But the little bundle of joy has her share of fun as well. She enjoys splashing about in the water whenever she’s not napping.

25th pygmy hippo born in Singapore Zoo

On a more sombre note, we learnt that Miata was supposed to have a twin. Unfortunately, the chances of twin calves surviving are very low and her twin did not make it.

Twin pygmy hippopotamus births are extremely rare. WRS notes that only 11 cases have been documented so far, with the last registered in 2015.

Miata is only the 25th pygmy hippo to be successfully born at Singapore Zoo.

Image courtesy of Wildlife Reserves Singapore

In the wild, pygmy hippos are native to West Africa and can only be found there.

According to San Diego Zoo, there is only an estimated of 3,000 of them left in their natural habitat.

Pygmy hippos are endangered under the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). They are at high risk of extinction in the wild.

Drop by the zoo to see Miata

Welcoming a new baby is always something to be celebrated, especially when it means the continuity of an endangered species like pygmy hippos.

And of course, we love that the Singapore Zoo now has one more cutie for us to feast our eyes upon.

If you’d like to visit Miata, you can drop by the Singapore Zoo soon. Don’t forget, you still have till end of June to make good use of your SingapoRediscovers vouchers!

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Featured image courtesy of Wildlife Reserves Singapore. 

Teen Slashes Man Who Refused To Buy Him Cigarettes At Boon Lay FairPrice, Gets 3.5 Years’ Jail & Caning

Boon Lay Knife Assailant Gets 3.5 Years’ Jail Term & 8 Strokes Of Cane

In Oct 2020, a knife attack at a Boon Lay FairPrice outlet left Mr Lee Jing Chwen’s face and body covered with blood.

On Tuesday (27 Apr), his assailant, the then 18-year-old James Teck Jing You, was sentenced to a jail term spanning 3.5 years, plus 8 strokes of the cane.

Boon Lay Assailant Allegedly Injured Victim Over Cigarettes, He Faces Up To 15 Years’ Jail

Teck slashed Mr Lee’s face multiple times as the latter refused to help him buy cigarettes.

The deep knife cuts on Mr Lee’s face left him permanently scarred and disfigured.

Teen slashes man’s face in Boon Lay FairPrice

On 7 Oct 2020, the FairPrice outlet at Boon Lay Shopping Centre was temporarily closed following a knife attack.


18-year-old Teck had slashed a stranger’s face multiple times with a 10-cm blade, reports TODAY.

Apparently, Teck approached Mr Lee in the queue to enter the supermarket. He asked Mr Lee, who was a complete stranger, if he could buy cigarettes for him.

The legal age to purchase tobacco then was 20. Mr Lee reportedly turned down Teck’s request repeatedly.

According to TODAY, Teck felt disrespected and began assaulting the 23-year-old victim with a knife.

19-year-old aimed at victim’s face

The Straits Times (ST) reports that Teck had specifically aimed at Mr Lee’s face, as facial injuries would likely make it harder to retaliate or defend himself.

Teck’s force of the attack was so blunt that it allegedly cut off strands of the victim’s hair.


As a result, Mr Lee received 40 days of medical leave, and needs to live with permanent disfigurement and scarring.

Teen pleaded guilty, diagnosed with personality disorder

On Tuesday (27 Apr), Teck pleaded guilty to causing grievous hurt with a knife and possessing the weapon in a public.

The maximum jail term for voluntarily causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapons is 15 years.

According to TODAY Online, Teck has been diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder — displaying ignorance towards others’ rights and feelings.

He also reportedly had obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) as a child.

But there appeared to be no causal link between his OCD and the crime, the psychiatrist said.

The psychiatrist also said that he still would’ve had control over his actions despite his antisocial personality disorder diagnosis.

Shocking attack in broad daylight

The knife assault inside a busy supermarket certainly caught many by surprise.

There’s no room for such brazen assaults in broad daylight, and most will agree that the assailant received his due punishment.

We hope that Mr Lee will recover from the traumatic experience.

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Kallang Music Café To Close After 24 Years, Baey Yam Keng’s Last Production Was Staged There

Kallang Music Café To Close In May, Baey Yam Keng Remembers His Stage Play There

Music bonds us together – there’re perhaps few places better to prove that than a café famed for live bands and music.

In its 24 years of business, Music Dreamer Live! Cafe in Kallang set the scene for many fond memories of laughter and performances.

Unfortunately, the last local folk music café in Singapore is about to bid its patrons farewell in May 2021.

Amongst its keen patrons is Member of Parliament Baey Yam Keng, who produced his last stage play there in 2006.

Kallang music café to close in May 2021

After 24 years in business, Music Dreamer Live! Cafe, also known as 爱琴海 (Ai Qin Hai), will close shop in the upcoming May.

Currently found at The Aperia Mall in Kallang, Music Dreamer Live! Cafe specialises in live in-house band performances.

Originally located at Marina Square, the folk music café is Singapore’s last of its kind, reports Shin Min Daily News.


The alcohol- and tobacco-free venue allows customers to dine while indulging in live local folk songs.

For many, memories at Music Dreamer Live! Cafe were made during significant occasions like birthday celebrations, or indeed, their own performances.

Baey Yam Keng fondly remembers Kallang music café

For MP Baey Yam Keng, the café holds a special place in his heart — it was where he produced his last stage play.

Sharing his recent visit to the bistro, Mr Baey remembers his last theatrical production before entering politics in 2006.


Back in 2005, he was apparently the producer of an interactive romantic comedy called First Date Last Match or 相亲相爱 (Xiang Qin Xiang Ai) in Chinese.

16 years later, he and his cast members got together on Saturday (24 Apr) to bid the special place farewell.

Countdown shows open to reservation

According to Shin Min Daily News, the owner of the café cites insufficient budget as the reason for its demise.

It looks like the pandemic isn’t making it any easier, as this comes amid a slew of businesses going under.

But good news is, customers who’d like to pay their last visits can still make reservations till 11 May online. Here’s how to get there:

Music Dreamer Live! Cafe

Address: 12 Kallang Ave, #01-44/45 Aperia Mall, Singapore 339511
Opening Hours: 12pm-10pm (Mon–Fri) 6pm-10pm (Sat-Sun, Public Holidays)
Website: Music Dreamer Live! Cafe

An evening at Singapore’s last folk music café sounds ideal for a family night out, a promo celebration, or a date night.

Do make reservations early though, as many would want to pay the place a last visit before it has to go.

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IKEA Jem Confirmed To Open On 29 Apr, Lucky S’poreans Get A Peek Of Its Click & Collect Bistro

Some Go For Sneak Preview Of IKEA Jem On 22 Apr, Share Photos Of Interior Including Restaurant & Bistro

Since IKEA’s 3rd branch in Singapore was announced to be coming to Jem in Apr 2021, many Westies have been anticipating the opening.

Now it’s Apr 2021, and some may be wondering: Is it open yet?

Well it’s not open yet, but it will be very soon – specifically on Thursday (29 Apr).

However, some lucky Singaporeans managed to get a sneak preview of the place, and have photos to (temporarily) satisfy our curiosity.


What they found is a sprawling store that crosses over 3 floors, and a bistro that’s perfect for the era of social distancing – it has a click-and-collect system.

Store confirms opening date & time

Though IKEA Jem may not be open to the public yet, recent visitors to the mall would have noticed that it’s already more or less ready for the world.

Thanks to its clear glass shutters, we can peer in to see what it’s like.


To what must be the delight of many, there’s also poster confirming that the store will open on Thursday (29 Apr) at 10am.


Some invited for sneak preview

Ahead of the opening, some Singaporeans were invited for a preview during its Co-worker Family & Friends Day – which may prompt those not invited to become a little green with envy.


On 22 Apr, those invited were welcomed by staff with applause, being the 1st members of the public to enter the hallowed store. Check out the video here:

However, they made up for it by taking some photos and sharing them so the rest of the us can see what they saw.

3 levels connected by escalators and lift

Firstly, there’s much ground to cover, as the megastore takes up 3 levels of the mall – 2nd, 3rd and 4th.


Of course, they’re easily accessed by escalators and lifts.


Check-outs on every floor

Netizen Alan Neo even shared this handy guide on what can be found on which floor.

You’ll note that unlike IKEA Alexandra and Tampines, you’ll be able to check out your purchases on every floor of IKEA Jem.


That’ll probably come in very handy to mitigate the always-long check-out queues.

Food is on the 4th floor

If like many Singaporeans, the highlight of a trip to IKEA is the food, you’ll have noted that the restaurant, bistro and food market are all on the 4th floor.


So make a beeline to that floor if you want to fill your stomach first.

What’s different about the bistro here is the Click & Collect concept.


Apparently, that means you can scan a QR code and make payment online first, before receiving an SMS to collect your food.


A photo of the restaurant shows that the counters are quite roomy, with what looks like ample space for food serving and large displays.


The IKEA we all know & love

The rest of the store is the IKEA we all know and love.


Just like you enjoyed walking through the showrooms and picking out small items in the other 2 stores, you’ll enjoy doing that at Jem too.


Look out for the projections that give you tips on how furniture items can be best used.


And lest we forget we’re still amid a pandemic, there’ll also be hand sanitisers so we can all keep clean and safe.


IKEA Jem coming in 4 days

Opening day is just 4 days away, so if these photos excite you, don’t forget to hop over.


It’ll probably be crowded though, so do keep in mind safe distancing measures and don’t go in if it’s too packed.

Westies can also consider visiting its home planning and renovation studio in Jurong Point.

Otherwise, enjoy the meatballs, and don’t forget to share your memories with us!

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McDonald’s Queensway Will Cease Operations On 31 Dec, As Its Lease Has Expired

McDonald’s Queensway Will Move Out Of Ridout Tea Garden After Serving Customers For 32 Years

Many Singaporeans have fond memories of the McDonald’s outlet at Ridout Tea Garden, as it’s one of the more idyllic places to enjoy a McSpicy.

However, when the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) called a tender for the site, some were concerned that it would mean the well-loved outlet would disappear.

Sadly, their fears have been realised: the McDonald’s will be moving out in Dec 2021.


That’s because its lease will expire on 31 Dec.

McDonald’s Queensway in operation for 32 years

Upon enquires by MS News, a McDonald’s spokesperson revealed the sad news.

The restaurant will be ceasing operations in Dec 2021, when its lease expires.

They also revealed that the branch at Ridout Tea Garden as one of the chain’s oldest restaurants in Singapore.

For 32 years, customers could enjoy a meal sitting by the pond and surrounded by lush greenery.


Tenancy will expire on 31 Dec

In a statement sent to MS News, the SLA also informed us that the site located at, 580 Queensway, is currently tenanted to a company called Hayman Private Limited.

They secured it via an open tender since 1 Apr 2016.

The single-storey building on the site has 2 units that can be rented out, and one of them is currently occupied by McDonald’s.


The tenancy for “the site with greenery surrounding it”, SLA said, will expire on 31 Dec.

Thus, SLA launched a tender for it.

Incumbent welcome to take part in tender: SLA

However, in the SLA’s statement, they also added a paragraph that was interesting.

They said the new tender was open to “interested parties” to apply for a fresh tenancy of 3 years, which can be extended for 2 further terms of 3 years.

It also added,

The incumbent tenant and sub-tenants are welcome to participate in the tender if they wish to continue their operations.

However, since McDonald’s has already indicated that they’ll be ceasing operations there, it appears that they’ve already decided not to take part in any tender.

Read the whole statement here:

The site at 580 Queensway in Ridout Park is currently tenanted to Hayman Private Limited through an open tender since 1 April 2016. The site has a total land area of 57,453.9 sq ft. This includes a single-storey building with two lettable units, of which one is now occupied by McDonald’s. Hayman’s tenancy for the site with greenery surrounding it will be expiring on 31 December 2021, and we have launched a tender for the site.


We have adopted the Price and Quality evaluation format to conduct the tender, to encourage bidders to put forth unique and interesting concepts to enhance the site, including a maintenance plan to preserve the long-term asset value of the premises.  The Price-Quality tender will allow for a more holistic assessment of the bids, with 50% of the overall score for the quality of the concept, and 50% for the bid price. The quality component of the proposed concept will be a key consideration in our assessment for the tender award.


The tender is an opportunity for interested parties to tender for a fresh 3+3+3 year tenancy for the sites. The incumbent tenant and sub-tenants are welcome to participate in the tender if they wish to continue their operations.


Located within Ridout Tea Garden, the site was originally built as part of the Queenstown Japanese Garden in early 1970s. Damaged by a fire in June 1978, it was subsequently rebuilt and reopened in 1980 as the Ridout Tea Garden.

Oldest McDonald’s is in People’s Park

The McDonald’s spokesperson reminded us that it will continue operations in the area, with  their nearest outlets in Queensway Shopping Centre and The Metropolis, near Buona Vista MRT.

Though the McDonald’s at Ridout Tea Garden may have been around for a really long time, their oldest restaurant still in operation today is actually the one at People’s Park Complex.


That’s something that not many people might know.

McDonald’s space had shrunk over the years

Perhaps the writing was on the wall.

In recent years, the floor space of the McDonald’s in Queensway had reduced significantly.

From taking over the whole building, the fast food outlet ended up taking only half of it in recent years.


Since it’ll be relegated to just our memories from next year, you might want to drop by before it disappears for good. Here’s how you can get there:

McDonald’s Queensway
 #01-580 Ridout Rd, Tea Garden, Singapore 149066
Opening hours: 24 hours daily
Nearest MRT: Commonwealth Station

Hope we can make more memories there

Singaporeans might now be reeling from the news that yet another familiar place is going away.

However, we hope at least the iconic Japanese-inspired garden and pond will remain intact.

If so, perhaps whatever takes over the space will allow us to make more memories there.

Till then, we have till the end of the year enjoy McDonald’s Queensway one last time.

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Gardens By The Bay Has Glass Floral Sculptures Till 1 Aug, Admire Nature’s Fragile Beauty

Gardens By The Bay Will Have Glass Floral Sculptures By Artist Dale Chihuly

With the insane heat and erratic downpour of late, outdoor activities might have to take a backseat for the time being.

But indoor activities that don’t involve us being at the mercy of the weather can still take place, and here’s one that families should consider checking out this weekend.

From now till 1 Aug, Gardens by the Bay (GBTB) will be exhibiting glass floral sculptures alongside the blooming flowers for nature and photography lovers alike.


The magical work that Dale Chuhily does

American artist Dale Chihuly is a renowned glass sculptor who specialises in the field of blown glass.

Erbium Reeds and Trumpet Flowers and Neodymium Reeds
Photo Courtesy of GBTB

Here are some of his artwork that has made its way into our little red dot — for the perusal and admiration of people who seek comfort in beautiful art pieces.

Red ruby chandelier
Photo Courtesy of GBTB

With sunlight reflecting off the coloured surfaces of the flower chandeliers, the speckles of light refractions will almost certainly provide a magical experience for visitors.

Glass floral sculptures will change throughout duration of exhibition

According to a GBTB spokesperson, the floral displays will change as the weeks go by.

From 23 Apr, visitors will get to feast their eyes on Chihuly’s Electric Yellow and Deep Coral Tower as they enter the Flower Dome.

Electric Yellow and Deep Coral Tower
Photo Courtesy of GBTB

The flowers planted alongside the various glass sculptures have also been carefully curated to match the colour schemes of the art pieces.

White Tower
Photo Courtesy of GBTB

For instance, large bromeliads and African daisies have been carefully planted to match the sweet pink and purple theme of the White Tower.

Grab your tickets now

The exhibition at the Cloud Forest and Flower dome has already commenced while the display at the other areas will start from 1 May.

Tickets to the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome cost $20 and can be purchased online.

Alternatively, the Complete Experience package that costs $27 more will allow visitors to visit other attractions such as the Conservatories, Outdoor Gardens, and the Gallery.

SingapoRediscover vouchers can be used to purchase tickets for the Complete Experience package, so if you’re among those who’ve yet to spent them, here’s something to consider.

Gardens by the Bay
Address: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953
Opening hours: 9am-9pm daily (for Flower Dome & Cloud Forest)
Nearest MRT station: Bayfront MRT Station

Visit Gardens by the Bay this May

Sometimes, it’s nice to step out of one’s house to admire what nature has to offer.

The Dave Chihuly exhibitions at GBTB lets you kill 2 birds with one stone — not only will visitors get to admire the artwork of a great artist, but also allows them to bask in nature’s beauty.

Will you be checking out this exhibition? Let us know in the comments below.

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